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"...Job won't go there, won't get married... Let's be proud of ourselves.. Then it's ok.., then it's ok.. You didn't go with your mothers either. Then there's nothing to worry about!! Where are you.. This is our case.. We had to bear their sins as well..." Nuraya was under tremendous pressure with the ever-hearing screams. It is her grandmother who has been shouting since morning. From a young age, she knew that she was a great burden to her grandmother and her family. Although she wanted to separate from them soon and live separately, she was unable to do so as she was still unemployed. "Oh big mom, I'm going to interviews.. I'll find a job soon" Nuraya said while holding her head. It's a wonder if he didn't get a headache with this scream. "Say the same thing, say the same thing.. I told you to like that Ilandaria who spoke earlier. Then there is nothing to worry about.. Please look at how they have come to torment us.. This.." She took a breath to read the same things she had said before. Without taking a bite. Realizing that there was no use in staying in the kitchen next to Big Momma, Nuraya quickly came to her room and took two Panadol pills. As soon as she picked up the Panadol card on the table, her eyes focused on her mobile phone. Dropping the Panadol card, Nuraya picked up her mobile phone and quickly turned on the data while accessing her email account. Although she had received several new e-mail messages, her eyes were drawn to one of the most important ones with surprise. 'Kaizer Advertising Company' quickly opened the e-mail with that name while the heart was pounding. 'Miss Nuraya Sulochana Peeris, We are kindly like to inform that, you are selected to be a employee in Kaizer Adverting Company. We hope that you'll join to your job on next Monday. Congratulation!' ['Miss Nuraya Sulochana Peiris, We would like to kindly inform you that you have been selected to work at Kaiser Advertising Company. We hope you will join us for work next Monday. best wishes!'] Nuraya was looking at that e-mail letter in surprise. "Do I understand?" Surprise escaped her lips. "Yes.., I understand..." she repeated to herself with tears welling up in her eyes. "Finally... I understand..." she said to herself with a smile forming between her lips as tears rolled down her cheeks. ??? "Samadhi? You understand too?" Nuraya asked while looking at the girl in front of her. By now, both of them were in 'Kaiser Advertising' company. "Nuraya, you?" There was great surprise in Samadhi's eyes. She never thought of seeing Nuraya again. Nuraya smiled at the girl standing in front of her. She was dressed in a long sleeve solid color shirt and a knee length office appropriate skirt. Nuraya thought for a moment that she was very different from Samadhi, who had seen her in a saree on the first day. It is correct to say that Samadhi Ridmika Jayawardena is a much more colorful and beautiful young woman than Nuraya. She may have looked even more beautiful because of the light color between her lips and the makeup on her cheeks. And anyone who looks at her can see at first glance that she is a very innocent girl. She liked to keep her hair well-groomed, which was slightly down from her shoulders. "I didn't think I would be understood either.. but finally understood" Nuraya's happiness was clearly visible in his eyes. She was very happy. "Five people were selected from the interview that day. So you are one of those five," said Samadhi while pointing at the three young men standing next to them and winking. Nuraya looked at them but she had a different idea in her mind. "Hello guys, my name is Aravinda, so everyone come now.. you can meet the members of our teams. I hope you remember the team that was sent to you saying that you were selected" Smiling at the two girls. This thin-skinned young man inherited a very pleasant smile. He liked to keep his beard clean and tidy. And this young man named Aravinda Deshan Karunaratne, who inherited a handsome figure, had a slim body and a good height. "Oh.. sorry, I was a little late. There was a protest on the road" when he apologized to the hairy young man who came running towards them, everyone's eyes looked at him in surprise. "I... understood... the job... here..." he said while still opening his heart with his hands on his knees. "But we chose five." Aravinda, a regular employee of the company, said this while looking at everyone else. Nuraya's memory went to her email message. 'Job Details: Assistance of CEO Mr. Sagara Wijesinghe Work Days: Six days for a week . . .' ['Job Details: Assistant to CEO Sagara Wijesinghe Working days: Six days a week . . .'] "This... I..." Nuraya started talking quickly while looking for the email message in her phone. The young man Aravinda turned his attention to her phone. "I... have understood this post..." As Nuraya pointed her phone screen at Aravinda, his eyes widened in surprise. "Wha…..huh, so it's you? I didn't think…" As he said that, the five new employees were watching their story, not knowing what was going on. "Then... you will go together with us. S' is in the seventh floor.. When I get the ID, I will take you to S's office. S' will introduce you to others... Sarma will tell you all the other details" Aravinda said. She felt that the other people were looking at Nuraya in surprise, but she was listening to what he said with interest. "Didn't you... understand our post, Nuraya?" When Samadhi asked Nuraya in a soft voice after boarding the elevator, Nuraya did not shake her head slowly. "Actually... I.. Samadhi... I have been understood as... this.. CEO sir's assistant..." Nuraya said while hesitating a bit.. thinking that this news will hurt Samadhi's heart. She was right. Her downcast eyes showed that she was really hurt. "Sorry Samadhi.., I didn't think this would happen either" Nuraya quickly apologized but Samadhi quickly looked at her with a smiling face. "Oh.. what's wrong Nuraya.., you don't need to say sorry" she said to Nuraya with Samadhi's friendly smile. "Okay, everyone, come now.. this is our main flow.." the young man named Aravinda explained to them as soon as they entered the sixth floor. "I will direct all of you to your teams.. Dulaj, you should go to the second marketing team below. And, Asanka, you should go to the accounts team. It is on the fifth floor. Ramesh, you should go to the team that organizes our products. Asim, you should go to the creative team, then Samadhi, you should go to the first marketing team. Miss Nuraya, you should go to meet S. You should all introduce yourself to our office here. And this is where your IDs are." They were taken to a counter where they were given their official ID cards and explained their duties. "Ah...ah Madhu.., these are new people.. can you show them the office? Then hand them over to their teams" Arvinda said to a young woman who was passing by and turned to Nuraya. "Miss Nuraya, come with me. I will take you to my cabin" Nuraya thought to say that she had been to that cabin before, but she nodded her head and approved the idea, because she felt that it was not appropriate to say so. Aravinda asked her to follow him. Nuraya quickly turned towards Samadhi and did not forget to say "I will go to Samadhi". "I didn't think that a young person like you would come when I told S' that a new assistant would come," Aravinda started a conversation after getting into the elevator. "Like me, sir?" Nuraya asked submissively. "Ah... I don't want to tell you sir, Miss Nuraya," he said again, rubbing the back of his neck as if a bit shy. After getting out of the elevator, the two of them walked towards Mr. Sagara's cabin. "Then why do you call me Miss Nuraya??" Nuraya asked looking directly at him. "Ah... because of his assistant... we used to talk to Miss Deepika in the same way." Aravinda explained. "Oh, I don't want to talk like that.." Nuraya quickly said that, feeling sorry for him. "I don't want to tell you either, sir. Call me Aravinda," he introduced him. "Call me Nuraya too," Nuraya said quickly as she showed her brand new official ID. 'Nuraya Peeris' That's what it said. It was a great comfort that the 'review' section, which she did not like, was not there. "Okay then..Nuraya" when he said her name she nodded and he agreed. "So... why did Sir's previous assistant quit?" Nuraya asked an important question at that time. "Ah..... Deepika Miss has been gone for a long time now. About two months. She left with her delivery..." Aravinda said while pointing to Nuraya the cabin of CEO Sagara Wijesinghe in front. "This is sir's cabin. Sir, it's a bit rough...be careful" he didn't forget to give warnings. Nuraya slowly nodded her head but she remembered the rather kind man she met the day before. Aravinda quickly knocked on the door of Mr. Sagara's cabin. "Sir.., Sir's assistant Miss Nuraya is here," he heard Mr. Sagara's voice from inside. "Come in" was a bit startled with that solemn voice, but Nuraya quickly opened the door and entered. "You go Aravinda..." With that order, Aravinda went to leave, nodding to Nuraya and indicating that he was leaving. "Sit down Nuraya.." That kind voice treated her well like then. She sat in the chair in front of him with that command. "I think I am ready to work as my assistant from today. There are many things that need to be done. You need to find out and do all of them properly. You need to make sure that all my daily work is in order. You also need to check my documents.. My "Yours is on the desk in front of the office," Mr. Sagara quickly explained to Nuraya without even taking the time to look at her, looking at a file cover on his desk. "But.. sir... this.." Nuraya began to speak with some nervousness. "What's the matter, Nuraya??" Taking his eyes out of the file cover for a moment, Mr. Sagara gave her a sharp look. "No.. sir.. this.. you didn't understand me from that interview, right?" Nuraya wanted to know that. "Is that a problem now? Then I'll hire someone else for the job," the old man said again, sounding somewhat angry. "No, no sir... no problem" Nuraya quickly said because the signs of this job getting worse were showing. "Okay then, because today is the first day, get used to work. Wait, I will tell r****h to teach you more about work.. Now I have a lot of work. You should go and do your work. r****h's cabin is on the sixth floor. Ask him anything you need," Nuraya felt. He said that because he could not force her out of that cabin. "Good sir.." Quickly saying that, Nuraya got up from the seat she was sitting on and came out of the cabin and took a deep breath, just like the first day. "This sir is tougher than expected.. Aravinda said the truth" Nuraya said to herself and looked ahead of the cabin wondering if it was her table. With a strange feeling of happiness, she stepped forward towards the counter table that belonged to her. Theran Theran smiled between those lips as those scythes ran over her office desk. "This is mine from today..." came out of her lips very happily. It was quite a tall counter and a very beautiful glossy counter table in dark maroon color. She went inside the table and placed her handbag on the table very happily. That table was very tidy. Nuraya actually had a feeling about that place. Finally, Nooraya, who was looking at her desk, decided that it would be wise to go to r****h's room soon. 'Who knows if father and son will be angry?' Nuraya, who thought that in her mind, went to the corner of the corridor where she was and got into the elevator from there and pressed the six indicated targets. 'Sir said that there is r****h sir's cabin on the sixth floor..., but... here is the office...' Nuraya walked forward as soon as she thought that. The office was set up in small groups with separate desks. When she walked by, everyone working in the office turned their attention to her because she was an unfamiliar face to them. She also looked at them while walking forward. Nuraya looked around to find r****h's cabin. At the same time, someone walked beside her with a smiling face. "Ah... Nuraya.. Did you meet Sa? What did Sa say?" While he was still talking to her with a smile on his face, the curious eyes of everyone who was busy working turned to her and him. "Oh... Aravinda.. this.. S told me to meet r****h S.. but I can't find his cabin..." Nuraya quickly presented her question to him. "Ah.. it's there... in the corner of Athana" Aravinda quickly showed her r****h's cabin which was in the corner of the office. "Oh...h thanks... I will come when I meet Sa" Nuraya tried to go towards it quickly but she remembered something again and turned towards Aravinda. "This... Aravinda... Samadhi.. Did he go to his team?" Nuraya did not forget to find out about her friend. "Ah... don't be afraid... he is in his team... he is doing well. What to say, the boss of his team is very good..." Aravinda quickly said that with a spontaneous smile on his lips. "Ah... Huh? That's good news.. Then... I'll come to meet r****h S.." When Nuraya said that and was about to leave, Aravinda gave her a friendly smile. Nuraya went towards r****h's cabin with a strange feeling in her heart. It was a shame to see his face today with all the hard work he had done that day. 'Forget them Nuraya.. today you are professional..!' Nuraya said that to herself. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door of his office after putting her coat down and tidying up. "come in" "come in" Hearing his sweet voice outside the door, Theran Theran opened the door with her permission. He was concentrating on a file on his desk. As the pen in his hand twirled between his fingers in a pattern, she slowly stepped forward, looking at him. But she did not get any response from him. While rubbing her gloved hands together, Nuraya chose that moment to give him some special attention. His tightly pursed lips seemed to be struggling to find an answer to something. Also, the way his eyebrows were pressed together and folded on his forehead, it was clearly seen that he was thinking about something more than necessary. The speed of spinning the pen held between those fingers became more and more impatient. It is true to say that r****h was a very handsome young man who had a fair pink skin. Just like an actor.. That's what everyone who looked at r****h thought about him. It is fair to say that the beard that was barely growing on his face made his appearance even more handsome. The thick hair was almost dark brown rather than black. It's right to say that those lips that always drew a smile managed to drive the girls crazy. His appearance was just as magical. "Tell me.. why did you come?" Still not looking at her, he asked as he turned the next page of his file. "Didn't you tell me why you came?" He looked at her with a look of anger on his forehead as he asked with a little anger and impatience because he didn't get an answer from her. But as soon as she saw him, he became extremely normal. "Sir... I am..." she tried to speak quickly, realizing that like Mr. Sagara, r****h can get angry quickly. "Sulo....." her speech stopped automatically when it came out of his lips like that. "You.. this.." He pulled a little and said that with a handsome smile on his lips. "Yes Sa'.. this... Sa' said... to meet Sa'.. that's why I came here.. to meet Sa'..." Nuraya said while gesturing with her hands. She realized that if r****h didn't understand something, he would definitely scold her. "What's up Sulo.. this sir sir ganne.. can't imagine what to say to whom.. call me Radish.. (call me r****h)" He extended his hand towards her still sitting on the chair. She looked at him in surprise, was she entwining her pet in that hand? no He thought about it. r****h again beckoned with his eyes to take his hand. At last, somewhat reluctantly, she put her hand on his arm with some hesitation. 'Is it okay to call Sir's son by his name?' 'Do other people here talk like that too?' 'Either... isn't it?' 'It would be right if you called me r****h sir. Call me r****h but r****h did not say don't say sir..' Radish let go of Nuraya's hand as each and every nonsense was spinning in Nuraya's mind. "A.. Sir called me.. asked me to help you settle down.. ask me anything you want.. I will help, okay?" r****h got up from his seat after closing the file on his desk. "Come now.. I will introduce you to everyone in this flow.." r****h said as he opened the door of his cabin so that Nuraya could go out. Realizing that he was holding the door to make it easier for her to get out, Nuraya quickly came out of the cabin. "Sulo, this is our main flow.. that being said.. a lot of work is done in every flow.. However, this is where the most essential projects are done.." He explained about the sixth floor. As an obedient servant, she heard all of them and absorbed them in her mind. But, when she was near him, she sometimes remembered how he fell on her body that day. 'Don't try to dance here Nuraya.. you are professional today!! It was an accident.. it's over..' She was as calm as possible because of the commands she received from her mind. "GUYS....GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION PLEASESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!" r****h was able to get the attention of everyone in the office. Nuraya was looking at him because she thought that his voice was really sweet. "This is Miss Nuraya Peiris. From today she is the CEO sir's assistant! So I hope that you all will support Miss Nuraya as you have given to our Miss Deepika.. Everyone work together!!" She felt a little happy that r****h did not mention her name. He described himself by showing his arms. Between his lips was a small smile that charmed young women. Even though Nuraya's heart was somewhat attracted to him, because Nuraya is a young woman who naturally gives more place to qualities than appearance..., she naturally threw out the attractive feelings she felt about him. After r****h introduced her, the people in the office welcomed her with applause. Among them, the young man who was the head of the marketing team named Aravinda was in the forefront. She did not forget to entertain them all with a smile. "Thank you... ah... I don't need to be called Miss... just call me Nuraya" shyly but when she said that, the laughter of the youths was heard. "Okay..............Nuraya................................ .. We understood...” When one young man shouted loudly, everyone in the office started laughing. "Janit....... this is not school, it's office!" r****h said that with a smile on his lips, but that voice was able to make the young man named Janith gag. "Then.. more.. I think.. I can help you with paper work, more details about sir's routine... I will ask someone to show you the office. Then we can start work" r****h said while saying that. He nodded his head. He beckoned her to come with him. "But, when working with Sir, it's not going to work, Sulo" he said again with that enchanting smile. "Ah.. r****h Sir..," she called him like that. Realizing that she had his attention, she started talking again. "This.. this.. I was selected.. not from the interview, right?" When Nuraya asked that, r****h looked at her with those sharp eyes. "That's what you should ask sir..." He said and looked at her with an expressionless face. "r****h sir, do you always call your father sir?" Suddenly she realized that what came out of Nuraya's mouth was not something she should have heard. The sharp look she received from him confirmed it once again. He suddenly squeezed his forehead with his fingers and looked around as if in a bit of pain. "Madhumita..., are you coming?" As soon as they heard that voice, the girl who had been called Aravinda Madhu came walking towards them. She was a lovely, fair-skinned girl like Nuraya, but slightly fairer than Nuraya. Her well-made eyebrows and well-painted lips added to her beauty. She had gathered the hair that had grown down from the middle of her back and tied it into a pony tail. "Here.. show Nuraya the office" He quickly lowered his hand on his forehead and spoke without even looking at Nuraya. She felt that his voice was not as sweet as before. And Nuraya felt that calling her by her name unlike before was different. However, Nuraya realized that it was her own fault. She realized that asking him something she shouldn't be asking was not so good. "Okay sir..." Madhu said and turned to Nuraya with a smile on her lips. "Come on Nuraya.., most of the big projects happen in this six flow. That being said, special things also happen in the flows below.. but most of the international projects are handled by us.. and I am here in the marketing team. Second head.. then Aravinda.. ah.. you have met him.. Aravinda is the head of the marketing team.. ok, I want to call him sir. where is he going to listen to something.." Madhu is like everything in the office. Even if he read it, Nuraya was not in the right mind to listen to those things. 'Did I really hurt him?' 'I should not have said such a thing' 'Who knew he would get angry at something like this?' 'Isn't it okay to go and apologize?' "Nuraya?" She suddenly went up because of a hand on her shoulder. That is Madhumita. "Huh?" Nuraya asked what happened in the real world because there was no reason. "You weren't listening to what I was saying, were you?" She asked as she narrowed her eyes and looked at Nuraya. "Oh.. sorry Madhu.. I am... not that... do you mind if I call you Madhu sister?" Nuraya asked that because Madhumita felt like an elder sister from her. "It's okay guys.. you are also like our husband.. he is not listening to me. He is reading something else as if he has finally woken up from his sleep. Recently I told him to go shopping and forget the onions.. to go back to the store and get onions. Half an hour. I read that you can't cook without onions. Finally, after I went to him and talked to him, he was telling me how Kasun Mendis lost the match because he dropped a ball in the cricket match..." At the end of Madhu's story, Nuraya and Madhu both laughed together. "So.. what happened after that? Did you bring onions?" Nurayat also joined in the story. "No.. I scolded her very much and sent her to the shop.. I mean, husbands don't just scold ladies.. because of their carelessness.. Why do they have two ears.. They say they don't listen.." Nuraya laughed even more when Madhu said that. "These are the washrooms.. there are also upstairs.." Madhu quickly showed Nuraya the set of toilets they were passing. "But you better be careful.. because when you say that those two are going to scold you, they are scolding you for losing the cloth" when Madhu said that, Nuraya turned towards her with a bit of fear. "Oh.. sister... is it so harsh?" she asked in a helpless voice. "Hmm.. no.. very serious Sagara sir.. we are also afraid. As soon as something like that is missed in the meetings, they shout to be the second one there. It is not possible to say when the job will be lost in this company.. They have no problem to fire anyone.. So many people come to this company. Who doesn't come when they say Kaiser Advertising?" Nuraya's heart pounded with fear while listening to Madhu's description. "Is r****h Sarut Sarai?" Nuraya asked in a soft voice while reminding herself that she had angered him a moment ago. "No.. but not like Mr. Sagara.. r****h scolds when he gets angry.. he comes back and talks to us nicely. He doesn't do that only when a person is in trouble. Besides.. he doesn't think to say sorry if it's his fault. .. even if we are his employees.. Madhu said that when they both came to the office where everyone else was. "Oh.. sister.. I.. think... I just provoked r****h sir's anger..." Nuraya said while rubbing her gloved hands together. "What's that? What happened?" Madhu asked curiously. But there were signs of worry in her eyes. "No... I asked something that I didn't want to ask..." Nuraya said while looking down. "Something you don't need to ask? Why did you even ask the boy for his consent?" When Madhu asked with such a smile, Nuraya looked at her with wide eyes, but when she saw that she was smiling at her, Nuraya's cheeks turned red with embarrassment. "Oh... it's not like that..." When Nuraya said that, Madhu stopped laughing and started talking. "Ok ok.. need one.. r****h will be fine soon so don't worry.. maybe his anger is already gone... so.. now go.. ah... see you at lunch time... my team It's time to renew your mind.. let's eat together.. we can show you the canteen then" Madhu said, Nuraya nodded her head and did not forget to exchange her phone number. After that, Nuraya, who said goodbye to her soon, went back to r****h's cabin. She knocked on the door and went in, thinking that she should apologize to him this time. But when she went inside, she saw a scene she did not expect at all.
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