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Brianna Leaving a Pack was always a long process. The Alpha always demanded for a one month notice before, can you believe that there was a clearance form for this? Why? It was not some school. It was not like you would borrow a wolf and refuse to give them back. A clearance form was way too much but those were rules and little me could do absolutely nothing to change them. Even though I knew mine was a last minute request, I crossed my fingers and hoped for a miracle. Maybe the Moon Goddess would have mercy on me and grant me this one wish. She had already failed me when it came to giving me a mate maybe she would touch the Alpha's heart and make him agree to me leaving the pack without any complications. For once! May something actually go my way! Was that too much to ask for? Making my way to the Pack House I look round like I was trying to imprint every last bit of this forsaken land into my mind. I was not sure I would miss any part of this Pack, I had no fond memories about this place. To me this was just somewhere I grew up in, I had a bed, food and went to school at Dawson Pack. I had no friends and nothing special tying me to this place. I sound like a loser right? I was not though, I preferred the solitude. It came with less expectations and no ties making it very easy for a clean break. Maybe I had been subconsciously preparing to leave all this time, like I knew at one point I would have to go away at some point. No, I was not going to look for my parents. I did not even remember what they looked like so how was I ever going to find them. The whole parental bond thing was total bullshit if you asked me, if not then how could my parents bear to leave alone for this long? There was no communication, no letters, no phone calls, no birthday gifts, no wishes, no Christmas gifts. Nothing! Sometimes I wondered if the remembered they had a daughter somewhere but I was not going to throw myself a pity party because of that. I had learnt to not expect anything after all these years. Hope always led to despair. The only thing I had hoped for had led me to leaving the Pack. What happened to mates being very dependent on each other? Where was the love at first sight? The sweeping off the feet? The tingles upon first touch? Where was the fairy tale ending we were always taught about in school? "I James Ellacott..... reject you Brianna..." my mate had uttered those words like they were the most normal thing in the world. We had been taught about the very few instances of rejection throughout the history of werewolves which was about one percent. The few cases you could count on one hand, you would feel bad for them but never expected yourself to become one of them. On the plus side I was going to make it to history books. 'Maybe fame was my potion in this life who knows'. I thought to myself with a stupid smile on my face. I was the one person no one paid attention to, most Pack members did not even know my name but now James had handed me one ticket to fame. I could start signing autographs or was that strictly a human thing? I was in a very good mood for a wolf that had just been rejected. Speaking of rejection, the pain I had been waiting for had not really hit me. I remembered how deathly pale James had looked when I had left him back at the cafeteria whereas all I felt was a dull ache that I would not notice unless I concentrated on it. "That is because I transferred to pain to myself," Brianna my wolf replied in my mind. That made sense because the pain I felt had lessened significantly compare to when James had said the cursed words. "You can do that?" I had never heard of wolves doing that before, at least it had not been recorded in the history books I had read. That was when I noticed my wolf was out of hibernation, since she had informed to accept the rejection I could feel her presence in the back of mind but I had not paid any attention to it. "Are you back for good? Can I shift now?" I asked with so much enthusiasm. "You could say that," she answers in a non committal way. "What does that mean?" I did not understand. "You can feel my presence, only you. No one else can tell you have a wolf not even the alpha" what kind of wolf could be able to hide their presence from an Alpha. Brianna had to be a special wolf, too bad she had ended up with me as her human. "About shifting, I told you when you first did. Not till you are nineteen, sorry." I did remember that conversation but since she had shown herself to shield me from rejection I had assumed that shifting would not me a problem. Disappointment! "Are you going to come in or will you keep standing at my door?" The booming voice startled me so much I almost fell to the floor had corridor been wider. Here I was, standing like an i***t in front of the Alpha's office. I had not even realized when I had gotten there. I must have been too consumed by my own thoughts, that tended to happen a lot if you were a loner like myself. The word ALPHA COLTON on a golden plate nailed to the door, I had never been here before. An 'orphaned' wolf had no business with the Alpha, I had seen the man a handful of times at Pack gatherings and apart from being powerful I had absolutely no impression of him, I was not sure what to expect. I needed a favour from him and would make an effort to leave a good impression. I could not afford to offend him. "Good afternoon Alpha, sorry for interrupting you but please may I make an unorthodox request?" I knew I had to go straight to my point besides I had never been one for small talk. "Go ahead." says Alpha Colton pointing toward the seat across his desk. Then I lifted my head to actually look at him. I was half expecting him to send me away but he had not so that was a good start. “Sir, I would like to leave the Pack." I blurted out the words quickly. I knew if I had not, chances were high that I would chicken out, “Can I leave tomorrow?" Now that good his attention, his head snapped really fast from whatever he was doing that our eyes meet. I look down, I was not going to offend an Alpha by looking them in the eye. That was like begging for death, they took it as a challenge. "You know the procedure Brianna, one month notice." I had no idea he even knew my name in the first place. "No offence Alpha Colton but I would have left Dawson Pack a long time, not that anyone would have noticed my absence but I stuck around in the hopes of meeting my mate." I have no idea where I borrowed the courage from, maybe my wolf had something to do with it. "So did you? Meet you mate that is? Is he from a different pack? Is that why you are leaving?" he fires back. "Yes I did Alpha, he is from this pack and before you ask who is I would rather not say. He rejected me." no need hiding the truth, some one else would tell him anyway. "He rejected you! I did not teach wolves in my pack to reject their mates!" he sounded angry. Well that was different. I was not not expecting him to be angry on my behalf. "What stupid wolf is that! He wants to destroy the reputation of my pack!" well there goes that thought. He was angry because of his reputation. "Can I leave now, Alpha?" I persisted. "Yes, no problem. You can leave whenever you want." with the way he quickly accepted after hearing my reason for leaving I knew that he knew keeping me around would make him look bad. "I, Brianna Potter, officially denounces Dawson Pack, from today onward I am no longer a member of the Dawson Pack." I say before he changes his mind. I can feel the pack link breaking, even though it burns a little it feels like freedom. "You know if do not join another pack in the next month you will turn into a rogue wolf." at least he had decency left to warn me. "Here is a special pass you can use to cross through other pack territories." Wolves were extremely territorial animals. Intruders tended to be captured and tortured sometimes even killed, especially wolves that belonged to no pack like me as of a minute ago. There had been issues with rogues the past few months and all packs where on high alert. Wolves that had no packs would turn feral. Feral wolves had the animal side take over completely, with no pack links and human interaction the human sided would grow dormant leaving behind just the wolf with almost no emotion. Considering that werewolves were bigger that normal wolves a feral werewolf would be the worst thing one could cross paths with. Rogues had been known to kill both humans and pack wolves so an all out war had been declared on them. Turning rogue was the last thing I needed. "I know sir, I will take my leave." The air had never felt more fresh, it was like a weigh had been lifted off my shoulders. I had no idea where I would go next but now I had the authority to make decisions for myself. Nothing was tying me to Dawson Pack anymore. Third Person POV Hurrying home to pack the few belongings the owned, Brianna prepares to leave. She did not own a lot of things, just few articles of clothing, two pairs of shoes an old mobile phone and her savings. Alpha Colton even though did not interact with the pack orphans always made sure to provide pocket money to them. Brianna have nothing to spend her money on had bought a wooden saving box that she hid at the back of the closet. All money provided by the Alpha she kept in that box, she had no idea what she would buy with it but something had always compelled her to start saving up and boy was she glad she did. From now onwards she was going to depend on herself and she would need all the money she could get. She did not have to go through the whole writing of an emotional letter to friends and family phase because incase you had forgotten, Brianna had no friends, not from the pack, not from school and neither did she have a family. No one had bothered to get close to her and neither had she. No one would miss her when she left, her mate would have but he had already made it clear that he did not need her. Good riddance! At one point she had thought of writing a letter to her parents and leave it with the Alpha should they ever come back to look for her but she quickly banished that thought. It had been years and if they had been interested in her life they would have sent her a sign. So it was decided, a clean break with no traces left behind. ******** Brianna My new lease in life had just began and for the first time in forever I was finally excited about something. I could live wherever I wanted. I could build my future towards the direction I wanted. "Please help and guide me moon goddess." I sent out a silent prayer. "......"
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