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Brianna an outcast wolf at Dawson Pack gets rejected by her mate, the only reason she was still at the pack so she leaves.

Facing different kinds of dangers a long the way.

Will she come back to Dawson Pack to seek revenge?

Will she move on and take the high road?

Is this the last she will see of her ex-mate?

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" I James Ellacott, future Beta of the Dawson Pack reject you Brianna Potter as my mate." Decisive words thundering! There was no room for argument. Like a judge's hammer coming down. Brianna had no choice in the matter. James had selfishly sealed both their fates. It was like she was spectator, a passerby watching her own life get decided for her. "Okay," Brianna replies with a shrug. " I, Brianna Potter, accept you rejection." she had accepted it just like that, like it was an every day thing. Truth be told, she felt pain, heart wrenching pain but no one would know about it. She was not going to show pain in front of an inconsiderate boy like James. Brianna had not even realized that James was her mate but was already rejected, the tiny teenager would not let anyone bring her down. The whole pack had always thought she did not have a wolf and even though she was never bullied they never put their sights on her either. Like right now she was sitting alone in the school cafeteria having her lunch, Brianna did not have friends. She was alienated, Dawson Pack took pride in treating all the members right so there was no bullying or abuse. Outcasts were always just ignored, it was easier to act like they did not exist in the first place. James had not even know her name when he had decided to reject her. He had to ask around first before he had marched over to her table. The truth is, Brianna contrary to everyone's thoughts had a wolf. She had shifted when she was just seven in to a beautiful midnight black adult size wolf. Her wolf coincidentally named Brianna too had informed her not to let anyone know about the shift before adding that she would be going into hibernation till she was nineteen. So as she had expected Brianna did not shift at sixteen like everyone else at Dawson Pack. Then came the stigma. All shifters were supposed to get their wolves but she had not, she could not tell anyone she had already shifted either because her wolf had sworn her into secrecy. For a girl that was not very social in the first place the 'lack' of a wolf made her even more of an out cast than she already was. No one wanted to be associated with her but she liked it this way, Brianna enjoyed the peace and quiet. With her wolf in hibernation she had not felt the mate pull, had not had the experience of smelling the most intoxicating beautiful smell like the books always stated. Instead she had been slapped with a rejection from a mate she had not known existed. In fact the only reason she knew James was her mate was because of the pain that had washed over her right after he had finished his words. A little voice inside her head had whispered, "accept it" and that is why she did not flinch when she did. She knew that was her wolf, never had it been recorded in history about a wolf telling their human to accept a rejection. Wolves were always known to beg for acceptance even forcefully marking their mates if the human side wanted to reject them. Brianna was proving to be more of a freak than everyone expected. James could not believe that Brianna had accepted the rejection that easily, part of him had expected her to beg him weeping and crying. That I ‘don't care’ attitude Brianna had left him with had him extremely confused. He was supposed to be a Beta! Who wouldn't want a Beta for mate? The pain that had hit him when she said those words was unimaginable, he was gasping for breath cradling his abdomen by the time Brianna had finished her statement then she had pushed him aside before walking out of the cafeteria. James could not believe it, was her endurance that good? or was it the lack of wolf that was dulling the pain for her? Some how he had convinced himself that she was not in pain because she had no wolf. In front of the whole school Brianna walked out, yes, James had been that much of a douche bag to reject her in public. It was like he wanted to humiliate her, but look who was feeling the burn now? Karma had come through for Brianna and James was the recipient. While Brianna had enough strength to walk away on her own James could not even lift his legs, how embarrassing. "Don't mind the b***h. She is just acting tough!" his friends gathered around him to comfort him but the more they talked the worse he felt. James was the future Beta, he was someone people respected. The youth in the pack always wanted to be in his good books, never once in his life had he been this humiliated. In front of this many people to add insult to injury. Add his wolf constantly growling at him in his head and threatening him for being stupid enough to reject his own mate. The wolf had ordered him to go and apologize stating that he would not shift until Brianna accepted him. To him Brianna was just a wolf less human and no way was he going to humiliate himself further by asking for forgiveness. In fact he had convinced himself that it was Brianna that would come back begging him. No wolf would accept her after all. Brianna on the other hand and walked out of school and had headed straight home, she was not going to hang around school to become a laughing stalk. Female wolves had always been taught to wait for their mates, they were taught that it would be the best feeling in the world having someone created by the moon goddess just for you and even little anti social Brianna had bought into the fantasy. Having no one to interact with she had always thought that the moon goddess would give her her perfect match but that had all come crumbling down. Even the one meant for her had absolutely no interest in being with her. She had been rejected without a chance. Looking at the empty house Brianna makes a decision, she was going to leave. No one would miss her anyway, her parents had not been seen since was five. They had left the pack talking about carrying out research on something. Brianna had been raised by nannies in the pack who did not really care a lot about her which explains why she had shifted and no one had any idea. She had never felt like she belonged in the pack but had stuck around in the hopes of meeting her mate but now that she was rejected she could actually leave without getting hurt and with that she carefully walked into the Alpha's office to explain her plight. "...."

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