The Prophecy: Orphaned Princess (Prophecy Series Book 2)

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Kalea was orphaned when she was an infant. She was found at the pack border of the Silver Moon pack in Wyoming and was adopted by the Omega who found her. Although Kalea grew up loved by her adoptive family, she wasn't loved by her pack. Kalea found out all too soon that she wasn't her parents' biological daughter. Not knowing where she came from or who she really was, Kalea just attributed all of the bullying to teens being teens.

Bullied and tormented her entire life, Kalea had only one thing to look forward to - finding her mate. But that hope was soon destroyed on her 18th birthday when she not only found out she had no wolf, but that her mate was none other than her biggest tormenter, the future Alpha of the Silver Moon pack, Joshua Harding - who wasted little time in rejecting her when he and the rest of the pack realized she had no wolf.

The rejection alone throws Kalea in a downwards spiral of depression and loneliness. Then, a sudden rogue attack on the pack leaves Kalea fighting for her life after her parents are killed and her unable to protect herself unable to shift. She's able to escape near-death and runs away from the Silver Moon pack, where she accidentally stumbles into the territory of a neighboring pack, the Hounds of the Night pack. One of the deadliest packs in the region.

Kalea is thrown into the dungeons for trespassing and is treated even worse than she was at Silver Moon. That is until Edward, Eddie for short, the future Alpha of the Hounds returns from Alpha training with the elders. At the rugged age of 25, Eddie, was not expecting to get to work as soon as he returned home; however, what he expected even less was to find young Kalea to be his mate.

Eddie does his best to fight the mate bond, but the more he sees Kalea in the dungeons, the more he realizes that she doesn't belong there, but rather by his side, leading his pack. However, what neither Eddie nor Kalea knows is that Kalea isn't just an ordinary werewolf, but a pureblood who is a direct descendant of the royal purebloods. A direct descendant of Amelia Wells Morrison - Queen of Werewolves.

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Author's Note 09/03/2023
Hello, beautiful readers, I know that it has been a long time coming; over a year, to be exact. First and foremost, I wanted to thank everyone who has been so understanding and patient with me as I worked through all of the B.S. life threw at me for the last year. It's been one hell of a roller coaster, but I've made it back to square one relatively unscathed. For those of you who know, Prophecy: Luna was my very first book here on Dreame, and it took me a long time to complete it. I had put it on a very long hiatus because I was new to the writing scene and didn't know what I was doing back then. Now, three and a half years and seven books later, I'm finally ready to create book two of The Prophecy Series. The Prophecy: Luna will remain free because I'm unhappy with it. I've never once had the opportunity to edit and improve it, and given that so many people have already read it, I don't think I will. I will leave it as it is, but I will make the sequel much better. Now that I have been doing this for a few years, and I've become better at storytelling and creating a fantasy world for those you to have found an escape in, I've come this far. I will add chapters to this book as I continue to write the fourth installment in my Desert Series, . I have about twelve chapters written and on the back burner, waiting to be edited and posted. I will post one chapter a week, as they all need to be re-read and edited before posting. Once I get to Chapter 5, I will apply for a contract on this book and place it on Pay to Read. This book can be read as a standalone, but if you need to know how the characters are, feel free to read The Prophecy: Luna. How the characters are written in this book is vastly different from any other book I've written. As I said, the prequel was my first werewolf book, so I put a weird spin on it at the time. I hope you all can be patient with this book. As I mentioned, I am still actively writing chapters for . Thank you all again for your never-ending support and love.

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