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Introduction             Year 2085, the year of breakthrough within the technology in the Philippines.               So much progress and innovation took place over the years that resulted to the most technological year. The advancement in technology has been exceptionally fast in the 20th and 21st century and the years that followed.                         With electronic technology and machines being produced and improved all the time, it was very likely that progress along with all the positive aspects of these new advancements became so evident at this era. A lot of people had gone discovering and inventing new things that brought this change.               Every day another company brings out something more advanced in an attempt to win the consumer war against another company. This consumerism is driving the rate of advancement faster and faster each year. People got more used in doing things with machines than with their own hands.               Technology advancements have improved efficiency levels significantly for the past few years. Improvements have also been realized by optimizing the number of stages and by selecting the appropriate technology type for the application. Technology advancements in many areas make it possible to build devices that were not possible.               The society has evolved into a technological state where in machines are everywhere, and people are run by science and its works.               These technological advancements resulted to more inventions that became the top selling products in the market. These include gadgets, defense systems, appliances, vehicles, and so on... even games. And speaking of games, there is this one game that has been marketed and had been on top since it was released.               Many game players all over the country had been crazy over it in social media and even in person. Many players tried the game and gone addicted to it. It has been a topic all the time in different platforms, even non-gamers are eye-caught and tried playing the game.  Both boys and girls, old and young... people started to play.               It is called B2A1 - Ang Mundo ng Alamat. In the game, B2A1 is a world of mythologies, legends, and folklores wherein people get to create their own avatars and fight for their improvements and growth to defeat a certain enemy. People had gone crazy over the game as it has a good gameplay complemented with a great story line.               A gameplay plays a great role in a game. Gameplay is the tactical aspects of a video game, such as its plot and the way it is played, as distinct from the graphics and sound effects. While story is the story line itself upon the story to add interesting factors with in the game.               B2A1 has great graphics and designs that almost seem realistic to players. The game boast realistic graphics which fit the world and style of game play the designers wanted. It points out some of the most iconic and visually appealing games don’t have realistic visuals; it’s the uniqueness which sets this game on top of the industry.               And most of all is the challenge. B2A1 is a survival game wherein players get to work for their own survival. The game contains challenging map or level that’s not always easy to figure out where to go, causing a little more exploring and thinking on the player’s part to figure out how to advance in the game or a boss that needs some clever strategy to defeat.             *I don't own information such as the Philippine Mythical Creatures, and some Filipino Culture Information that I used in this story. All Information are credited to Google and their rightful Owners. Yet the whole story is just based upon my imagination.*
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