Chapter 1 : The Game

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Chapter 1 : The Game               The interview for Mr. Alexander Rodriguez is about to be aired in the local televisions in regards to his newly developed game called B2A1 - Ang Mundo ng Alamat. It is a live broadcast in which he'd be talking about his game towards the mass since it has been awaited both by gamers and even non-gamers.             The game has the most appealing ads everywhere gathering a lots of audience who are anticipating for its release.               Mr. Alexander Rodriguez sat on his chair with his formal clothing facing the camera as the interviewer sat next to him and prepared for the event. Moments later, the director started signaling everyone which was immediately followed. The whole room started to become busy as people went quickly moving.             The cameras started rolling as well as the electrical went on power, and Mr. Alexander and the News reporter smiled brightly in front of the camera.               The reporter greeted the mass a happy afternoon and started to talk about many things before coming up to the main topic itself.               "So, may we know what this game is all about?" the news reporter asked Mr. Alexander Rodriguez, the game developer, during his interview in a live media broadcast. His newly developed game has been a crazy fad during this time that keeps on attracting people             Mr. AR swiftly changed gazes from the camera to the reporter as he listened for a while and then back to the camera again to address the audiences.             "This game is where you select your own hero and battle different mythical creatures of our culture. You know what I'm saying... aswang... engkanto, and so forth" he initiated as he looked at the camera intently "Let me tell you a bit of information... in each level there are certain creatures that each player has to fight in order to progress, that's it" he continued and smiled at the camera             His face was in a firm manner having a believable feels he is having that makes people got more excited. The reporter's face looked amazed and confused at the same time. It has been so evident that he's looking forward for this game too.             "Ohh that's nice, it's so us... right? Like, a game that depicts our culture and belief, that's why people are starting to like it since they all can relate to it..." the reporter commented as Mr. AR finished answering "But isn't it scary? Like if children play it... " the reporter asked again and hands over the microphone to Mr. AR             "About that... Well, you see, if they get to be scared with the game, then they'll be scared to our own culture... Here's my point, this game is not only a game, but it also teaches us about the culture that we have. The literatures, the culture, and especially the history... the game is just bringing it back" he continued and paused for a while             The reporter ohh'ed as he listened to Mr. AR speaking about people should not fear that the game would be so bothering.             "So it's like... informing the whole Filipino people about our culture and beliefs that our ancestors left us? Am I right?" the reporter interrupted as Mr. AR got into thinking             Mr. AR paused at that moment thinking what words he would put into speech so that he'd be more clear. But thanks to the reporter, he just interpreted his thoughts into a clearer deliverance. Mr. AR looked up and smiled at the reporter then switched gazes towards the camera.             "Yea, it's just like that... when I was young, I got so interested with Philippine Mythology. So now, I developed my own game wherein it has it all... It'd be amazing" Mr. AR agreed as he nodded without breaking his smile             "Tell us more about this game... this, uhhh... B2A1 - Ang Mundo ng Alamat... yea. Tell us more about it, and what can you say to those people who had gone playing this game..." the reporter asked Mr. AR again for another time and gave him the microphone. Mr. AR paused again for a while and went into deep thinking.             Mr. AR smiled shyly for a while and made it into a confident one without breaking his gaze towards the camera. He slowly opened his mouth making an 'o' shape before speaking.             "Yea..." Mr. AR initiated as he cleared his throat while shifting gaze from the reporter then back to the camera "First, I called it B2A1 as it sounded like 'bituin'... you get it?" he said chuckling with the thought. Bituin means star in Filipino language.             Everyone became silent as they all thought about what he meant with B2A1 sounding Bituin. The reporter looked at Mr. AR in disbelief as he bowed down a bit and went blank thinking what he meant about.             "B2A1...Bituin... makes sense..." the reporter joined the laughter as he finally got what he meant             "Yea that's it... it doesn't sound that much, but it's the only think I could think of ahahahaha. So the world is in a star wherein our mythology has become real, and then there it goes, adventure begins." Mr. AR continued narrating "It is a world of myth, our culture's myth... the player's get to play the game, level themselves up and defeat each foe they'll be facing." he stated and looked at the camera intently again implying his words to the whole nation             Ang Mundo ng Alamat translates 'The World of Myth' in English, from Filipino language.             "Is that all you're going to say?" the reporter asked kindly for the last time as Mr. AR nodded slowly             "That is all... I'm not going to spoil everything ahahaha let the players explore B2A1 themselves then discover and learn things" Mr. AR said in closing as the interview is about to end               Mr. AR sat still for a moment though the live broadcast finished. He shook hands with the reporter before he stood up and left.             The game is set to be released a week after the interview, yet many people has been crazy waiting for it. Many people got very excited upon hearing news and articles about it. And by hearing what they just heard from Mr. AR, it made them want to play it more. This is how they get excited upon things like this.
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