Chapter 14 : Into Another World II

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  Chapter 14 : Into Another World II   -Elliot-             “What?” I asked as I caught him staring at me             “What?” he asked back as he snapped and acted as if he didn’t… what the heck’s wrong with this guy?             “Tsss” I hissed and kept looking for something             “Shhh… do you hear that?” Raizen shushed us as he turned to somewhere             “What do you hear?” Reiven asked him as we all followed him. He’s got a nice ear, how come he heard that and we don’t. or is he hearing something that we don’t?             “Can’t you hear it, there’s someone talking over there” he said and pointed at a specific area… yea there is, I am sensing something coming from that direction. They’re not that far from us… yea they, there are three of them             “There are three of them, not far from us… perhaps ten o’clock” I uttered that made them look weird at me             “What are you saying Ell?” Vic asked             “How dare you call me Ell, we’re not close” I answered him sharply… no one ever called me Ell, not even my mom nor Darxi. What is he? Feeling close ahahaha “I just know… don’t ask, I didn’t know I could do that either” I continued             “Wow” he gasped still looking at me, he’s so weird. Good thing he has a nice face, being weird makes him cute… but still he’s weird, nothing’s change.             We went closer to the direction I pointed and hid behind a tree as we tried to see who those people are. I felt someone sticking himself so close to me… I don’t like someone doing that, I turned to him and felt even more irritated to see that it’s Vic… oh my gosh, could this day get even worse?             “Hey!” I silently screamed and pushed him harshly that made him fall to the ground             “What the hell!?” he silently screamed back as he stood up, now his face looked angry. He didn’t spoke after that, we just spied on those people talking nearby. We don’t see them properly because they’re facing the opposite direction yet we can read their usernames… wait             “It’s Darxi” I said as I read the username of a guy. I remember his username that contains his name and that phrase next to it, I don’t remember it well, but it has house in it… I’m not sure but I’m sure it’s him. _Darxi.In.The.House_ lol             “How did you know? Who’s he?” Raizen asked as I pulled myself out of our hiding place and ran towards them             “Hey Darx” I called that made the three of them turn to me             “Elliot?” he asked recognizing me “Yea right, eks eks Elliot dot Gaming eks eks ahahahaha” he said between his laughter “So you’re stuck here too” he added             “Yea…” I shortly answered, the others also followed me to meet them… now there are seven of us, I wonder who’s stuck here too… or is this part of the game? If it is, then there should be more people here since the whole country is playing. Or are we the only ones who were unfortunate to experience this kind of impossible thing?             “Vic?” Darxi asked recognizing those who were with me “Rai and Rei? Woah, classmates ahahaha” he added             “Ok, Enzo we’re out of place ahahahaha” a girl spoke cracking a joke, I looked at her and just recognized who she is… Lucy             “Yea… weird… so y’all are related, except us ahahahaha” the guy, Enzo said. I don’t know him, he’s probably from another school or another section.             “Oh, hey thanks for selling us the game… now we’re here ahahaha” I joked and gave her a weird look             “Don’t blame me, I didn’t know… I’m also stuck here” she defended herself that made the two of us laugh             “Let’s find a way out” Darxi said and we all moved               “Look, this tracks lead to somewhere” I said as I noticed a small path towards somewhere, we’re heading astray from the direction, good thing I noticed it. I’m not sure where it leads but I have a feeling that it leads to answers             “Are you sure that we should take that path?” Reiven asked in disbelief             “I’m not one hundred percent sure, but it’s the only path I saw during our walk, so might as well follow it” I answered “And games usually are like that… they have that one path that we should go to” I continued             “And it seems like we’re following that track since a while ago, so I believe in you Ell” Vic said, that’s the first sentence he said that I like, gosh… I smiled at him and his reaction was… so different             “Let’s go” Darxi said as he casually wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me following the track. I noticed Vic’s reaction changing into something, I don’t understand             “Someone has gone here… look at these footprints” Lucy added pointing at several footsteps also following the track… “There are two pairs of feet… I think” she continued “One male, and one female”             “How did you know?” Darxi asked as he removed his arm             “I don’t know, it seems like the soil is telling me… I don’t know” she answered so unsure “Let’s go” she invited us all and continued walking             We all walked slowly as Lucy led the way all through those tracks that we saw. This is creeping me out. First, I just found myself in the middle of nowhere, I don’t know where this is. I don’t like the place and I wanted to go home. Second, I’m not even alone. My friends and some people I know are also here.             Though I like them being here especially Darxi at least he just made me feel better having him here with me. But Vic? Nuhh… I hate that guy. But I’m very curious about what’s happening here, why are we having a little reunion here? Are we really inside the game just as they say? That’s so absurd, how could that happen? So ludicrous!             If this is the game, then it really is not that scary ahahahaha I remember the developer of this game saying things about this game not being so scary despite having monsters as the main focus of the game ahahahaha That’s why I don’t feel so scared at all. I’m just… I don’t know, I feel confused.             “Scar?” I heard Darxi’s voice calling a familiar face. His voice was so loud that birds above the trees got startled and flew away             “Shhh lower down your voice… gosh” Lucy shushed him pushing his chest lightly and walked towards somewhere. I looked at the direction where she’s going and saw people standing there. Everyone followed her to meet those other people over there.             “Gosh, you’re right… one male and one female… how’d you know?” Raizen asked in amazement as we came nearer to them. It’s Scarlet and Avery… we’re in the same class… wait a minute, I don’t get it… our commonalities is that we are all classmates, or schoolmates.             And another thing… I didn’t know Scarlett and Avery play video games. Avery is a top student so I don’t think he still got time to play, not even Scarlett, she’s not into this kinds of things.             “What’s going on here?” Avery asked “Why are we all here?” he continued as his face went into a state of confusion             “We don’t even know… I don’t know, the second thing I knew, I was here” Lucy answered shaking her head lightly             “Let’s know the answers” Reiven interrupted             “But do you really play video games, Avery?” Darxi asked pertaining to Avery. Avery shooked his head as he smiled sheepishly             “No, I don’t… I was just curious about the game and I wanted to learn our culture while I enjoy… so that’s it. I didn’t expect that things would go like this ahahahaha” he answered             “How ‘bout you, Scar?” Darxi asked again to Scarlett… oh gosh, she looks cute with her outfit.             “My brother just told me about this ahahaha” she answered modestly as her face glowed with her smile and scratched her forehead             “Look at me… I’m not a gamer, and my first attempt ended up like this…” Avery cracked a joke about himself that made everyone chuckled for a bit “These things should happen to those people who chooses to play than anything else” he added             "How do we get out of here? I hate it here..." Avery continued as he turned his face to look around             “Anyway… look” Reiven cut himself again as he pointed somewhere. We all turned to the direction he is pointing, we immediately saw a village nearby and some people walking around. I wonder what place that is.             “That’s what we were looking at a while ago…” Avery said             “What do you think is in there?” Raizen asked             “No one knows, God Raizen… let’s go check” Vic said as he started walking “Let’s go” he turned to us motioning his head towards it. We all started walking towards the village that we saw. We still kept following the tracks that we were following a while ago, it seems like those tracks were leading to the village itself.             We silently walked until we got nearer to the village.
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