Chapter 13 : Into Another World

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Chapter 13 : Into Another World   -Elliot-             “What happened?” I asked myself as I opened my eyes gaining my consciousness. I don’t remember anything that happened before after I got dizzy… obviously because I fainted. But I don’t understand, why did I faint a while ago? I wasn’t even feeling drowsy before I played the game, and if I do, I wouldn’t faint.             I looked around and scanned the whole place… wait a minute! This isn’t my room. Where am I? I’m not even in my house or somewhere near it. This place looks so different. I live in a city, and forests are quite far from where I live. Well, forests barely exist nowadays. This is weird, I might be dreaming.             “Ouch!” I screamed in pain as I slapped my face after thinking that I was just dreaming. That hurts a lot, this isn’t a dream at all. I looked around again trying to recognize the place.             It felt so spooky sitting in the ground in the middle of a forest. What if wild animals suddenly appear and devour me? I stood up slowly and looked at each tree intently. I still don’t understand what’s happening.             The trees are so tall, I can barely see the tree tops. Fogs are covering the whole place above the trees also the reason why I can’t see what’s above. It doesn’t seem to be so dark anyway. It’s just the fog that makes the light so dim. It seems like it’s shading the whole place from the sunlight.             It really feels so spooky in here. The ambience of this place felt like those in horror movies where the setting is in forests or places like this. Now, I’m getting scared. I took a few steps to see if I can get out of this place. I reached out my hand to shove a branch of leaves away so I can get through.             Woah! What am I wearing!? I don’t remember changing my clothes! I am definitely dreaming! I’m freaking out right now! This is just so weird! What’s happening. I scanned my whole body to see what else changed. Nothing much, just my clothes, but it’s so weird, who would change my clothes? Who would bring me here?             What about the game that I was playing a while ago? I didn’t get the chance to play it. I fainted right before I could even start playing the actual game. I just chose the hero and so on... then… wait a minute!             I looked at myself again carefully examining what I am wearing. This looks like the clothes that the hero wore when I chose him. I remember when I wasn’t able to change his clothes. Gosh, these pair of black authoritative pants! And this coat! Oh gosh… could it be? I wish I’m thinking wrong but, am I in the game?             Impossible, this couldn’t be true, it’s just a game. That only happens in movies not in real life. Oh my gosh, this can’t be true! This isn’t true! I am definitely dreaming…             “Hey” I heard someone calling me. The direction of the voice came from behind me. I turned around to see who that was. The voice sounded familiar too, as if I heard him already.             “You too?” the other guy with him asked as he pointed his fingers to me. They both looked familiar, their faces are also similar. I saw them before…             “What’s happening here? Who were you both again?” I asked continuously as my eyebrows almost met each other in so much confusion             “We don’t know either, the next thing we knew is that we’re here already… we’ll he came here first, then I just came eventually” the guy in purple shirt said… he must like purple, his hair and his boots were also purple… then the rest are black. He pointed his… maybe twin brother, as he mentioned him being here first.             “I’m Raizen… his brother…” the guy in green clothes. His clothes are cool and so fashionable, he has a great taste in fashion even in games… wait, I’m not sure if this really is the game. I just have a strong feeling that it is… this is driving me crazy.             “My name is Reiven… we’re classmates. Don’t you know?” Reiven introduced himself and asked… yea right, they’re both my classmates ahahaha how come I haven’t recognized?             “I know ahahahaha I’m just not good at remembering names” I reasoned out and chuckled a bit as I scratched my forehead “How did you two get here?” I asked again             “I don’t know… it must be the game” Raizen said as his voice got deep and low as if he’s thinking about something             “I thought so too” I told him putting my hands on my chin while I waited for their opinion… I knew I’m not the only one thinking like it             “Yea, me too. I remember being dizzy, then the screen went nearer. Someone also pushed me, I thought it was Raizen, but he wasn’t everywhere. That’s when I blacked out” Reiven recalled explaining to us… that’s weird…             “How about you Elliot?” Raizen called me out…             “How did you know my name?” I asked out of nowhere             “Everyone in class knows you… you’re the only one who doesn’t care about names ahahahaha” he answered “And also…” he continued as he pointed something above my head…             “Huh?” I got confused and then looked above me… oh, it’s my username ahahahaha I also looked at theirs, how come I didn’t notice that a while ago? Ahahahaha             “HeyIt’sme_Reiven ahahahaha are you in **?” I asked mockingly as I laughed             “What? It says username, I thought they’re the same ahahahaha” he answered as he laughed with me             “And GodRaizen001… cool” I said as I read Raizen’s username, I’ve got nothing to say, his username is cool ahahahaha             “I really think we’re in the game, though it’s impossible to happen” Reiven added as we all snapped out from laughing             “Yea we are in this game” someone cut himself in as he came approaching us. The three of us turned to his direction trying to recognize who he is. I found a familiar face who probably owned that voice. Now, I know why that voice sounded so familiar. It’s the voice and the face that I hated so much… Vic             “How can you be so sure?” Reiven asked him as he kept coming close. It also says in his usrname above his empty head… I’mtheVic_100, like who care if you are Vic             “I knew it as I got here” he answered firmly as he stopped in front of us “I was so wide awake when things happened, how about you three?” he continued             “No… we fainted” Raizen answered him that made him nod             “That’s why we were not sure how things happened… but what happened to you anyway, can you explain it to us?” Reiven added as his voice sounded curious at the same time, he is also confused.             “Look, it may sound weird, but it really happened” he initiated “After I clicked enter, the game was about to start but strange things happened like when the screen went black then a smoke came spinning… I thought it was just loading, but when I touched it, it was some kind of a portal, probably leads here” he narrated and his face was so unfathomable…             “It was pulling me in, I tried pulling back but it was so strong… and a force behind me pushed me inside…” he continued “When I opened my eyes, I found myself here… then I heard you guys” he then, added             “Same here… I was pushed too by something… I don’t know what” Reiven agreed with him “But I just fainted so I lost track with the events”             “I didn’t know you play video games” I spoke pertaining to Vic, I know he doesn’t play.             “Why don’t you think so?” he questioned me back             “I’m just curious why you’re here” I answered him             “Yea I don’t Elliot, this is my first time playing a video game, and this happened” he said sharply as if he didn’t like what’s going on             “Serves you right” I whispered and mentally smirked…             “I heard that” he said and stared at me as he paused for a while “On the second thought, it’s nice to be here, just to find that you’re here” he said winking at me and flashed a devilish smile… oh gosh, my torment isn’t done with him yet!             “How do we get out of here?” Reiven asked as he walked and looked around to check the whole place             “I don’t wanna get out of here” Vic answered “Let’s stay here Elliot and live our life” he said and turned to me             “Shut up” I snapped “We’re in a middle of a crisis, stop messing around” I said… woah! This is my first time answering him back in that kind of manner ahahaha I felt nervous as to what he’ll react             “No, seriously… I think it’s nice here for the both of us” he said calmly trying to explain his side… wait, what!? He’s not angry or something? How come? If only I knew, I should’ve answered him back then, he probably stopped bullying me             “You can’t live in a video game” I said and followed Reiven and looked for a way out… I don’t wanna get stuck here forever, now that Vic’s here too. He’ll just make my life miserable.             “Oh come on!” he exclaimed as he followed me as well as Raizen             “Shut up, ok?” I hissed without looking at him. I just his presence following me… oh gosh… I hate this freak!             The four of us continued walking towards nowhere looking for a way out or anything that could get us out of here. Gosh, I don’t wanna get stuck here any much longer. I could stay here, but I wouldn’t… Vic’s here, and I hate him. He’s just walking beside me and he would sometimes look at me as if he wanted to say something… ugh!
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