Chapter 12 : xXElliot.GamingXx

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Chapter 12 : xXElliot.GamingXx   -Elliot-             “Mom!” I yelled the moment I entered the door. I just got used to this, whenever I get home, the first thing that comes out from my mouth is that word ahahahaha everyone does             I left my shoes on the shoe stand near our door and walked inside. I checked everywhere to see if my mom’s around. The house is so silent since I got here, maybe she’s not home yet. I placed my bag on the couch and grabbed my phone from my pocket and checked to see if my mom texted me.             Oh she did… I just haven’t read it. ‘I’ll be late tonight, cook your dinner and go to bed early’ she said. I typed ‘ok mom’ and tossed my phone on the couch. As if ahahaha as if I’m gonna go to sleep early, she won’t know anyway. Even if she’s home already I still stay up late at night. I went to the kitchen to see what I could eat ahahahaha specifically in the fridge. Hmmm… what do we have here?             I saw a bowl of adobo in the ref, this should do it. This is our food earlier, at lunch ahahahaha. I took the bwol from the fridge and went to check if we have rice. We still have adobo, so I hope there is still rice so that I don’t have to cook anymore ahahahaha             There is! Good grief ahahaha I took a microwavable Tupperware and put the adobo in there. I quickly put it inside the microwave oven and turned it on to heat the adobo. I waited for three minutes before the alarm rings indicating that it’s finished. Gosh, I can feel my hunger, good thing I’m just on time ahahahaha             Gosh… adobo tastes so good… Philippine adobo is a popular Filipino dish and cooking process in Philippine cuisine that involves meat, seafood, or vegetables marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and black peppercorns, which is browned in oil, and simmered in the marinade. It has occasionally been considered the unofficial national dish in the Philippines.             After setting the table for myself, I quickly ate my food. I kept eating until I finished my food, I wasn’t even using my phone while eating though mom isn’t here ahahaha that’s an achievement for me.             I washed the dishes after I finished eating. I grabbed my bag and my phone and went upstairs to my room. I quickly changed my clothes so that I can play immediately ahahahaha this is why I am staying up late tonight… I took the copy of the game from my bag and went to my play station.             Wait… lemme call Darxi first, I wanna know if he’s already playing… I dialed his phone and not long after he answered             “Hey, what’s up?” he asked as he answered my call. I just sat down while holding my phone with my left hand and my right hand is turning the play station on             “Nothing, I just wanna check if you’re already playing” I answered him chuckling a bit and put the cd tape inside as it turned on. I don’t know why I called him anyway ahahaha I just wanted to do so, I don’t wanna play alone             “Yea, I was about to play it now, but I have to eat first…. How about you?” he answered on the other line that made me pause for a while, the screen is already showing me the name of the video game.             “Oh, I see… I’ll wait for you… you go eat first, call me if you’re playing already” I answered as he told me that he’s not playing yet. I just sat there and let the screen shift into another screen asking for my username             “Why?” he asked me again, I just stared at the screen in front of me ahahaha hope he’ll eat fast             “Nothing, I just wanna know your username and your hero so that we could meet at the game ahahahaha” I laughingly answered him, we can still meet at the game even though he won’t tell me, I just wanted to know early             “Ok, I’ll call you when I’m done eating” he said before I hanged the call. I tossed my phone back to my bed sat there comfortably while waiting for him to finish eating… he’ll just be quick though, I know him, especially when he has a game to play               After waiting for a few minutes, I heard my phone ringing says that someone is calling, that must be Darxi. I reached out my hand and grabbed my phone and saw it really is Darxi so I answered him immediately.             “Hey, you playing already?” I asked the moment I answered his call, I sit up and went nearer to my play station             “Hey babe, what’s up?” he answered me, yuck cringey ahahahaha I hate it, that’s so cheesy though I know he’s just joking             “Ew dude, you’re disgusting!” I exclaimed in protest implying that I didn’t like it ahahaha. This guy really like messing up with me haysss             “So, yea, I’m already playing” he replied changing the subject that made me held the controls “But, don’t you like me?” he added still teasing me             “Shut up!” I yelled shutting him up while he just laughed himself there like crazy ahahahaha I can hear him… disgusting             “So hot-headed” he commented             “What’s your username?” I asked while I thought of a nice username… I can’t think of a nice one… I started typing ‘Elliot.gaming’ yet it says that the username is already taken, aww even usernames nowadays are already taken. I typed ‘xElliot.gamingx’, let’s see if it’s already taken. Oh it’s not, nice! Let’s make it better ‘xXElliot.GamingXx’.             “It’s Darxi in the house, but with underscores before and end, dots in each words instead of spaces, and Capitalize Each Word case… do you get it?” he answered me explaining his username, gosh, it’s so long and complicated I didn’t understand a thing, only his name ahahaha             “Yea, somehow, I do… but I will recognize you when we play though” I lied and tld him that I do ahahaha but it’s true that I’ll recognize him when we’re already playing             “What about yours?” he asked for mine, I didn’t answer immediately, I waited until it loads first before I tell him             “Eks eks Elliot dot gaming eks eks ahahahahaha” I answered him and laughed with my own idiocy. I think I just sounded weird by reading my username literally. It would be easier if I just read it than explaining it…  just like his, underscore Darxi dot in dot the dot house underscore ahahahaha see?             “Choose you hero, it says, who are you gonna choose?” he asked me, I saw different kind of heroes on the screen after putting my username             “Anyone… ahahaha but I like this one, the one called ‘The Authority’. It looks cool, how about you?” I answered as I picked the one on top, first on the list. It’s the first thing I saw, I usually choose those things I immediately saw without thinking ahahaha I can still make good use of them on the spot anyway.             “I like this one… ‘The Charisma’… you know, he has the charisma same as mine ahahaha” he said as he picked the hero on the third row… it says the charisma, but I don’t know why. Is that hero possess some kind of a social luck that whenever it interacts with other character they would eventually be comfortable with him? Or will like him?             “Yuck, you’re not charismatic” I disagreed with him. He’s not charismatic, his character is, and he really is not, he’s just thick faced ahahaha I heard him laughing. I don’t care “So choose your abilities, so we could proceed to the game” I added             “Wait, I’ll just design my character so make it more charismatic” he said that made me confuse… wait what? What does he mean by designing it? Where can I do that thing? Where’s that Icon?             “Where can I do that?” I asked as I failed to see where that is             “Right there, after you choose your hero” he answered shortly that me more confused. I didn’t see it. Wait…             “There is!?” I exclaimed. What the heck? Is that the screen that quickly disappeared when I clicked it so fast? Oh gosh! I thought it was just a confirming question so I skipped it ahahahaha             “Yes there is, right after you choose your hero, you can design it” he briefly explained “You didn’t see?”             “No… I pressed so fast, I must have clicked enter and weren’t able to see it” I said… he went silent for a while, maybe he’s still designing his hero. Suddenly, I heard static from my phone, and my hand got shocked. What was that? I accidentally dropped my phone on the floor… good thing it wasn’t so high.              I turned to the monitor as I noticed it turned black, huh? Is it part of the game? I just stared at it until a white smoke appeared spinning on the screen… so it is loading… oh shoot! I forgot about Darxi ahahahaha             “Hey” I said as I picked up my phone but no one answered…. “Hello?” what’s taking so long?             Suddenly my head felt light as if I’m getting dizzy. My vision is also getting blurred but I noticed that the screen is turning into something… something I don’t understand.             I felt my head spinning along with the white smoke on the screen… is it hypnotizing me? Gosh, maybe I’m so tired, I should have obeyed my mom, I should have gone to sleep a while ago ahahahaha but this is odd, I usually stay up late but I never feel dizzy nor anything. I was just fine.             After that, everything went black.
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