Chapter 11 : _Darxi.In.The.House_

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Chapter 11 : _Darxi.In.The.House_   -Darxi-            “Bye,” we said our goodbyes to each other as we went on our separate ways after we bought Lucy’s extras. I walked in the same direction as Lucy went. I don’t know but she must have lived the same direction as I am.             “Hey, thanks for this… I owe you one” I said thanking her again pertaining to the copies that we bought from her             “You’re welcome…” she responded as she smiled “You paid for that anyway. So it’s not that you really owe me” she answered me and chuckled a bit, well, she’s right though. I just responded to her smile as I happened to scratch my head and turned my attention towards the road. We walked silently for a while.             “We really wanted this game… so much. And it’s just so sad when we came to nothing ahahahaha” I initiated a conversation without looking at her with a playful yet sensitive tone. I was really sad yet happy at the moment             “So, I’m a savior then ahahahaha” she responded jokingly and laughed with me “Everything happens for a reason ahahahaha you know… so that you’ll have to buy mine” she continued riding with my joke             “Yea, that’s why I’m thankful ahahahaha you should have arrived earlier…” I said as I paused talking and suddenly laughed… I remembered something ahahaha her expression changed into a confused one yet she chose to laugh along with me             “Is there something that I should see? Or what? Why are you laughing that hard? Ahahahaha” she asked between her laughter convincing me to tell her what had happened             “Yes ahahaha he was so sad that he wasn’t able to buy that game… you should’ve seen his face ahahahaha” I answered her while laughing so hard ahahaha I could barely speak. She also broke out laughing with me. I remember Elliot’s face a while ago when he was murmuring when he missed his chance to buy the game. He looked so funny             “You looked weird laughing too ahahahaha” she suddenly spoke that made me stop laughing, I just looked at her straight, but I’m just playing with her, how dare she say that… I’m handsome ahahahaha             “Shut up,” I said as I chuckled lightly and continued walking             “Hey, my house is this way… bye,” she said as she raised her hand waving good bye… I see, so this is where she lives... I smiled and gave her a wave             “Ok bye… see you tomorrow” I waved back bidding farewell and continued walking my way to our house. Our house is just a walking distance from the mall. It’s quite far but it’s walkable though, so whenever I go to the mall, I’ll just walk my way home to save money from the tricycle fair.               When I came home, they just finished eating. I went to my room so that I can change clothes and then have my dinner. I placed my bag carefully below my desk and went to my closet to pick up some clothes. I remember B2A1 that I just bought a while ago… gosh, I’m just so excited that I kept on smiling. I went to my bag to get it. I put it here earlier.               Gosh! Thank God, I was able to have this ahahaha I would die with jealousy to those who had it… isang malaking sanaol talaga (one big hope all, indeed). But I won’t forget how Elliot reacted a while ago… he was about to cry, he really hated that guy, Victon.             “Hey come on down here…” I heard someone calling me from the outside of my room, that’s probably my mom calling me for dinner             “Later mom… I’ll just get there later” I responded while sitting down to turn on my Xbox. I’m not hungry yet, I ate at the mall a while ago… I’ll just come down later if I get hungry… right now, I’m gonna play this game.             “Aren’t you going to eat your dinner?” she asked             “No, I’m not hungry… just put it in the fridge mom, I’ll eat later when I’m hungry” I exclaimed back as I put on the game and waited for it to load… I suddenly heard my tummy growling. Oh, now I’m feeling hungry ahahaha             “Mom, I’m coming down!” I shouted as I stood up to get to the door             All of a sudden, my phone rang so I quickly went to my bed to see who called. My phone’s in there. I picked it up quickly and check who’s the one calling… it’s Elliot.             “Hey, what’s up?” I asked as I answered his call             “Nothing, I just wanna check if you’re already playing,” he said on the other line, I heard him chuckle a bit. I stood there for a while to talk to him             “Yea, I was about to play it now, but I have to eat first…. How about you?” I answered him as I turned my gaze to my turned on Xbox, and now the screen is on and is asking me for my username.             “Oh, I see… I’ll wait for you… you go eat first, call me if you’re playing already” he replied after knowing that I’m not yet playing             “Why?” I asked again             “Nothing, I just wanna know your username and your hero so that we could meet at the game ahahahaha” he answered as he laughed after.             “Ok, I’ll call you when I’m done eating” I said before he hanged the call. I tossed my phone back to my bed and quickly went outside so I could eat fast.               I went to my room fast after eating my dinner.             We had ginataang monggo for dinner, and my mom made it so delicious. Ginisang munggo is a Filipino savory mung bean soup. It is made with mung beans, garlic, tomatoes, onions, various vegetables, and patis (fish sauce). It is cooked with pork, tinapa (smoked fish), daing (dried fish), or other seafood and meat.             It is also commonly garnished with chicharon. The name means "sauteed mung bean", though the dish ends up being a soup. The name is in reference to the first step of the cooking process where the spices and the secondary ingredients are sauteed before water and the mung beans are added.             A variant of the dish includes coconut milk and is known as ginisang munggo sa gata. It should not be confused with ginataang munggo which is a dessert gruel made from glutinous rice and mung beans.             I searched that to include a few information ahahahaha but it really tastes so good together with rice.             I picked up my phone on my bed and dialed Elliot, not long after he answered             “Hey, you playing already?” he asked immediately the moment he answered, I put the loudspeaker on             “Hey babe, what’s up?” I asked jokingly preventing myself to laugh ahahahaha             “Ew dude, you’re disgusting!” he exclaimed on the other line. That’s the part when I laughed ahahahaha don’t get me wrong, I’m not gay. I’m just messing up with him ahahaha             “So, yea, I’m already playing” I said as I sat down in front of my xbox “But, don’t you like me?” I continued             “Shut up!” he yelled shutting me up while I just laughed myself here ahahahaha             “So hot-headed” I commented             “What’s your username?” he asked while I typed my username… ‘_Darxi.Playing.In.The.House_’ I typed… wait, it’s too long and corny ahahaha how about just _Darxi.In.The.House_, right? Ahahahaha I started retyping it             “It’s Darxi in the house, but with underscores before and end, dots in each words instead of spaces, and Capitalize Each Word case… do you get it?” I asked him after telling and explaining my username             “Yea, somehow, I do… but I will recognize you when we play though” he said ahahaha liar, he didn’t understand it… well anyway             “What about yours?” I asked for his             “Eks eks Elliot dot gaming eks eks ahahahahaha” he replied and laughed. Yea right, it would be easier if I just read it than explaining it… underscore Darxi dot in dot the dot house underscore ahahahaha I don’t know!             “Choose your hero, it says, who are you gonna choose?” I asked him             “Anyone… ahahaha but I like this one, the one called ‘The Authority’. It looks cool, how about you?” he answered as he picked the one on top, first on the list.             “I like this one… ‘The Charisma’… you know, he has the charisma same as mine ahahaha” I said as I picked the hero on the third row… I don’t know but it looked beautiful ahahaha             “Yuck, you’re not charismatic” he disagreed with me I just laughed ahahaha I don’t care “So choose your abilities, so we could proceed to the game” he added             “Wait, I’ll just design my character so make it more charismatic” I said and started choosing things for my hero             “Where can I do that?” he asked…             “Right there, after you choose your hero” I answered shortly             “There is!?” he exclaimed. What the heck? Ahahahaha             “Yes there is, right after you choose your hero, you can design it” I explained “You didn’t see?”             “No… I pressed so fast, I must have clicked enter and weren’t able to see it” he said… I continued designing my hero for a while and clicked enter. Suddenly I heard a thud on the other line….             “What happened?” I asked… “Hey” I repeated but he didn’t answer. What’s going on. I noticed my screen turned black for a while.             “Hey Elliot, where are you? What happened there?” I asked yet he’s still not answering… oh my gosh, I’m getting nervous… I have a bad feeling about this             “Hey answer me” I exclaimed but he’s not answering as if there’s no person on the other line             My attention was suddenly caught by a white smoke spinning on the screen as if it’s coming out from it. My visions suddenly blurred out, my head felt light while my shoulders are heavy. I felt like my head is spinning. The next thing I knew is that everything went black.
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