Chapter 10 : Miss.Scarlett

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Chapter 10 : Miss.Scarlett   -Scarlett-             Hi I’m Scarlett, I’m 15 years old and I’m currently a tenth grader. I’m in my room right now as I went straight home after school. I’m currently reading a book about existentialism… I don’t know but I’ve read so many books as this. I am very fond of books themed like this, I enjoy reading them so far.             I really like reading so much. Whenever I have nothing to do, I always open my book to keep me entertained. I always rely on books for anything ahahahaha I get a lot from it that helps me knowing things, especially at studying.             By the way, the book is entitled ‘The Trial’ by Franz Kafka. One of his best-known works, it tells the story of Josef K., a man arrested and prosecuted by a remote, inaccessible authority, with the nature of his crime revealed neither to him nor to the reader.             My mother allows me to buy books I want though, She said, it's fine that I'm getting addicted to books than smoking or illegal drugs... she has a point right? Books doesn't give you bad results, unless it's a bad-kind of book ahahaha at least it helps me a lot             I’ve read novels such as the 1942 novel entitled ‘The Stranger’ by French author Albert Camus. ‘Notes from Underground’, an 1864 novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky, and it is considered by many to be one of the first existentialist novels, that’s why I was so intrigued so much to read it.             Also I’ve read ‘The Rebel’, a 1951 book-length essay by Albert Camus. The 1944 existentialist French play by Jean-Paul Sartre, ‘No Exit’. Another one by Albert Camus, which is entitled ‘A Happy Death”. And ‘The Outsider’, a 1956 book by English writer Colin Wilson.             They were so old but they were so precious. I loved those novels so much. It teaches me so much to live my existence to the fullest, who knows something might happen to me similar to them ahahaha. I can’t find any books like this nowadays, most books of our time are most on make-up tutorials, how to make something like this or like that.             There were also novels about how their life was like back in the early 2000’s and I kinda like it. I wonder how they lived back then. And the most disgusting one, many novels nowadays are so R rated and the worst part is that the readers are only seventeen and below… I can’t find wholesome stories, it’s so hard, unless you look for old ones.             I don't like how author's make their stories nowadays. Though I'm not saying that they are the worst though. We just have different preferences. It just happened that I am fond of wholesome and sensible stories rather than those trendy nowadays.              “Hey come one down, dinner is served” my sister called me without knocking on my door, I didn’t lock anyway so she just freely enters. I put down my book and went down.             I have two siblings, my sister and my brother, I’m the youngest. I walked silently towards the dining table following my big sis. I found my mother and father already seated as well as my brother, they’re just waiting for me. I smiled at them and took my seat next to my brother.               After saying our graces, we peacefully eat our dinner while my sister talked about her day at work and my parents kept on entertaining her. They all just talked about current issues while my brother and I silently ate our food.             “How about you Scar? How’s your day?” my mom turned her attention to me asking me about my day. I looked up and faced her giving her a slight smile.             “It was great mom… I had fun” I answered “But it was so tiring… we had a lot of things we did…” I answered though we actually didn’t have ahahaha just some plain discussions and quizzes. But school is always fun… here in our country, it’s always fun ahahaha at least             “That’s nice” she replied and continued eating.             “Hey I brought this new video game that was just released this afternoon” my brother initiated that made everyone silent and pour him our attention             “Games again?” my dad repeated him and his tone didn’t seem nice. I looked at my brother who bowed down his head not wanting to get into argument with my parents. He just silenced himself and continued eating.                         After eating I quickly went to my room to continue reading and then eventually go to sleep. I walked slowly passing through doors, before I could get to mine, my brother called me to his room. I stopped and went there to see what he’s up too.             When I entered, I saw my sister inside busy with her phone. I just entered and closed the door and sat on his bed.             “What is it?” I asked and faced the both of them             “Nothing” he answered while getting something from his things. He walked near me and handed me something             “What’s this? B2A1?” I asked him reading the characters written on it… this is the game he was talking about back in the dining table “I mean what’s with this?” I repeated my question             “I’m giving it to you ahahaha” he said and laughed while doing something with his phone             “Seriously? Don’t you want it?” he asked looking at me intently             “No… I appreciate it… but how about you?” I asked pointing to him. In fact, I’m not into video games, but sometimes I play if I wanted to.             “I’m already in college, I can’t play anymore… you know, I’m too busy ahahaha” he said between his laughter             “Liar, you were just scolded by dad a while ago, that’s why you’re giving it to her ahahaha” my sister interrupted as she laughed hard ahahaha yea right ahahaha             “No! shut up! It’s not like that” he denied glaring at my sister “Really, I wanna give it to you, you’ll like it” he continued             “But you bought that for you” I said trying to convince him not to give it to me anymore             “No, I didn’t buy this, your sister did ahahaha” he said pointing to my sister “Aren’t you going to get it or what?” he added motioning his hand holding the copy of the game             “Thanks” I said and took it. I stood up and went to my own room with the video game that I’m holding. How am I gonna play with this anyway, I don’t have xbox nor play station ahahaha it’s in his room               I continued reading the book that I was reading a while ago. I just placed the video game on my desk. I looked at it for a while. I wanted to play it right now. I’m so curious what it’s like… I wanna know why people are going crazy over it. I wanna know why they anticipated this video game so much.             I put the book down again and picked up the copy and went outside my room. I walked straight towards my brother’s room, I’m just gonna borrow his play station.             “Hey bro” I said as I entered his room. He didn’t answer, he’s already sleeping. ‘I’ll tell you tomorrow’ I told myself as I looked for his play station anywhere. Where did he put it? “Where did you put your play station? Let me borrow” I said as I softly poked him to ask him, he won’t get angry anyway.             “There, in the box, under my desk” he said while his eyes closed. I immediately went to his desk and looked for that box. I quickly noticed a box in a corner so I grabbed it to see if it is… I opened it and noticed… wait a minute… what’s this? Wahahahaha what the heck? Why does he have this? Oh my gosh… he’s old enough anyway…             I put those protections back inside the box and put the box back to the corner. I looked for another box, I hope I get it right this time ahahaha. My hand stumbled with another box next to the one I just put back. I hope it’s the right box, it’s quite bigger, so this must be it.             I grabbed it and see if it is the one I’ve been looking for. Yes it is… it says here in the box ahahahaha. I still opened it to see if it really is, maybe it’s another… you know ahahahaha oh it really is his play station. I silently exited his room after getting his play station.             When I get to my room, I quickly connected it to my laptop and turned it on. I am so excited gosh ahahahaha             It showed the name of the game when it opened. I waited until it loaded and asked for a username I should use in the game… what should I use?... ok… Miss.Scarlett, that’s it ahahaha I’m not gonna think anymore             “Choose your hero” it said as the screen swiftly shifted into another and showed icons of heroes where I should choose. It shows a lot, and I have to choose from them. I randomly picked a hero and clicked ok. Wow, I missed dress up ahahahaha I got to design my own hero… so this is how I make it into a girl…             “Choose your ability” it said after I clicked enter for the hero. It eventually showed a list of the abilities that I have to choose. Hhmmm… I should choose the best ahahahaha I like this Alchemy… I should also have this Reality Warping… and… Potion Creation… then, lastly… I pick, Potion Creation ahahahaha             I quickly clicked enter to proceed to the game. The screen suddenly turned black… is that part of it? After a while, a white smoke little by little appeared as it spins around the whole screen. So it is part of it. Maybe it’s loading. Suddenly, I felt so dizzy… what’s happening…             Am I just sleepy because I stayed up late? I felt my body getting weak… I just looked at the screen with my eyes half closed. I supported my hand to keep me still while waiting for the game to load, I’ll just stay awake until the game loads, my drowsiness would disappear soon.             I just stared at the smoke spinning in front of me… it’s not helping. It’s like hypnotizing me, I am getting more dizzy and weak. My head felt so light it’s like I’ve got no weight on my shoulders. The next thing I knew, everything went black.
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