Chapter 9 : GodRaizen001

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Chapter 9 : GodRaizen001   -Raizen-             I gave him a glare as I put down my spoon that I was about to put in my mouth. I folded my arms and bowed down waiting for him to start.             “What?” I whispered as he also did what I did… what the heck? Ahahahaha             “You do it this time… I did it yesterday” he said smiling playfully. I didn’t argue anymore, I bowed down again and closed my eyes.               After thanking for the food, we started eating. I don’t want to argue with him, he’ll just sound like mom. I hate it. I started eating silently without bothering myself to talk or anything. He also thinks the same as he enjoyed his food and won’t even look at me. I don’t care ahahaha             Mom cooks so delicious, since she had to work at night, she always cooks before she leaves so that we don’t have to do it ourselves. None of us can do it actually ahahaha not even Reiven. I just enjoyed my meal until I finished eating. He also finished his and started cleaning the table.             I stood up and started walking so that I could get to our room in no time.             “Hey change your clothes and go to sleep…” he reminded me before I could go up             “Mom?” I mocked him and laughed, he really sounded like mom ahahaha I thought I won’t hear those words anymore since mom isn’t here, but I’m wrong, he really is her son.             “No, but do it… ew you smell already” he said as he wiped the table and walked towards the sink             “No… let’s change clothes together… and sleep together, bro” I said playfully as I looked at him. He just stared at me after I said that… aww… that’s my face…             “Bro… disgusting” he answered as he turned around and started washing the dishes, I just laughed and went upstairs to our room.             Though Reiven is always like that, he’s so sweet and kind, especially when it comes to me. He’s like, one or two minutes older. Mom said that we came out hugging ahahaha we never had a serious fight before, only those times when we get too far teasing each other. We’ll get along eventually.             We always have each other’s back, and I love him so much… it’s just that I’m fond of bullying him ahahaha not that bully that I hurt him though. Just making fun of him and cracking jokes… but still I love him, he always takes care of me, sometimes I find it cheesy but I always look for it.             Did I mention that we sleep together sometimes? Ahahahaha yea it’s true, I’m a scaredy cat, I am somehow afraid of the dark. So sometimes, whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I’ll run to his bed and sleep beside him ahahaha so gay right? But he’s my brother so shut the heck up ahahahaha             At least I have a nice older brother… yet we do boxing and wrestling sometimes too ahahahaha. But we seldomly fight, I avoid fighting him… he might stop fixing my things anymore.             Anyway, I’m Raizen… I grew up focusing on myself… I don’t know, I’m not so socialite… I am so fine with myself, I’m not an introvert either. I’m just the kind of person who likes to know myself more. I like to explore my whole world and my feelings. I am so conscious and aware about my life that I’m so into planning and managing myself.             It helps me a lot though. It helps me to continually reflect and evaluate myself every day, applying to both my personal and professional lives. This allows me to better regulate my own attitudes and thoughts. Basically, it's how I interact and communicate to myself in my own head.             I am so intuitive as a person, I make sure my self-awareness, and I tend to spend some of my time reflecting about things. I like to learn so much about self, I want to know my strength and weaknesses aside from what I know of, and those things that that I am capable of. I also tend to be philosophical in terms of thinking and considering things. I also am independent… sometimes though. I enjoy journaling, I write my daily progress and the things that I think I have to improve and the things I’m good at. Sometimes, I like working alone, and I also works well alone… but not most of the time.   Anyway, I opened the door and led myself inside our room. I quickly took off my polo as well as my inner shirt. I went to my closet and got some clothes for me to wear. I picked up a shirt and a shorts and swiftly put them on. I sat on my bed for a while waiting for Reiven to get here. I remember that game I just bought today. I hopped out of my bed and went to my desk were I put the bag where the game is on it. I opened the bag and got the game from it and went to my old friend. My xbox ahahahaha. I didn’t mind what Reiven told me a while ago, he’s not mom anyway. I immediately put on the cd tape the moment I opened it. “Put username” the first thing it said as it turned on. I quickly thought about the usual username I use whenever I play video games “GodRaizen001” I typed and clicked enter. It loaded for a while and then showed another screen showing different avatars “Choose your hero” it asked. I checked every hero from top to bottom to see which hero should I choose. Everyone looked cool and strong. I saw this interesting one. It said it’s a Self-power bestowal… it said self-power ahahaha am I not like that? I should pick it… that’s so me… After choosing my hero, it showed a screen where I could design my own hero… this is amazing, I get to design odd-fashioned avatars ahahahaha “Choose your ability” it said and shown a list of the said abilities that I am going to choose from. I read everything to choose a good ability… hmmm… which one…? Oh this one! Power Replication, this is nice… and Affinity too… then Powers via Object… oh! And Energy Strike will do… I pressed enter after choosing those four. I waited when the screen turned black. This is normal for some video games; I think ahahahaha it’s seems like it’s loading anyway. Suddenly the I felt dizzy, and it seems like there appeared a white smoke spinning around it. It looked like the screen is getting nearer but my vision is getting blurred… what’s going on? Am I sleepy? Then everything went black but I noticed the screen getting so near and a force pushed me into it. What was that…?   -Reiven-             After wiping the area to dry it, I hanged the rag in its place and wiped my hand. I left the kitchen after turning off the lights. I also turned off the lights in the living room and even in the terrace. I climbed the stairs up to go to sleep. Raizen’s silent…             Is he asleep already? Or he’s just not being noisy so that I couldn’t hear him. I opened the door and noticed him nowhere… strange… where is he? I noticed his opened xbox, the game’s already inside and it seems like he’s already playing… it looks like the game already started.             I waited here until he comes back. He probably went to the bathroom to take a piss ahahaha or wherever he went. Or maybe he’s playing a prank on me that he’ll just jump out in front of me to scare me. I looked around our room to check where he could be hiding, yet nothing seems to be moved.             I checked under our beds to see if he’s under… not either… so he’s probably somewhere out here. But he’s so good, I haven’t notice him wherever he went.               It’s been an hour, where could he be? Maybe he’s not just peeing… ahahaha you know excretion and then… just a quick play ahahaha just kidding but he’s really taking too long. I sat up and checked his game… what if I play since he’s still not here… let me try this ahahaha I went to it and touched it ahahaha he won’t see me anyway.             I logged out his account and checked if I can create another one. Nope, it can’t… one copy is one account. He’s right after all. He’s right about this game isn’t a multiplayer, and he’s right about me playing this game sometime ahahaha good thing he insisted.             I stood up and went to my bag to get the game. I remember putting it there a while ago. After getting it from my bag, I hopped back there and quickly put on the cd tape. He won’t complain anymore if it’s there already ahahaha I think he’ll be more happy to see me playing late at night.             “Put username” it asked after showing me the name of the game on the screen. Username huh? I typed ‘HeyIt’sme_Reiven’ ahahaha I can’t think of anything… I used to laugh at that, I once used that with my ** account and now I’m just laughing it off, like what the heck, no one cared if it’s me Reiven ahahaha             “Choose your hero” it said when I entered my username… ahahaha it accepted my username… nice. Oh an engineer! My eyes were speedily caught by a hero with a caption ‘The Engineer’ on it… it’s so nice to become an engineer even in a game… but this is a mythological game, what does an engineer doing here?             Is it gonna build a skyway in the game? Ahahaha I selected the hero and clicked proceed… oh wait, I got to design my own hero ahahaha dress up? Yes? I picked outfit for my own hero and some accessories that looked good on it. It looked nice… cool… and powerful ahahahaha I like it, so Engineer ahahaha             “Choose your ability” It said and shown a list of the abilities that I have to choose. It has four slots, meaning I have to choose four… hmm… what should I choose?             Raizen’s still not here… where did her go? And what’s taking him so long? I looked at the door to see if he entered. I went back to my own business as I noticed no sign of him.             Hmmm… Construction and Engineering… that’s it ahahaha quite an ability. Visual art manipulation too, and this one… Holographic Projection… and lastly… wait, I can’t decide yet. Animation! I like animation.             I Pressed enter when suddenly it turned black… I can feel the wind getting harsh. Inside our room? Oh no! is there something wrong? Reiven where are you?             “Rei!?” I screamed calling him hoping he would come out if he hears me. Oh my gosh, something’s not right… where is he? “Rei! Where are you!?” I repeated asking where he is… I stood up despite the strong wind and reached for the door to see if he’s down stairs.             Suddenly, something grabbed me from behind.             “Reiv---“ I got cut out to see it’s not him… oh gosh… who’s that? I noticed the screen spinning in white smoke… gosh, is this some kind of a supernatural thing? Gosh, I’m not a fan of horror!             I suddenly felt dizzy and the next thing I know, everything went black. 
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