Chapter 8 : HeyIt’sme_Reiven

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Chapter 8 : HeyIt’sme_Reiven   -Reiven-             “Hey bro… I’m buying this one, do you want one too?” he asked me as he handed me one of it. It’s the game that has been so popular today… it was just released a while ago and people are crazy over it… “Quick! Before it runs out” he exclaimed snapping his fingers in front of me             I don’t know why this game is so anticipated by people but I know it’s interesting. I’m not into that anyway. But I just find it cool when the developer merged our culture into that game. It’s so amazing.             “I don’t play bro, you go buy yourself” I told him as I went back looking at this crazy small devices in the game store. I wonder how they made such a wonderful invention as this. My brother likes to play video games so much. I don’t, I just go with him because whenever his xbox doesn’t work, I fix it. And I like fixing it.             His xbox isn’t the latest version actually. In fact, it came to a point where it didn’t work at all. I just fixed it, I kept repairing part it from other devices that really doesn’t work anymore and then… it works again. I watched it on YouTube ahahaha It was bought years ago, when we were still young, up until now, he can still use it.             I am Reiven, 16 years old, and that’s my twin brother, Raizen. We’re identical twins. He asked me to go with him to buy a copy of the game. We always go home together, so I had no choice but to go with him. Our mom would go crazy if I go home alone and my brother isn’t with me.             We’re in the same school and on the same class, plus our names sounded so alike, that’s why a lot of people get confused identifying which is which ahahahaha sometimes when I have low grades, I feel like it’s really not mine, our teacher just got confused and it’s really Raizen’s ahahahaha just kidding             I love my brother though. It's just that, I'm not that sweet one. I just show him that by fixing his toys ahahaha I'm not that kind of brother who always show him how I love him, but I'm not that brother who likes to wrestle with him though ahahahaha             And he's the same with me.             “I’m still buying one for you bro… you’ll like this… you can play it anytime if you like” he said as he showed me two copies. He was so desperate to have that since it was announced. He even rushed here so that he could get his own copy. He didn’t fail though, now he’s having not just one but two…             I have other classmates who also rushed here to get their copy… I don’t know, am I the only one who’s not interested? Ahahaha it’s been a trending topic in social media and everywhere, even in news. It seems like there is no Filipino who doesn’t know about it. And the price is kinda reasonable.             “Whatever… you’re just gonna waste your money, you know I’m not into that…” I said and placed the gaming device I was holding a while ago back to its place and followed my gaze to him. He went to the cashier to pay for the copies while I just followed him and stare at him while he does it.             I like fixing machines in our house so much. I don’t know, since I was a little, I am really fond of inventing things. I didn’t even ask my mom to buy me, I just wait until Raizen destroys his own toy, and then I’ll build my own out of it. I like construction and engineering so much.             I just watch it from the internet. I used to browse about how to do things like this or like that… and then I try applying it. I usually get happy when we have broken appliances so I could play with it ahahahaha Then I usually make other things from it. My mom doesn’t mind at all, after all this is what I want and I’m happy with it.             I’m not destroying our house anyway nor burning it down. I haven't caused so much damage though, so my mom just let me do what I like ahahahaha             When I grow up, I wanted to be an engineer, though I know it’s hard, but I still want to ahahahaha. Whenever there are things in the house that needs repair, my parents don’t call a repairman for it, they just call me. But when the work gets harder, of course I let the professionals do it.             I started to like doing things like that when I was very young, I used to observe men from their shops fixing vehicles and bigger machine, I also search in the internet for more information, and I also observe those men who come to our house to do the work before.             My favorite subjects are Math and Science, since that subjects are the most related to what I like. But what I like the most is Engineering... I could build anything by that. Since we don't have that subject yet in Junior High School, so I just rely on the internet for now.             “Let’s go” he said showing me a bag where the copies he bought were placed. I walked silently towards the exit of the store along with him “I still bought two of it… play with me next time…”             “Is that game available for two players?” I asked pertaining to the game he wanted me to play... that B2A1 - Ang Mundo ng Alamat             “No, I don’t think so… that’s I bought to of it… one for you and one for me” he said and smiled sarcastically… tsk.             “Give me that” I said and grabbed the bag             “You said you don’t want it” he insisted as he quickly avoid his hand from mine             “I wanna try… give it to me” I repeated and tried reaching it             “Ok ahahaha” he said and slammed the bag on my face lightly as he laughed with what he did… disgusting!             “Thanks, this is your payment for all those times I fixed you xbox ahahahaha” I said grabbing the copy from him. After giving it to me, I quickly put it inside my bag and walked towards the tricycle terminal.                           “Tell me when you’re playing that game, ok? Ahahahaha” he said as we arrived home and went straight to our room while I went to the kitchen to see what mom cooked for dinner ahahahaha I’m hungry already. I dropped my bag on the couch and walked my way towards the kitchen.             Before he ran upstairs, her removed his shoes first and also dropped his bag on the couch next to mine. Gosh, he's actually leaving it there ahahaha             “Are you playing that game so soon?” I asked him… he just laughed at me as he nodded and ran to our room. We actually share the same room.             “Let’s eat first” I told him before he could go up. I started preparing the table and the food we’re going to have this dinner             “I’ll just bring this to our room, I’ll come down” he said as he grabbed his bag and mine as well. He started walking while I continued preparing our dinner. This is my usual routine every time we get home. My mom isn’t here, she’s probably in her work already.             Our mom works night shift. Sometimes, we go home and she’s still here. But today, we went to the game store first before we went home, so she already left before we came. And that usually happens, so I took the part of preparing the food and washing the dishes every night. I know Raizen wouldn’t do it. That lazy asshole…             But he does some chores every morning though ahahahaha that doesn’t count.             Well, actually, my mom cook food before she leaves so I don’t have to cook for us. Gosh, I don’t know how to. All I know is to boil water ahahaha so my work isn’t so hard at all. I just have to clean the kitchen after eating, wash the dishes, and then go to sleep.             I placed the plate on the table, I didn’t put table cloth anymore, mom isn’t here anyway. We had eggplant omelet for today… we call it tortang talong. It is a Filipino omelet made by pan-frying grilled whole eggplants dipped in an egg mixture. It is a popular breakfast and lunch meal in the Philippines, yet I don’t know why mom made it for dinner ahahahaha             I don’t care it’s delicious though, if you put soy cause with diced tomatoes and calamansi on it, together with rice… it’s so delicious… plus my mom made it ahahahaha             “What’s for dinner?” I looked up and saw Raizen coming down from the stairs walking towards the dining table. He didn’t change his clothes yet.             “Eggplant omelet…” I answered shortly and sat on the chair next to me “Let’s eat” I invited him             “You made it?” he asked approaching the table             “No” I answered giving him a disbelieving look while I stare at him sitting down “Why didn’t you change clothes anyway? You already went to our room” I said before we started eating             “Yea ahahaha I forgot” he answered and started getting his food             “What took you so long?” I continued asking, he looked at me smiling             “What?” he asked back “I thought I wanted to start the game, I remember you telling to eat first… you sounded like mom” he said as he stopped with what he’s doing and looked at me without breaking his smile             “I don’t care” I said “I haven’t blessed that yet” I interrupted before he could ever put the food in his mouth. He just looked at me as his widen and slowly put down his spoon and folded his arms getting ready to say our graces before eating.
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