Chapter 7 : xEnzoCrasherx

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Chapter 7 : xEnzoCrasherx   -Enzo-             ~Mangangarap hanggang sa pagbalik, mangangarap pa rin kahit masakit~ I sang with all my heart as the notes started to go higher. My eyes closed as I felt the music going around my whole senses giving me the most comfortable feeling that I always have whenever I’m singing and playing my guitar /Dreaming until your return, still dreaming even if it hurts/             My voice was so clear inside my room as I sang loudly as my heart content. Who cares? No big deal, no one hears me anyway. Or if they do, they won’t complain anyway. It’s not that my voice is so destructive. That’s the only time that other people can hear me sing, whenever they can overhear me.             But if they ask me to sing, I won’t…             ~Baka sakaling makita kitang muli ~ I sang shaking my head slowly as I nailed the note with my voice ~Pagsikat ng araw, paglipas ng gabi~ The song is so soft and soothing, it’s so emotional and I can really feel it’s meaning /I might see you again/ /When the sun rises, until the night passes/             I can feel the emotion of the song as I kept singing it right from the start. I can feel the wind caressing my face sweetly along with my voice giving me a comfortable vibe that I have been wanting. I didn’t falter singing the song with all my heart as my eyes kept on closing that made me feel the essence of the song more.             ~Kung 'di pipilitin ang 'di pa para sa'kin~ I continued singing slowly while strumming my guitar. I made sure that I sang every note correct while adding some adlibs to make it my own version /If we’re not forcing something that isn’t yet for me/             My ears feasted with the soothing sound coming from the strums of my guitar. I felt like I’ve been peacefully swinging in a cradle and I’ve been relaxing myself here for a long time now. All my senses went too indulged with the music played by own voice.             ~Baka sakaling maibalik~ I opened my eyes as the notes went down and the part became easier to sing. I looked at my guitar while I continue strumming it /We might get it back/             ~Malaya ka na~ I sang the last phrase having the same emotion since a while ago and put my guitar aside as I stood up and went to my bed /You’re finally free/             I sat down silently as I stared at my blank wall thinking nothing. Gosh, I’m bored. I have no assignments, the lessons weren’t that difficult to remember either… I rose up and leaned my back on the headboard and took a deep breath… gosh! I’m so bored.             I’ve been singing since I got home, but I can’t sing the whole night until I fall asleep, right?             Anyway, I’m Enzo, I’m 16. I love singing so much… I just don’t have the confidence to showcase my passion to everyone. But I usually sing for my family and friends. I’m too shy to sing in front of everyone, especially to those people I don’t know of.             I love playing sorts of instruments. I know how to play the guitar, piano, violin, and flute, but my favorite instruments is my guitar. I always bring it when I can… but not in school, they’ll confiscate it. Just in vacations though, I don’t go out that usual.               I used to write my own songs, I usually write ballad songs. I think that my genre, they said my voice suits those kinds of song. I’m a fan of some western Idols and kpop Idols as well. I don’t care about the language difference, music is music. I just don’t like those songs that aren’t wholesome or those songs which lyrics sucks.             I’m into meaningful songs whether that be noisy or not, whether a slow one or no.             “Knock knock” I heard someone screamed from the other side of my door as he knocked on my door twice. I stood up and walked towards my door to open it             “Wait” I screamed back and reached my hand towards the knob and unlocked it. I slowly opened the door and met my older brother’s gaze “What?” I asked             “Dinner” he shortly answered and walked away from my door. I went outside my room and closed the door then followed him “Hey, I brought this new game a while ago… you might wanna try it” he spoke as we went down the stairs             “No thanks… I’m not into video games bro” I said rejecting his offer             “That’s sad… I bought one for you… I thought you’re gonna like it” he said as he faced me and smiled awkwardly             “Sorry, that’s so kind of you” I responded             “Ahahaha not at all, but I’m still gonna give it to you in case you change your mind” he said as he turned after climbing down the stairs and went straight to the dining table             “Yea sure” I said and followed towards the dining table and sat next to him “Why don’t you give it to Elmo here…? he likes gaming” I added as I saw my younger brother in front of me already settled on his chair             “Nahh… I already gave him a copy… I bought three actually, one for the three of us” he faced me and laughed after saying those words             “Oh… ok ahahaha” I said and reached my hand towards the rice             “What about me Earl, do you have something for me too?” my little sister, Edna, asked Earl excitedly             “Of course I have, why would I forget about you?” Earl answered her as he winked at her that made her giggle… she’s so adorable             My brother is already in college yet he’s working part time though my parents are still supporting him for his tuition fee. He said that he’ll have his part time job so that if he needs something, he won’t ask from my parents anymore. That’s why he has his savings.               After eating, I walked to the stairs to get to my room.             “Ey” Earl called me as he got something from a paper bag and handed it to me             “What’s this?” I asked and looked at it, I nodded as I recognized the cover, ‘B2A1- Ang Mundo ng Alamat’, this is the game that he’s been talking about “Thanks” I said motioning the copy upward and went on my way as he raised his eyebrows permitting me to go             People had been so crazy about this game. If I’m not mistaken, this was released earlier today. This game had been a hot topic on social media. It’s an anticipated one, I don’t know why. Even non-gamers are into it too, Earl is not into gaming too. But he still plays if he wanted too.             I didn’t care much about this. In fact, I didn’t mind at all, for me, it’d be nice if my idols would have their comeback and release another song. But this is kinda cool too. I’m still thankful that my brother thought about me though, he’s not always like that.             I walked straight to my room and placed the copy on my desk and hopped on my bed… imma sleep early tonight… I’ve got nothing to do anyway…               Gosh… I can’t sleep… why am I feeling this way? It’s like my mind floats in the air while emptiness swallows it whole. I'm deafened by the silence, is it something that I've done? I know that there are millions, I can't be the only one who's so disconnected. It's so different in my head. Can anybody tell me why? I'm lonely like a satellite?             Oh wait ahahaha that sounded like the song ‘Astronaut’ by simple plan ahahahaha I like that song so much… hear it guys…             How blue can I get, you could ask my heart, just like a jigsaw puzzle it's been torn all apart, a million words couldn't say just how I feel. Gosh that’s ‘Nobody Knows’ by Kevin Sharp… I also love that song so much. Why am I saying lyrics in my mind anyway? Ahahahaha              Gosh, I’m starting to look like an i***t here ahahahaha. I stood up and to get my guitar to play a song so that I could ease my boredom. Before I could get my guitar, my gaze somehow passed through my wall clock… it says 12:12 in the morning… wait what!? It’s already morning yet I haven’t been to sleep?             I still continued going to my desk anyway where I placed my guitar a while ago after playing it. My eyes suddenly stumbled upon the thing I placed here a while ago out of nowhere… it’s the game… hmmm…. Maybe it’s time for me to try you out.             I picked it up instead of picking up my guitar and walked towards my door. I opened it silently and quietly went outside so no one could hear me. I bet they’re all asleep by now. I took my steps towards the staircase and went down from it. I immediately ran towards our living room where my brother puts his play station.             I quickly put on the cd tape inside and waiting until it opens. Gosh, why am I feeling excited for this? After it turned on, I grabbed the console so that I can control it. I pressed enter quick to get on the game immediately.             “Put username” it asked as it showed an icon where I should put my name on it… hmmm. Lemme think of a nice in game name first… my brother has a lot of ideas about this. Since I’m gonna crash everyone and everything inside this game, let me use that word ahahaahha             “Enzocrasher, that sounds cool” I uttered and decided to proceed… wait let me design it first ahahaha “xEnzoCrasherx” I spoke literally pronouncing the ‘x’ sound… hmmm… nicer ahahahaha. I pressed enter until I felt contented with it.             “Choose your hero” it asked after asking my name… wait! Something caught my attention immediately. Let me check it first to see if I’m not mistaken. This hero is holding a flute, could he be a musician or what? I dragged the console towards it to check… am I right,  it’s a console right? Ahahahaha             No, it’s called controller… ps controller… I’m sorry, my mistake, I just read it from the box.             I’m right, it is a musician. It’s holding a flute. I should pick this one, no more discussion ahahahahaha. Wait what? I get to design him before I proceed? This is nice ahahaha it seems like a dress up game just like my little sister is playing. It’s just that I’m dressing up a more matured avatar while my sister is dressing up a doll.             I quickly pressed enter after choosing a nice outfit for my hero. I wonder why they still wanted us to choose the outfit when they already gave an initial design, are they wanting us to develop creativity through this?             “Choose your ability” it later asked as it shifted screen. Hmmm… it showed a list of so-called-abilities that relates to the hero I chose. What should I choose? Sound Manipulation… Musical Attacks… and… Musical Casting Spell… and Musical Combat. There! That should do it! I quickly pressed enter after choosing the abilities.             The screen went black for a while. I thought it was a black out. The room went dark because my only source of light was the screen yet it turned black. All of a sudden, there appeared white smoke spinning around it. It must be loading by now.             A few moments later, I felt my head weightless… the whole place seemed so cold and the winds blew harshly. My eyes are half closed yet I can clearly see that the whole living room is becoming a mess. I felt so dizzy and weak… and tired… what’s happening?             I felt my body floating along with the harsh wind and my head spinning weightlessly. My vision went blurred then everything went black.
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