Chapter 6 : AveryBrainiac.70

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Chapter 6 : AveryBrainiac.70   -Avery-             “Bro, you wanna try this? This is amazing!” my little brother exclaimed as he showed a copy of something… it’s a… if I’m not mistaken, it’s that popular game that has been released just earlier. How would I miss that news… a lot of people are going crazy about that?              The game doesn’t bother me anyway… in fact, I’m so fascinated at how the game developer managed to include Filipino beliefs in a game. I mean, it’s the game for this era, and whether I like to admit it or not, our culture and beliefs are slowly dying. And he’s done a great job of reviving it with the use of a catchy platform.             “I don’t like gaming Aiden, I’m not into that… so shut up, I’m studying” I patiently said without looking at him. I really don’t like people disturbing me for nonsense while I study. He already knows that I don’t enjoy playing video games, and he also knows that I don’t like distractions… that’s why I kept on telling my mom to have separate rooms with him.             He’s so noisy when he plays video games, and I can’t concentrate with my study. I kept on telling him to shut up yet he still keeps on yelling and complaining about how dumb his comrades are, where in fact he is dumb himself. The heck he blames all to his comrades.             By the way, I’m Avery, 16 years old and I’m on my tenth grade. I like studying so much, I prioritize my studying so much that’s why I don’t bother myself listening to my little brother who do nothing but to play… even at school. His teacher always confiscates his phone.             I’m always top on class, and I’m good at copying accents. I also am a multilingual, which means I can speak fluent English, Spanish, Filipino and some Filipino dialects which are Bisaya, Ilocano, and Waray. I am very fond of writing poems, stories, and essays.             Right now, I am doing an essay for a subject that I have to pass next meeting. But my little brother here is so noisy that keeps on distracting me making me out of focus. Screw him. I love reading books so much, especially ancient literatures which has native poems and verses that are made like, many years ago.             I really love reading about enchantments and spells that are said to be used and to be effective during those past times. They were all about love poems, thanksgiving, rituals, prayers, grievance, worship and so forth. Philippines is very rich in history. Its culture is amazing as well as our beliefs and traditions.             But as time goes by, it slowly dies… it’s like a few people only remembers Baybayin and Alibata… and so on and so forth. I agree that it was so amazing, I wanted to learn that. But as I have said earlier, everything is being forgotten and lost as we progressed.             “I bought two copies so that I can give it to you… you might want it…” Aiden said as he put a copy on my desk as he went to his bed and laid down getting ready to sleep              “Why do you think I want this piece of trash, huh?” I said without looking at that thing he put on my desk             “Because it’s about the Philippine Mythology… God knows how you’ve been obsessed with those things… if you wanna learn, you might as well wanna play… and experience it for yourself” he answered that made me pause for a while             “Really?” I asked again as I turned my gaze towards that thing he put on my desk for a while, examining what it is all about…. Hmmm… B2A1 – Ang Mundo ng Alamat… I like the name of the game... in all fairness             From the title itself, it really sounded so Filipino and so mythological… might as well wanna try it… he’s right… I mean, I praised this a while ago for merging our culture into something that will surely teach us about it, so why not, right? Nothing’s going missing if I’d try for at least once…             But wait until I finish this essay first. Screw you little brother, if weren’t for you, I could’ve done it immediately. I continued writing for a while until I finished doing my essay… this should do it. Besides, my teachers would still give me a nice grade even if I didn’t make it that nice the way I usually do. Because it’s my work…             I picked up the copy of the game and went outside our room to get to the xbox in our sala where my mom put it so she could see if my brother stays up late to play video games. She doesn’t want it to be in our room, because for sure, my little brother would just play the whole night.             She’s already asleep anyway, she won’t notice me. As if.             Before I opened the device, I placed the copy silently on the mini-table here and quickly yet silently went to the kitchen, specifically o the fridge to get some snacks. I grabbed some otap biscuits and a bottle of Vitamilk then eventually went back to the living room.             I placed my snack on the table where I put the copy of the game and grabbed it as I walked towards the device then pressed it on. I opened the otap biscuits and took a bite as the xbox loaded open for a while. I quickly put the cd tape inside as it finally opened and click start.             I took the bottle of vitamilk and bit the can lid to force it open. I took a sip after I spit the can lid and placed it on the table properly.             “Welcome to B2A1, the World of Myths” it says as the screen shown an image of a gloomy forest background, I pressed the ‘ready’ icon and went on the game immediately. I like the background image of the game, it’s so childish yet it’s realistic and it complements the theme.             You can really feel the dark and mysterious ambience or the game, it made me feel excited.             “Put username” it said after swiftly shifting images on the screen… username… is that the name that I’ll be using throughout the game?...             “Avery…” I whispered as I typed my name on it…. It doesn’t look good ahahahaha I first thought about putting my full name on it, but this is a game, not an exam ahahahaha             I remember my brother playing with his name as he logged in in a game… I remember it was like ‘AidenCutie’ or something related to it… I should make it like that ahahaha I suck at this             “AveryBraniac” I whispered again as I typed the username I have chosen… wait “AveryBraniac.70” that’ll do it ahaahaha why seventy, anyway? Gosh I don’t know, maybe because that’s the grade I don’t want to have ahahaha             “Choose a hero” it says after I entered the username I have chosen. Oh my gosh, this game is really so childish ahahahaha look, I even have to dress my own character, what a joke ahahahaha             Anyway, what should I choose? I really wanted to be a spell caster just like the shamans and the salamangkeros I read on books. I am very amazed at how they do things with just doing incantations. I wanted to do that… hmm… which hero is the nearest anyway… oh! A warlock!             I dragged the console towards the warlock and pressed ok to choose it. I designed my own outfit and the accessories that I wanted to put. Gosh, there are a lot of choices… I don’t know what to wear ahahahah cloaks really gives off a warlock vibe, yet a black one gives off a strong one.             After dressing my character up, I quickly entered it and moved to the next screen             “Choose your ability” It says and shows a list of abilities that I have to choose. There are four boxes shown on top, which mean there are four slots that I have to choose.             Spell casting… that’s first one… uhmmm… Spell Weaponry… that too, I could get use to that. And then… Spell creation, and white sorcery. That’ll do it. In fact, some abilities are actually the same, I don’t know their distinction at all, but they all sounded the same.             Enter. I pressed and suddenly the screen went black for a while that made the whole room go into darkness as the screen was my only source of light. Why did it black out anyway? Is it part of that? Suddenly a white smoke appeared spinning on the screen. So it is part of it… the white smoke produced a little light so I reach out to grab a biscuit as well as the milk.             I took a bite and a sip before I leaned forward to examine the image before me. Look at it… it’s so real, I mean it looks like a portal or something… I don’t know, but it is mesmerizing… it looked astonishing… I stared at it as the smoke continuously spinning as if it’s hypnotizing me.             A moment later, the whole room went cold and windy. What’s going on!? Are the midnight ghosts angry at me because I didn’t go to bed yet? Oh my gosh… what’s going on?             Everything went flying around me in a ludicrous motion as they kept spinning all around as if they’ve been sucked in to a wormhole… oh shoot! The wind led right into the screen… what’s going on!?             I can’t move my body, and something’s pulling me from my front. Something strong is pulling me to get into the screen… is it just an illusion, or the white smoke really is a portal in somewhere? I promise I would never stay up late at night again! I would ever sneak a biscuit and a milk anymore!             “Mom! Dad! Aiden! Help me!” I shouted as everything went out of control. The whole place seemed to be messed up as I tried fighting against the force that is pulling me towards the screen. I tired pulling myself away from it yet it’s so strong that I just looked like an i***t fighting to live but it seems to be of no use.             “Aiden! Mom! Help me! I promise I will never sneak out again! Help! Please!” I continued shouting as my body went weak and slowly I’m losing all my strength to resist the force that is driving me away. The whole living room is still going crazy and I have no idea what’s going on.             A few moments later, my eyes got tired and little by little closed itself. After that, the whole place went black.
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