Chapter 5 : YourWorstNightmare_LucYy

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Chapter 5 : YourWorstNightmare_LucYy   -Lucy-               “Bye” we bid each other farewell as we went on our separate ways after Darxi and his friend Elliot bought my extras. I walked the same direction as Darxi went. We walked silently for a few moments as we passed noisy people on the street. The place is still so busy even during at this time of the night.             “Hey thanks for this… I owe you one” Darxi initiated a conversation while we walk our way. I can clearly hear him thought the sound of people and vehicles are loud             “You’re welcome. You paid for that anyway. So it’s not that you really owe me” I answered him as I gave him a smile. He just responded to my smile as he scratched his head and faced the road             “We really wanted this game… so much. And it’s just so sad when we came to nothing ahahahaha” he said without looking at me with a playful yet sensitive tone. He looked at me shyly as he scratched his forehead.             “So, I’m a savior then ahahahaha” I responded and laughed with him “Everything happens for a reason ahahahaha you know… so that you’ll have to buy mine” I continued             “Yea, that’s why I’m thankful ahahahaha you should have arrived earlier…” he said as he paused talking and suddenly laughed… why? What’s wrong?             “Is there something that I should see? Or what? Why are you laughing that hard? Ahahahaha” I asked as I got infected by his contagious laughter ahahahahaha             “Yes ahahaha he was so sad that he wasn’t able to buy that game… you should’ve seen his face ahahahaha” he replied still laughing that hard. I just laughed with him, actually I don’t know why I’m laughing ahahaha I don’t know if it’s still about his story or his face when he laughs ahahaha             “You looked weird laughing too ahahahaha” I commented that make him stop laughing             “Shut up” he said and chuckled lightly and continued walking             “Hey, my house is this way… bye” I said raised my hand to wave him goodbye             “Ok bye… see you tomorrow” he responded and continued walking his own way               I continued walking passing a lot of buildings along the way. Our house is just a walking distance away from the mall that we went a while ago, so I didn’t bother to ride a tricycle or anything. I still have the bag with the game on my hand as I walked, I didn’t put it in my bag, it doesn’t fit anyway.            I’m so excited to play this, oh my gosh. I’ve been waiting for its release since it was announced. I wonder if this really is that nice. But we can’t really tell if it’s a nice game or what, games have different types, some enjoy certain games while others don’t…so I don’t know.             But still, I look forward playing this. I’ve played a lot of games, and I’ve those were so good and didn’t fail me somehow. I don’t know, but I feel so comfortable playing games. I learn a lot from it, like strategies, planning, getting prepared, and so forth.             I also play games when I’m sad or bored. It helps me get over my loneliness. Playing games isn’t bad at all, it’s made for entertainment purposes. It just became bad when people use it wrong and excessively. But in fact, it saves us from things, it depends upon the story of the person playing.             I can say I'm a gamer, though it's quite unique since I'm a girl. Nowadays, it's so unusual to find someone like me. Girls nowadays are into girly things, and if you're not into those... then you might not be a girl after all ahahahaha just kidding.             Most girls who also plays video game are just here to flirt with guys... I hate them! But me, I just wanted to play... that's all. That's what I usually do all the time.             I don’t get why people always speak prejudice against us, players, when they know nothing about us and the game. Let them speak and get themselves embarrassed with their own doings. It's like cutting their won nose to stain their faces.                I arrived at my house not so long after. I noticed our plants in front have been moved, specifically the potable ones, the vegetables… hmmm… I planted that. I quickly entered and went straight to my room. I dropped my bag on my bed as well as the bag where my game is. I went to my closet to get my clothes and to change eventually.             “Hey, get down here immediately and eat dinner with us” my mom knocked on my door reminding me             “Ok, mom… see you” I said as I quickly put on my clothes after removing my school uniform             I looked at the bag with the game in it that lay on my bed silently.             “I’ll deal with you later ahahaha” I said silently and chuckled a bit before I went out of my room               “How’s school?” my mom asked while we were eating. We had Kare-kare for tonight, gosh, my mom is my best chef ahahaha I love it. Kare-kare is a Philippine stew complemented with a thick savory peanut sauce. It is made from a variation base of stewed oxtail, pork hocks, calves feet, pig feet, beef stew meat, and occasionally offal or tripe.             Kare-kare can also be made with seafood or vegetables. Vegetables, which include eggplant, Chinese cabbage, or other greens, daikon, green beans, okra, and asparagus beans are added—usually equaling or exceeding the amount of meat. The stew is flavored with ground roasted peanuts or peanut butter, onions, and garlic.             It’s really delicious. She might have used the vegetables I planted in front of our house ahahahah maybe that's why it's been moved... it's ok, at least my plants aren't useless at all.             “The usual, but… It was great mom…” I answered smiling at her and continued eating             “How about you?” she asked my brother beside me… they kept talking until I finished eating… I didn’t even hear them anymore. I just ate a few so that I can play immediately ahahaha             “I’m done” I said as I reached my water and drank. I stood up carrying my plate to the sink and placed it there properly.             I quickly went to my room after washing my hands and drying it. I really am so excited ahahaha             Hmmm… B2A1 – Ang Mundo ng Alamat… I went to my play station and put it immediately… gosh I can’t wait…               “Put username…” It says before I enter… ok, the usual ahahaha YourWorstNightmare_LucYy             I like this so much, though I’m not a worst nightmare ahahaha it just sounds so cool. I always use that in every game I play. Well, it just suits me anyway, I always slay in every game, so it complements me, right? Ahahahaha just kidding, but it’s kinda true             “Choose hero…’ it said after I pressed enter for my username. Hmmm… what should I choose? I looked at every avatar shown on the screen while reading every description whenever I press them… Hey I like this one…             It’s called the naturalist… I don’t know, but I kinda like this. It says nature, aside from being a gamer, I also use my time planting kinds of plants in our home… the vegetables that my mom used for our food tonight, she got that from my mini-garden in front of our house ahahaha             I really like planting, and I have a green hand. Whenever I plant, they usually grow. My mom supported me, since we’re all getting benefits from it ahahaha I have that what we call 'green hand'. Which means, whenever I plant, they always grow. Or they're just sure to grow ahahahaha             Anyway, I wonder what kind of hero is this… wait! I get to dress it up ahahaha cool, so childish, yet cool.             After choosing and got contented with its outfit and its accessories, I pressed enter.             “Choose your ability” it said as it shifted into another icon. Hmmm… it showed a lot of choices yet all of them were all about being a naturalist… I don’t know… let’s start choosing.             Nature manipulation, Plant Magic, Weather Magic, and Animal Magic… that should do it… I think this suits my hero well… so let’s move one.             I pressed next after I’m done choosing the abilities, I wonder what kind of skills I can obtain throughout the game… I’m so excited. Then the game just let me plant the whole time ahahahahah please don’t. Anyway, the weapons too, and the equipment. I wonder what they are in the game.             Is it so Filipino? Or what?... hmmm…             “Are you sure about your hero?” the game asked me the last question before entering the game itself. Oh my gosh, what kind of question is that? Of course I am… I pressed yes and suddenly the screen went black… wait what!? Is that part of it?             It suddenly lighted up as white smoke appeared on the screen after a few seconds… that startled me ahahaha really, it just appeared out of nowhere… it really is startling. Maybe it’s loading already, let’s just wait.             What’s taking it so long? Gosh… I hate this game already… it’s so slow right from the beginning, what more throughout the game right?... haysss Wait, what’s that?             Oh I’m wrong, it’s so cool… whoever made this, he’s done a great job… the smoke kept on spinning, yet it looks so realistic… as if there’s a portal opening right in front of me… cool!             The smoke kept on spinning and it seems like it’s getting deep. I really looked like a portal. The winds suddenly blew hard inside my room… what? It’s blowing hard, but my windows are closed, even my door is locked. Oh gosh, what’s happening here!             This isn’t cool anymore! Oh no, what’s this? Something’s pushing me… what is that? I’m getting creeped out! The wind is getting harder as well as the force that is pushing me forward… towards the screen… is it really a portal? What’s going on here?             I noticed that my bag is already floating mid-air along with my blanket and other things… the curtains are also flying with the wind’s direction… A lot of books are spinning around mid-air as they got tossed by the strong winds.             The force kept pushing me forward until something from behind me hit my head… and then… suddenly went black…
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