Chapter 4 : I’mtheVic_100

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Chapter 4 : I’mtheVic_100   -Vic-             “Ok, dude see you later” one of my buddies, Clarck, said as he went outside the place where we’ve hanging together with another friend, James.             “Yea, take care” I responded as I raised my hand and waved a little without looking at him as he walked his way out. I just sat here with my friends doing nothing.             “Aren’t you going home too?” someone asked me as I took a deep breath and went on my phone. It’s Margareth. I just came here because I knew she would be here. I like her so much ahahaha             “Nope. Why? Do you want me to go home already?” I asked her with my flirtatious tone giving her my wink that I only intend for her. She smiled sweetly as she slapped my arm lightly             “No… I just… I just thought your mom’s looking for you already ahahaha” she answered shaking her head as she giggled and bitten her lip softly             “I’m staying here longer with you” I responded as I locked my gaze towards her licking my lower lip. The atmosphere here is getting heated up, and I know exactly where this is going             “Yuck, dude… what the hell, not in front of us” my friend, Adrien exclaimed stopping us with what we were about to do. Screw him! We’re almost there! I unwrapped my hand from Marga’s waist as we were about to do our thing. Thanks to this guy here, what a bother!             I turned to him with an irritated look as I groaned silently.             “What the heck dude?” I yelled at him the moment my gaze him. He just looked at me playfully as if he’s annoying me more. The heck with him! I heard Marga giggling behind me laughing the situation out.             “By the way, your mom texted me… she wants you to go home…” he said showing me his phone waving it to me             “Yea, I’ll go home later” I said and swiftly shifted my attention back to Marga who smiled at me as if convincing me to go home already. This sucks, I don’t want to go home yet.             “Like, now” he added “She wanted you to go home now” he continued. I groaned again for the second time but even louder than earlier as I abruptly looked at him again.             “Seriously!” my eyes almost met each other as I exclaimed that. Irritation was so evident with my tone.             “I think you better get home baby…” Marga said as she stood up grabbing my hand leading me somewhere             “But I don’t want to… I want to stay here much longer… don’t you want to be with me?” I said my pitiful tone as I pouted my lips following her             “Acting cute, huh? That won’t change your mom’s mind ahahahaha” she said as she picked up my bag and handed it over me             “Please let me stay here…please?” I said in a childish way without removing my pouty lips             “No boy… you gotta go… do you want to be grounded again?” she faced me and paused for while “Remember?” she continued as she smiled in a silly manner             “Ok… you win… Bye” I said as she dragged me towards the door “But why were you dragging me? Why do you want me to leave quick?” I said while walking out of the door. She just laughed herself out and walked back inside             I continued walking outside their gate and waited for a tricycle to pass. I stood there for a minute until one came along my way. I rode it immediately after he asked me my address.             I wonder what Marg--- oh shoot! Why is she so in a hurry to send me home!? What the heck! They are alone together at Adrien’s house right now! Oh my gosh, I should have taken her with me. Why didn’t I realize that sooner? Oh my gosh, what are they doing right now!?             I took my phone from my bag and quickly called her phone.             ~I’m sorry, the number you have dialed…~~ gosh, why isn’t she answering? I put down my phone and dialed her phone again. I tried calling her again and again. Why isn’t she answering? What are they doing?             I tried dialing Adrien’s phone after that. It’s ringing… It’s just ringing, he’s not even picking up. Gosh! What the heck is going on. Why aren’t they answering my calls?             I put my phone back in my bag as I gave up calling them. I don’t know what they’re currently doing but I don’t think they’ll answer me. Wait…             Who cares anyway? I just like her, but she’s not my girlfriend… as if… I just wanted to get in her pants… let them be, I don’t care… They can have all their time tonight, in the end she’ll come looking for me anyway. Besides, no one does it to her better than me ahahahaha             “We’re here” the driver said as we arrived in front of our house. I handed him my tricycle fair before I went down. I stopped thinking about Adrien and Marga for this time. The heck with that guy, can’t he find another girl?             “Where have you been!?” my mom exclaimed the moment I opened the door, she is sitting on the couch with my dad, watching tv dramas             “My friend’s house” I answered as I continued walking towards the stairs             “Do you know what time is it? Is that the right time for a student like you to get home!?” she yelled again at me as she stood up to face me that made me stopped from walking             “Mom, it’s quarter to eight… My dismissal was four and I said I went to my friend’s house” I answered calmly as I turned my face towards her             “Gosh, look at your son…! Talk to him” she breathed harshly as she turned to my dad who’s quietly watching the television show. My dad turned to my mom as she called him with an innocent look and smiled after             He turned to my direction without removing his smile and moved his eyebrows upwards.             “Hey son, what’s up?” he greeted me and smiled even wider. I heard my mom sighed harshly again and sat on the couch “What? You said talk to him” he said as he chuckled when he faced me             “Hey dad…” I said and continued walking towards the stairs leading to my room             “That’s why he never learns!” I heard my mom in a distance yelling at my dad obviously about me again             “What? He’s all grown up now… you know, teenagers nowadays?” I heard my dad said consoling my mom “Most kids usually hang with their friends… let him be, do you want your son end up having no friends at all?” he continued. I can clearly hear them from way up here.             It’s not that our house isn’t sound proof, but their voices are just so loud. And my room is just above where they are arguing, plus I left my door open. “As if, you didn’t experience staying late at your friend’s house” my dad added right after “Yea but that was a long time ago, and that doesn’t often happen. He does that every day” my mom answered with her annoyed tone while my dad just chuckled             “Don’t worry about him, he’s old enough to defend himself, he’s not a girl after all” my dad answered consoling my mom again as his voice just shifted into a calm and assured voice             “That’s it, he’s a boy and he can defend himself, I’m not worried about that. What I’m worried is that he’ll come home one day carrying his own baby!” my mom shouted back at my dad. WAHAHAHAHAHA funny… that made me stop from removing my school uniform and laughed for a while. As if mom… If you guys only knew ahahaha             Besides, I’m protected, I’ve done it before yet no one came chasing me for responsibilities ahahahahaha             “Just trust him” I heard my dad answering my mom while I went back removing my polo and my inner shirt.             “I trust him, but he’s going way over the line, and you’re spoiling him” my mom said back there… I just closed my door so that I won’t hear their arguments anymore. They always do that even in front of me. I can still hear their argument yet it’s so distant that it became silent and unclear.                         After I ate my dinner, I quickly ran back to my room so that I won’t encounter my mom. I ran as fast as I could and made sure she’s not around when I did that ahahahaha I’m so childish, but admit it, I’m not the only one who does that.             I locked my door and jumped towards my bed and laid down comfortably. I suddenly remembered the thing about Marga and Adrien, gosh, those two. I grabbed my bag where I put my phone to check on the both them. Where is it? As I was getting my phone… gosh this bag is a mess… I stumbled at something inside it.             “B2A1 – Ang Mundo ng Alamat” I read from the cover of the tape. Right, B2A1, this is from Adrien… I got this from a him a while ago. I tried playing on him, I took it and hid in my bag, I didn’t expect that I’d forget about it ahahaha who cares, he stole my girl anyway.             I hopped out of my bed and went to my xbox to check this game. It’s so popular this days, I don’t know why, I’m not a gamer. Might as well check it.             And yeah, I have xbox… it’s the latest version. That’s why my mom thinks that my dad is spoiling me because my dad gives me everything I wanted. I’m the only child, so that’s a common thing. If they can’t provide me that, then where does their big salary goes, right?             “Put username…” I whispered reading the text shown on screen… hmm… user name. I quickly typed ‘Victory’… I don’t know how to choose a nice username ahahahah I only know how to choose a nice hook up ahahahaa just kidding             “The username is already taken. Try another one” aww good for the username, it’s already taken, while I’m still single ahahahaha hmm… what should I put? ‘I’mtheVic’ that’ll do… wait ‘I’mtheVic_100’ that’s cooler ahahaha             “Choose your hero” the screen showed as I input my username in it. It showed different kinds of figures on the screen… this is nice ahahaha is it like, we’re going to dress up our heroes? Hmmm… I chose this hero who looked like a warrior, though he’s not wearing an armor.             Here in the Philippines, we have famous warrior heroes in comics like Panday, Machete, Pedro Penduko, and so forth who doesn’t wear armors. Maybe the developer of this game got inspirations from them.             I chose different accessories that I think would make my character look cool ahahahaha I think this makes him strong too anyway.             “Choose your ability” it says after I chose my hero… oh I still have to choose the ability. I think this game would be nice… I mean, I got to make my own hero… it’s just up to me to choose the best thing so that I can use it better.             I wonder what skills it contains after I choose its ability. Well, as for me, I’m into combat when it comes to playing games. I don’t enjoy games that doesn’t have combats, well, I’m really not into gaming ahahahaha I’m busy playing basketball.             I chose swordsmanship, Strong Combat, Defense Break and also Weapon Mastery… I don’t know ahahaha I just feel like I’m comfortable doing these things. Besides, this is just a game, it’s not an exam to have to answer it accurately. Might as well choose whatever you want.             Now this is nice… it really felt like me. I already like the part where I made my own hero. I wonder how this game is like throughout as a whole, I’m getting excited. I hope it won’t fail me.             Wait… can I see my skill chart? Or my equipment, if ever I have?             “Start Game” the screen shifted as it showed the icon asking me to start the game or to go back designing my hero again “Yes or No” it says, I chose yes so that I could proceed with the game immediately.             “Wait… what’s happening?” I suddenly asked as my screen suddenly turned gray after I clicked ‘yes’ “Is that part of it?” I added as I just stared at the screen. I literally gasped as the screen suddenly turned black as a white smoke swirled all around it. That’s weird…             I think this game is so childish… even the opening felt so. The white smoke continued spinning around the screen as if hypnotizing me, but it doesn’t… what’s taking it so long anyway?             Something’s weird happening to the screen… it looked like an art illusion… this really is a world of myths ahahahaha it seems like the spinning white smoke is a portal that lead to another world ahahaha funny             I reached my hand towards it to check. I don’t know, it looked weird, and funny, and amazing… I touched the screen to see----             “What’s that?” my smile suddenly disappeared as my hand sank into the screen… oh gosh, what’s going on? Am I having an illusion? Or perhaps I’m dreaming… What’s happening? This must be the alcohol that I’ve drunk earlier at Adrien’s house.             But no… I think it’s true. I looked at the screen intently as my hands sank deeper in the screen… what’s happening, it’s as if some force is pulling me into it.             “Argggghhhhhh!!!!” I screamed as I tried to pull my hand out of it yet it’s so strong… I stood up to get more strength but I think it’s the worst Idea that I’ve done… as I stood up, it became easier for the force to pull me into the screen             I kept on resisting the force that’s pulling me into it, yet it’s just so strong. What’s happening. Good thing I have enough strength in times like this.             “Mom! Dad! Help me!” I screamed calling my parents to help me get my arm back, or to wake me up if this is just a dream.             “Dad! Dad! Come in here” I shouted again even louder as I tried pulling my hand with all my strength. I’m getting tired and weak…             “Dad!” I screamed once more before my other hand loss its strength and out of nowhere… everything went black. I really am drunk.
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