Chapter 3 : The Game Release II

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CHAPTER 3 : The Game Release II   -Elliot-   We sat there silently for minutes thinking about how we missed our chance for some nonsense reasons... Ugh! I really hate him... you'll pay for this Vic! He's the reason why we never get to be here on time. He just messed things up.              "Don't blame him, Elliot ahahahaha let him be" Darxi replied calming after I uttered those words as he put his hand on my shoulder     "I really wish we could have that... Imagine all those people playing the game right now, they must be on c***k right now..." I said as I laid my back on the back rest of the bench that we're sitting on... we just sat here for a while and rested ourselves after knowing that we were late already "That's ok dude, I just said we could still have it in the next day... don't worry, it's sweetest when you've waited for it the longest time... more suspense, right? ahahahaha" Darxi said jokingly as he laughed himself out tapping my back lightly grasping the bright side of our situation right now. I wish I could be just like him ahahahaha     "Yea, I should think that way ahahaha..." I responded laughing as I agreed with him. We're just laughing ourselves when I noticed someone from a distance heading towards our direction leading me to take a look at that person all of a sudden   I quickly turned to the person without making it too suspicious. I raised my gaze towards her as if her presence just made me turn to her yet I paused as I somehow recognized her. I saw a familiar face walking towards our direction with a small echo bag on her left hand while her right hand is holding the strap of her bag. What made her more noticeable is, she's looking right into us. I just looked at her until she stopped to where we were sitting.      "Hi Darx..." she greeted brightly as I moved a bit when she suddenly sat between me and Darxi making herself comfortable. She greeted him casually leading me to think that they know each other or whatever.            "Hey Lucy, what's up?" he greeted her back as they gave each other a high five and chuckled a bit. I just looked at her face and then to her uniform which is the same uniform with the girl's uniform of our school, so she's probably our school mate. That's why she looked familiar...     "Nothing much... you?" she responded and asked him back as she laid her back on the back rest. If I were to think and give an impression, I would say she's somehow rude because she suddenly did that to sit in between us and so insensitive to just do that... I mean I'm here... hello? Even though she's close with Darxi but she's not close with me at all...  But I didn't think that much anyway, I just let her do whatever she wants. I don't care anyway. Besides I'm so not into talking with people I'm not comfortable with or people I don't really know... I don't know her so I don't give a care.     "Just wanted to buy that newly released game... but Elliot and I got a little late" Darxi answered that made the girl laugh and at the same time disappoint "Anyway, this is Elliot, my best friend..." he continued as he pointed me "Hi Elliot... how are you?" she greeted me nicely and lent over her hand for me to shake hands with her... I guess I'm wrong in the first place, she's not rude after all... I just had a wrong impression towards her.       "I'm fine... what's your name?" I answered as I gave her a faint smile and asked for her name while I tried finding words to say after... gosh, why does it have to be so hard for me to speak in front of others while Darxi can do it as much as he wants to...          "Lucy... I'm from the other section... next to your classroom... nice to meet you" she answered me still not putting her hand down as if waiting for me to take it... right, I remember. I raised my hand to shake her hand who's waiting for me and quickly snatched it after a few seconds... I'm really not used to it... into this kind of thing...        "Lucy's also a gamer..." Darxi included as he interrupted us making us turn to him. Lucy just smiled as he said that while I almost dropped my eyes... It's so unusual to meet girl gamers nowadays, they're so rare. Most of the girls nowadays are fond of makeup, skin cares, shoes, and dresses just like my sister. They're more of those girly stuff.             So that's why I had this weird feeling that she's something different. She had the sense of a boyish one, but she's still stylish like a girl though. Maybe it's just a mechanism of being a girl gamer. You can clearly see she's into skin cares like a normal girl would do.           "W-were you here because y-you were after that game too?" I asked awkwardly, cracking my voice that made her chuckle a bit... that was so embarrassing... I really hate acting like this... that's why I always keep myself from talking much.     "You're so silly... but yea ahahaha... I came here early so that I can buy it" she answered after laughing slightly as she motioned her head towards the bag she's holding "Wait... you said you weren't able to buy right?" she asked as she pulled out the echo bag she's been holding since she got here           "Yea" Darxi answered, nodding his head as his gaze followed to what Lucy was doing. Wait... If I'm not mistaken... That's the game!      "I have extras here... you might want to buy it from me" she said as she pulled three copies of that game. It says 'B2A1 - Ang Mundo ng Alamat" with a dark sensed cover showing a foggy forest which has the feel of a horrific one... it's so eerie just like those in horror images so my initial impression is that it's a dreadful game, yet the developer said it's not.   Maybe he just used the cover to complement the concept...          "Why do you have extra?" Darxi asked her looking at the copies she's holding at the moment        "Someone asked me if I could buy them because they couldn't make it... but it so happened that they already purchased online without informing me... screw those assholes, I thought I wasted money... but will you guys buy it for me?" she explained shortly and asked us to buy those as she highered the copies to us   "What do you think, Elliot?" Darxi asked me making me pull my gaze from what Lucy was holding and shift it towards him to confirm if he really wanted it        "Yea... It's not like she's a scam anyway..." I answered him nodding while sticking my lower lip out deciding to buy it already    "Hey... I'm not a scam" she snapped as she laughed a bit and handed each of us our copies "That's four hundred and fifty" she added telling us its cost and smiled a bit    "Ok" Darxi said as he pulled his bag getting his money and so I did the same. The price she gave us is still the same prize with what they sell on the game store out there, so she really is not a scam... she just wanted to get rid of the extra copies... she's the one being scammed ahahahaha        "Thanks guys" she thanked us as she got our payments and put it in her wallet as well as her copy in her bag. I also put my copy inside my bag the moment I received it... gosh! finally I got it!    "No... thank you..." Darxi said as he fixed his bag behind him "See, I told you we can still get a copy" he shifted his gaze towards me as he said that and made us all laugh a bit... Thank goodness... I can breathe easily already now that I have it already ahahaha       "So... let's go... my mom's probably looking for me" I said as I stood up and grabbed my bag then hung it on my shoulders inviting the two of them           "Yea we should go..."  Darxi responded as he also stood up to get home too             We went our separate ways after we bid each other good bye. I immediately went to the tricycle station to get home faster because I know my mom couldn't get me since she's at work. I still have money to pay for my fair though...               Even tricycles these days have improved a lot. It was an ordinary type of tricycle before, which has a motorcycle that has been welded into a cab. As time goes by it becomes an E-tric which means Electric tricycle where you don't need gasoline fuel to start it, you just have to charge the battery. And now it's even more improved... it became more handy.    I told the Manong Driver where I'm taking off and then he drove after his tricycle got full. (Manong is a term used to address an older guy in a polite way)  I entered the code on my phone that's connected to our gate to unlock it. Even our gate is improvised... I don't know who invented it, yet he did an amazing job on making it easy for us to lock and unlock our gates... guess what, it can also be installed in smartwatches, but I did it with my phone 'cause I don't have a smartwatch.
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