Chapter 63 : Sirena VIII (incomplete)

402 Words
-Reiven- We didn't get down to the lower deck to ring the bell, I don't know why. Elliot told us that we didn't have to do it. I left the cockpit and see what they were going to do. Avery told us that I can leave since we're just having a standby. I quickly walked towards them before they could ever ring the bell. I don't want to miss this out, I almost missed the part where we got to see the heart of the sea. Thank goodness I get to see it from where I am. But I still wished I could see it up close just like Raizen and the other four. They went down to drop the sea scales and turn it into a sea bell. Gosh, I don't want to miss the action. Elliot held out the bell and started ringing it. "Hey, is it working?... or is it not?" Darxi asked as we heard no sound at all. That's strange... the bell didn't have a sound. Elliot checked it out but the piece is inside it that makes the sound, it should be working. "Did we get the right bell? or did we miss something from what the mermaids told us? There must be something we missed" Enzo said commenting about it. Gosh, why is it not working... or maybe the bell doesn't have a sound at all, you know what I mean... a celestial sound ahahaha only the sea star hears it. Gosh, I don't want to sound crazy but, this is a game of fantasy things, so it must be it. Elliot kept on shaking the bell to ring it yet there really is no sound. Nothing's happening either. I didn't notice anything that changed, no sea star nor anything. The heart of the sea suddenly disappeared, the moonlight that hits it was suddenly covered by dark clouds making it not seen at all. What's happening? "What's wrong?" Avery asked as he looked around to check what's happening. The whole surrounding suddenly got so dark, I don't know of it's because it's nightand the bright moonlight was covered already, or it really got darker. We all looked around to see if we find something, specifically the sea star. "Hey look!" Vic exclaimed, we all looked at him as he was pointing at something. I looked at to where he is pointing, and oh my gosh...!

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