Chapter 62 : Sirena VII

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-Vic-             So that is the heart of the sea... It's so beautiful. I can't imagine myself seeing this. I have never seen anything like it before. It's so bright and magnificent. The sea is like glowing magically under the beautiful moon. It really is shaped like a heart. It feels so romantic. The moonlight is so fascinating too.             I can't describe the scene in words. It's just so dramatic to see, like it wore off all my worries about the world. It's so relaxing seeing it. I literally froze just by staring at it. I couldn't help but to keep my eyes on it. I love it so much, I didn't expect that the sea would look like this at night.             I turned to the person next to me, it's Elliot, which makes the situation more romantic. I am staring at the heart of the sea with him. The others are on the lower deck as they are going to drop the sea scales to get the sea bell. Reiven was left with us since he's driving the boat. Avery is also with him as he assists him upon doing it. Then the two of us here.             Well, it's actually just Darxi and Lucy's job, yet Scarlett and Enzo insisted to come with them as they wanted to see the heart up close. Us? we're contented seeing it up here, at least there's only the two of us. Raizen decided to come with them as he wanted to see it close too when he hear the the other two planned on doing it.             I just felt so happy staring at it. I know, I'm the only one feeling how romantic this is, not having the same feelings with Elliot. Ok, I like him, but... first of all, we're both men, so I doubt he'll like me too. Second, he obviously hated me... like so much, if only I could do something about it. But I don't know if I still have the courage to face him with all of those.             "It's beautiful isn't it" I initiated a conversation. I turned to him while his attention was so focused on it, he was also too fascinated to turn to me. I can see it in his face.             "Yes, it is... I love it so much. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera with me ahahahaha we could've taken pictures" he answered without looking at me             "H-huh?" the only thing that came out from my mouth as I heard what he said... w-we could've taken pictures? like together? gosh, how unfortunate it really is to be here but nothing to keep as a souvenir.             He didn't answer, he just stared at the heart of the sea just as he was so fascinated with it. He looked so into it, his expression is so pure and that made me like him more. It's just so weird, after a series of girlfriends, I ended up going crazy for him... yea him.             "Hey look, I actually found three, I kept the other one as a remembrance though I don't know if we could still have it if we get out of here" i said showing him the third sea scale that I found yet hid it in my pocket "You can have it" I added as I handed it to him             "Are you sure?" he asked as he finally turned to me. He's smile looked so real and excited, I know he liked it. I just nodded as a response "Gosh, thank you so much!" he added as he grabbed it from me.             The sea scale looked so beautiful, if I know we both wanted it, I should've gotten one more. It almost shaped as heart, and it's so colorful. It's size is a little smaller then my palm. I love how it looked like so I thought that I could keep one.             "Here..." he said as he gave me back the sea scale. I got confused as to why he's returning it to me, didn't he like it? or didn't he like it because I'm the one who gave it to him? Without questioning him, I took it from him... wait--- the sea scale is broken into half.             "I know you like it so much too, so might as well do it, at least both of us got to have. I wish we could bring it to real life ahahaha" he said as I stared at it. My lips automatically smile when I saw it, I just felt so happy. Not because I still got to have it but... because he thought of me... isn't it sweet.             But of course for him it's not. Probably he's just thinking the way he said it.             "Thank you..." I said as I looked up and faced him             "I'm not just remembering the scene, but also the moment... with you" he said as he went back looking at what's in front of him             "What do you mean?" I asked making him clarify what he just said. I don't want to get the wrong idea, I want to know what he meant before making myself believe that he's thinking the way I thought of it.             "I mean, I want to always remember how you were so different right now... like how you're so kind to me, not how you were so cruel to me, you know" he answered... ok, that's just it ahaha nothing more "Why?" he asked             "Nothing..." I answered. He looked at the heart of the sea once again as we both silenced ourselves. Without thinking straight, I suddenly kissed his cheek... oh my gosh! I got out of control! Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh! I saw how he trembled with what I did as he stepped a little away from me.             The smile on his face quickly disappeared and all there was left was a surprised reaction on his face. I feel like I shouldn't have done that, but I also feel like I'm so happy I did that. It's done already, I kissed him. Vic kissed Elliot... on his cheeks though.             He just took a deep breath and continued staring at the heart of the sea. I place the half of the sea scale back on my pocket then placed my hand on the railings. Just as I haven't expected it, my hand was accidentally placed on his. Promise, I didn't intend that. I felt the tension he suddenly felt, yet he didn't remove his hand. Woah...             I felt the current running through our hands as the butterflies went crazy in my belly...             What's happening to me...? I haven't felt this before. Just as the perfect timing, the mermaids went jumping over the heart of the sea. They were like dolphins flying over the spot. They're so beautiful to watch, I felt that this really is for us.              He finally took his hand as he fixed something in his hair and then looked at me. He then turned to the dolphins having their exhibition. He didn't look like he's disliking it, he was just smiling. I hope I'm not getting the wrong Idea.             I just continued watching the whole scene with my hand on his. He's not minding anyway, so I better take this chance so that I won't have any regrets. The mermaids looked very happy as they played around the heart of the sea.              The moonlight seems to favour this spot as it's light shines the brightest in this part. Maybe to showcase that it really is the very heart of the sea. I wonder how the others are doing. Especially those who are in charge of dropping the sea scales in it to get the sea bell.             I'm sure they're loving how much beauty the scene is giving them in that close. I wish I was with them, yet I love how I am here. I looked upon my hand on his, it was so still, none of us moved from it. Yet, our hands were just there, his hand then mine on it.             I'm not even holding it, just touching it. Gosh, I hate myself when I get whatever I want, I tend to be greedy and want more than it. I want to take his hand and intertwine it with mine, yet I don't know if he'd like it.             I'm just so happy right now, I don't care about anything. I don't know if I'm just dreaming or not, I hope I'm not, because I really can't believe that Elliot and I are having this very moment. I won't forget this no matter what.             "Gosh, it's so beautiful, I wish I could see it everyday..." he said as he kept staring at it. He then turned to me with the purest smile he had.             "Well, I'll just look at you and everything in this very moment would come back to me... the scenery, the person I am with, and the feelings present here right now" I said as I smiled back at him             "Feeling...?" he asked as his expression suddenly turned into confusion. His eyebrows wiggled though his lips are slightly smiling.             "The feeling of excitement, happiness, you know..." I answered him pointing at the direction of the heart of the sea as I quickly recovered my senses. Gosh, I almost got there ahahahaha. He then went back to his smile with what I said.             "Ok... I thought you're being weird ahahaha yea me too, I'd always remember this moment that I had with you..." he said snapping out of it... hmmm, being weird, so that's how he sees it now. Well, I am veing weird. "So does this mean you're not bullying me anymore?" he continued asking             "Oh... ahahaha" I said "I'm so sorry Elliot, I was such a jerk, I'm so sorry with everything that I have done to you... if I could do anything to make it all up to you" I said as I finally took my hand off of his and placed it on his shoulder             "No... no, it's ok... I don't mind it anymore, anyway... so you've got nothing to worry about, what's important is that you know your mistakes and you're sorry for it... we're good now" he said slowly shaking his head as his other hand held my hand on his shoulder.             "Gosh, thank you so much... You don't know how much this means to me..." I said as I can't believe what's going on. So he forgive me, we're ok now ahahaha I'm just so happy "Don't worry, if we get out of here, I'm going to bring you to wherever you want to go and buy you anything you want to buy, just so I can pay everything I took from you ahahahaha" I said assuring him that I really am so sorry             "No, you don't have to, this is already enough" he said as he took the other half of the sea scale from his pocket            "Still, I'm gonna take you somewhere to make it up to you... that isn't enough for me" I said still insisting             "You're taking me on a date? ahahahaha" he asked--- wait, what!?             "A date?" I asked as I was processing what he just said             "I was just joking ahahahaha" he said taking back what he just said             "You're joking?" I asked again as I didn't get his point, I'm still stuck with the date, what does he mean?              "What's wrong with you? ahahaha" he asked as he stared laughing loudly while looking at me playfully             "Well, I---"             "We're here... how do we use this sea b--- oh, what's going on?" someone interrupted me from saying what I wanted to say. It's Lucy holding the sea bell probably showing it to us. I looked at ourselves and noticed how close we are, my hand on his shoulder, as if... as if I was about to kiss him, no! no! I wish they're not having the wrong idea...!             I quickly stepped back letting go of him, or is it just me thinking about it? I'm sure they aren't thinking that way, Elliot obviously is laughing, or whatever! Gosh, I hate when I become like this, I get so dumb...             "Come here... let's ring it to summon that sea star so that it could lead us to where the mermaid is..." Elliot said as he extended his arm asking for the sea bell. Lucy gave it to him, he took a quick glance at me and gave me a smile before he turned to the heart of the sea to summon the sea star.
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