Chapter 61 : Sirena VI (incomplete)

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Chapter 61 : Sirena VI -Elliot-             Gosh, when they said that these sea eels are rare, they really mean it's rare. I thought they were just scaring us or something. I thought they were just saying it for some reason, when in fact it really is not. Just like the other games that I usually play where rare were just labeled as rare yet it was so easy to find, for like three to four minutes, we'd find it already.             Right now, the first eel we found was like, after thirty minutes in this game, probably fifteen to twenty minutes in real life.             The first eel we found was found be Raizen, yet after defeating it, it didn't give us a sea scale! Gosh, literally rare! Screw this game in this part, it literally screams that 'there is no easy way in life, we all need to plow for our harvest' or simply 'patience is a virtue'. No wonder why hunters are honoured as they are, hunting something isn't that easy at all.             Then after several more minutes, we started to find more eels, maybe they finally spawned since we were hunting for hours. All we see was just ordinary fishes which all looked delicious ahahahaha I started thinking what dish can I make with all these fishes.             But yea, sea eels were rare and sea scales are rarer. It doesn't automatically comes out from eels we find. Like me, out of all six eels I encountered and defeated, two of them really dropped sea scales. What the heck ahahahaha. It took us many hours to finally have eleven sea scales in total. It even consoled us with one extra sea scale ahahahaha.             But at least we met the number of sea scales needed for that sea bell. I wonder how Scarlett and Avery are doing now. Did they finally solved the riddle 'By the light of the night, the purest is the heart. Just within the reach of the sight, the sea falls apart…'.             Well, probably they already did. We were gone since this afternoon, it's already a few minutes then it would get dark. We were all currently going above water to get back to them. Gosh, this is sea diving in another level, I wish this would happen in real life, I hope someone could invent something that can help us breath underwater without time limit.             The whole scene was so amazing! I loved it, thank goodness we had a quest like this, I get to see what's under the sea... I get to feel how it feels in there without worrying about any danger.             "How many we got?" Vic asked as we all got our heads out of water. I can see the boat from here, just a few swim and we'd be there. I hope we weren't that late gathering the sea scales.             "We've got eleven in total... Four of us found two, while the other three found one each, so we have eleven" I answered him and briefly explained why we had eleven             Well, I found two, I think Enzo, Raizen, and Vic found two each while Darxi, Reiven, and Lucy found one.             "Let's go, the two must be waiting for us to come back by now" Lucy said inviting us all to get back to the boat. We all swam towards there as fast as we could. I didn't know I can swim ahahahaha.
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