Chapter 43 : Diwata II

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Chapter 43 : Diwata II   -Darxi-             “Ok, I will” the albularyo said waving his hand while he’s walking his way out of Dian’s house. We just looked at him as we go standing here. It was such a tiring experience to hunt witches, I never expected that I would experience it at least once in my life. I though it only happens in movies.             “Dinner’s served” we heard Dian uttering as he went to us. We turned around and saw him smiling in front of the door “Eat with us… you must have been too tired due to whole day’s challenge, a nice meal would help you” he added inviting us with them.             He brought the food outside and placed on the table. Though, it was just rice and some cooked vegetables, we still took a bite from it as we starve when he mentioned dinner. I have no idea why… The food tasted delicious though. I can feel I’m regaining my health and my strength back because of this meal. I love it.             *You received 38300 EXPs*             *You leveled up to Level 30*             *You leveled up to Level 31*             *You leveled up to Level 32*             *You received an item, Course scourge*             *You leveled up to Level 33*             *You leveled up to Level 34*             That was a lot of EXPs, no wonder… we fought a lot of witches, some of them were really strong. Good thing we made a great team that made us succeed. We made it quick and discreet that every witch was caught on surprise. I was having a lot of fun doing that quest ahahahaha   -Elliot-             *You received 37921 EXPs*             *You leveled up to Level 30*             *You received an item, Eyeglasses III*             *You leveled up to Level 31*             *You leveled up to Level 32*             *You leveled up to Level 33*             *You leveled up to Level 34*             *You received an item, Transparent note*             Dian offered us to have dinner with them. He said that we must be very tired since we did a lot of things during the day, and a nice meal would help us. I felt regain my strength once more. They also offered us to stay for the night in their place and that we could continue our journey tomorrow.             After having our rest for the whole night, we woke up to a nice and pleasant morning and left their house after we had our breakfast which they also let us have. We are currently walking towards the forest with my lead since I am the one holding the map. I am already fine now since the witches died already.             “How long does it take to the next village?” Darxi asked as we kept walking, we just entered the forest though so literally it wouldn’t take us there in an instant. As I can see here, the forest is quite large, and it would really take us such a long time since there are no vehicles here.             I think they only have kalesas, but it’s not that we could have one now. Kalesa is a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by horse, it was commonly used in the Philippines a long time ago. There are only a few places left that has kalesa, since in our modern world, we’re commonly using tricycle and jeepneys as our public transportation.             So back to the topic ahahahaha why is Darxi asking it now when obviously we just got into the forest.             “Of course, duhh… it’s not like we’d get there a few steps in this forest, dumb” Lucy answered him for me as if she’s trying to annoy him. I don’t know but these two are fond of teasing each other ahahahaha they really are friends.             “But are you sure you’re ok now?” Vic asked me again reassuring that I can handle myself already since the incident happened yesterday and he was so worried that my stomach still hurts. Well, he kept on asking me since yesterday though I always tell him that I’m fine.             “Gosh, didn’t I answer you already?” I said as I removed my gaze upon the map and turned to him “I said I’m fine, that pain just occurred because of the quest and we’ve completed it already…stop asking, you’re annoying me” I continued and then put my focus back to the map             “Ok, I’m sorry…. I’m just worried” he said silently as his voice sounded sad             “Thanks, but you don’t have to worry… you already saved me” I answered consoling him so that he won’t have to feel so down about what I have said. Gosh, what’s wrong with him? He’s like… acting weird. He’s acting like we’re so close when in fact, I hated him.             I just didn’t mind him and continued reading the map as we went on. I just heard the others talking to each other, yet I don’t know exactly what they are talking about since I am not listening and I was just so focused to the map. I didn’t bother myself to cut myself in since I was so busy with my job.             I don’t want to get out of focus as I don’t want to get lost here, the map is also very complicated to look at that’s why it needs such attention to understand it. We kept going like that for several minutes as we walked deeper into the woods to get to the next village.             I suddenly felt as if the ground is shaking. I also heard some trees falling down, and birds flying as if they’re being chased away by someone or something. Gosh, is this another creature that we have to deal along our way? But, it’s so weird to have them at this time of the day, we’re at noon… how come?             Usually monsters occur at night, right? It’s more scary at night.             The shaking of the ground is then followed by some harsh footsteps but not from humans. We stopped for a while as we confirmed that we’re not just hearing things, but it really is something. I looked at everyone and they all seem to be alarmed by what’s happening. I prepared myself as the sound got louder as if it’s coming our way.             “Prepare yourselves!” Vic shouted as wild animals went running fast towards our direction. There were too many of them and they’re heading this way, they’re also approaching very fast. I positioned myself so that if they would come here, I could save myself. The others also did the same thing I did.             “Wait!” before these wild animals could ever get to us we suddenly rose from the ground elevating ourselves so that these wild animals wouldn’t run over us. I looked at Lucy after shouting and elevating us up here “They’re not something we should defend ourselves upon as they were also just running for their lives” she added             “What do you mean?” Reiven asked. I looked down to observe these animals properly trying to read what’s happening to them. They’re just like those animals I see in televisions where they run when someone is trying to capture them or trying to destroy their home. Oh gosh, poor animals.             “Look how afraid they are” Lucy answered Reiven as she clarified herself so that we’d all understand what she’s saying. Which is obviously very clear, these animals wouldn’t be running if they are not afraid, it’s just that why are they afraid? The culprit must be so cold-hearted that he’s still victimizing these poor animals “Someone’s up to something but I don’t know who they are” she continued as she motioned her hand towards the trees that are falling down in an area nearby. So that’s what causing it to happen. Gosh, we should go there quick to see what’s the commotion all about             “Let me guess, illegal loggers?” Enzo said immediately as he saw what is happening. From the looks itself, you can easily tell. It’s as if someone is cutting down the trees being so inconsiderate. He’s cutting every tree on his way as if it’s his own property, it makes me feel annoyed             “We need to get there now to know what’s going on…” he added telling us all to get there and stop whoever is doing that. I wonder if this thing usually happens in our place. I mean, the trees and the animals, I wonder where they all went when everything in our world became buildings and houses.             I can barely see trees and plants, it’s like they went extinct. Only a few people left who has plants at least. So this is the scenario that happens in our world whenever some rich people wanted to do something to a place for his own benefit. Gosh, I didn’t know it until I saw it with my own eyes.             Lucy quickly put us down and then we ran to get to that area where the trees are being cut down. We were so quick to get there since it’s just nearby. We hid first behind a tree to observe what’s happening around. The trees were really cut off as if they’re just hazards along their way.             I can hear noises of men busy doing their work. So I see, humans are the number one enemy of mother nature ahahaha what the heck, now I feel more irritated. I could hear their voices from here yet I don’t understand what they are saying exactly. I rose up to look at them trying to recognize who they are.             Are they just some villagers or someone else.             Wait, I recognize their clothing, that’s what Lucio’s men are wearing we met them last time. So that’s it, no wonder why people are causing such terror to nature, is because they are under Lucio’s influence. We need to stop them right now, but they have their equipment with them, and we’re obviously outnumbered.             “What are we going to do?” Scarlett asked as she looked at all of us while hiding behind the tree. I looked at her trying to think of ways we can do to stop this. Yes, we have our powers but we can’t just go in there to attack without having at least a simple plan. We have powers but none of it can help us when we die.             “Ok… I will take care of their equipment… I need someone to cover me, who’ll do it?” Reiven said volunteering himself to handle those machines. Gosh, why are these people seem to be modern and why do they have these machines? I’ll just think that it’s because Lucio had the power of all power gems that makes them advanced.             So that I don’t have to make myself think about that absurd fact ahahahaha             “These guys are modern ahahaha” Vic commented as he laughed while preparing himself             “You read my mind ahahaha” I agreed with him as it is what I was just thinking             “Aww I wish I could” he said and looked at me with a smile on his face             “Well, I think Lucy would do the part of covering you, I know she’d do it better” Raizen answered his brother about his question a while ago 
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