Chapter 44 : Diwata III

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Chapter 44 : Diwata III   -Darxi-             I almost engaged myself upon attacking those animals as I thought that they were also going to attack us just like those weird ones last time. I pulled a gun from my pocket which made me prone to attacking since I could just shoot them though they’re still far away. Good thing Lucy stopped us before doing anything.             The next thing I knew is that I’m already up here in an elevated portion of the ground which she also made to save us from being ran over by those wild animals rampaging. As I noticed, these animals are afraid about something that they came running to save their lives, it just happened that we’re on their way.             I wonder what that thing that scared them. Initially I thought it was another creature that’s going to hurt them that’s why they were running away. But as Lucy put us higher, she showed us what’s going on from the other side of the forest causing these wild animals to be so afraid.             “Look how afraid they are” Lucy added pertaining to these poor creatures, I observed them as they gradually went gone disappearing into the woods “Someone’s up to something but I don’t know who they are” she added pointing at a direction where trees are successively falling down as if it was being cut down.             “Let me guess, illegal loggers?” Enzo said as he saw what’s happening “We need to get there now to know what’s going on…” he added then Lucy quickly put us down so we could run towards there and see what’s happening. We ran straight behind those trees that haven’t been cut down near the area             Oh no! I recognize those people… they must be Lucio’s men, that’s exactly the same clothes the other men we encountered last time was wearing. That must their uniform, I see. They also have their machines and equipment to cut those tree down, I wonder what they’re up to.              “What are we going to do?” Scarlett asked as she looked at all of us trying to remind us that we should act fast before they could do further damages. Yet, there are too many of them, they also have machines and equipment as I have said, so it would be hard to handle them.             “Ok… I will take care of their equipment… I need someone to cover me, who’ll do it?” Reiven said suggesting that he’d stop those machines from cutting down the trees while we stop the other men if ever they will come after him, if I’m not mistaken that’s his plan.             How come these people got these machines, anyway? Did they just time travelled to the future and got this equipment for clearing a forest or what? Ahahahaha but gosh, they are modern, I know there were no kinds of these things in this period of time. But whatever, this game is made in modern times so… never mind.             I’ve got some more important things to focus myself rather than thinking how they got it ahahaha             “These guys are modern ahahaha” Vic said just as I was thinking about it ahahaha so he voiced it out for me             “You read my mind ahahaha” Elliot laughed agreeing with him as if he was also thinking the same thing. So not only me noticed it, seems like everybody does. Really, it’s not usual to have this here ahahahaha             “Aww I wish I could” Vic suddenly changed his expression as he looked at Elliot             “Well, I think Lucy would do the part of covering you, I know she’d do it better” Raizen changed back the topic to Reiven’s question answering who would do it better             “Yea, I think so too, then the rest of us take care of these men. I and Darxi would have to handle those people on the left side behind those machines” Enzo said agreeing with Raizen and adding up to it “Vic and Elliot would go straight to the right side in front of the machines, Avery and Scarlett will handle those men beside the machine itself, ok?”             “Ok, copy that…” Avery said also agreeing with Enzo “I’ll cast a binding spell to keep those machines from moving, I’m sure Reiven can do something to destroy it. You Lucy would bring him up there as fast as you can” he added telling Reiven and Lucy what they have to do             “Wait, what about me?” Raizen suddenly spoke as I remembered he wasn’t mentioned at any task ahahahaha gosh he’s left out. We forgot about him.             “You handle those dudes over there” Enzo said pointing somewhere. We all looked at that direction and saw other men handling some woods that had cut off, and gosh, they’re armed.             “Oh, didn’t see them there” he said as he smiled and looked at those people             “I’m sure you can handle them” Enzo said then signaled all of us to start doing our plan. Enzo and I quickly went behind the machines they’re using where there are men walking after it. I noticed Lucy climbed a tree bringing Reiven with her, they are fast, is she a monkey? Ahahahaha             Oh no, I was wrong, it’s her power. She used the tree to bring them to the machines as fast as she could to get to the cockpit and stop it from working. As I got to the area where these men are standing, I started attacking them as they also started firing us with their guns.             Gosh, they really are modern, they have guns instead of swords ahahahaha. I started attacking with my curse scourge which I received at level thirty-two. I don’t even know how to use this ahahaha, I just do it as if it’s a lasso or something, whatever I’m causing them damages anyway. I think I’m even doing it fast.             I swayed my curse scourge towards my left as they came running towards me in that direction. It swept them down though they’re quite in a distance from me. I bet this scourge goes longer as I wave it ahahahaha I know this is meant to whip them, but I am not that violent to do that.             They still get affected by it anyway, after all it’s cursed ahahahaha just a contact by it, and they guarantee their death ahahaha I continued swaying my scourge to keep them away from me as they kept coming and their numbers just kept on getting larger, as if they just called for backup from Lucio ahahaha             “Gosh, they kept on coming, aren’t they dying?” Enzo asked as if he got exhausted fighting them. I felt tired too yet they seem like they’re not dying, I mean, I can see that they’re dying but it’s like they’re going back alive. Their number didn’t decrease at all, yet they kept increasing. What’s wrong?             “Guys, I’m done with the machines, how’s going down there?” we heard Reiven shouting from above saying he just got done with his task, I looked at him for a while and saw Lucy coming down from there and went to Avery and Scarlett’s direction.             “Not good… why aren’t they reduced? I mean, we kept on fighting but they just got doubled” I heard someone shouting from somewhere, yet I know it’s Elliot, he’s with Vic on the other side.             “Here either… what’s wrong?” Avery shouted after Elliot as his voice sounded so tired due to exhaustion from fighting, gosh did we just do the wrong move?             “Same here!” Enzo shouted answering them, as he said that, Reiven suddenly appeared in front of us helping us to keep these men away from us. We kept fighting them yet they really are not getting defeated instead they kept getting many and it looks like we’ll lose this time.             I noticed how my health became so low so I picked up a healing potion from my pocket and quickly drank it to restore my health and be able to fight. We might have a chance to win this. I opened fire towards these men trying to keep them away from us. I can clearly see how they drop dead to the ground and disappear.             But they still keep on coming. Enzo and Reiven also drank some healing potions to regain their strength and fight alongside with me. Enzo used some of his musical weapons yet I don’t know what it’s called, it’s a gun and a sword yet every time he strikes his sword or he shoots his gun, a music would come out of it.             It just sounds so good as if it’s boosting me both mental and physical that gives me the hope that this won’t be our end. The music sounded so classical, it’s just that it stops whenever he also stops using it. So it would really sound amazing if he does it continuously. That made him fought magnificently and gracefully.             You know those glorious fight scenes in movies where instead of using intense sound effects, they use classical music as the background sound which made it unusual yet so wonderful to watch. It really gives us hope that we’re going to win this whenever he shoots those men and s***h them with his sword.             The music that comes out of it is so natural and I love it. It seems like Reiven also felt the same thing I felt listening to the music. It’s so intense yet classical sound. I guess this is their war songs during past times ahahahaha but isn’t it great listening to it? no wonder why classical songs are the best.             I don’t know but it just makes people feel at ease yet alive.             Reiven started to do something with the machine. I don’t know what is it but it seems like he got control of it. He started using it to defeat some of those men while he also helped by painting his own army to help us with our fight. I can see how our enemies get defeated but it’s no use. They keep on coming after us.             We suddenly heard a loud noise from the trees, we turned to it and saw how these men destroyed the machines until it stopped working. I looked around and saw how Reiven’s armies got defeated by these men, he continued to create yet it’s just giving us more time to live but not really defeating our enemy.             I still fought them keeping them away from us. I felt how become weak I am so I hid behind Reiven’s armies and picked up a healing potion from my pocket and drank it. I quickly regained my health and went back to action. I continued waving my hand with my curse scourge stopping them from coming to us.             But it seems like they trapped us already. I turned around and saw they others behind us. They’re already circling around us keeping us in one spot, only Raizen isn’t here. I wonder how he’s doing. We saw each other reunited in this spot but it’s not a nice reunion at all. 
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