Chapter 45 : Diwata IV

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Chapter 45 : Diwata IV   -Vic-             As we fought these men, I thought that as usual we’ll win this. Just like the usual fight that we encountered last time. I think it’s just my head that got bigger thinking that no one can beat me, but I was wrong. I thought that it would be just as easy as it is. But sometimes, we needed to lose.             I thought it was the same as the time we drove these men again. But they got stronger, obviously because they got more people with them and now their technology just got upgraded. I wonder how they got this. Though it’s not as advanced as the ones we have in our time.             But it was advanced for this time either. We fought thousands of insects of an abnormal size before. We also defeated a community of monsters so I was confident that we’d get through this. Yet I was wrong, I admit it ahahahaha. Now I don’t know how to handle it anymore.             Especially now that I am with Elliot, I don’t wanna fail in front of him. I want to be strong so that I could defend him from this. But I started to doubt as they kept coming to us and it seems like their numbers aren’t being deducted. They kept on doubling as if they’re Lucio’s whole army and we’re just nine little kids.             But isn’t this amazing? Like, if these guys would capture us, they would bring us to their master, could this be the end of the game? I wonder, I hope nothing wrong would happen to us. I kept on fighting these men to keep them away from us. I kept using different swords to see what could help me a lot.             All of my swords are a great help, they are amazing. I could knock at least three of them in just one hit but they’re just too many whereas there’s only two of us here. Elliot keep posting some notes on them after writing something to it. after a few seconds a group of them would explode.             That was a great help of keeping them away from us but they still keep on coming as if there’s an infinite number of them. Is this a glitch of something or what? I’m getting to tired and I kept on drinking healing potions whenever I feel that my health is going so low, but my supplies aren’t enough to sustain me.             But this isn’t helping, I feel like I’m just wasting my potions for this. I noticed that the machines behind us are moving, I took a quick glance as it to make sure that I’m not hallucinating. But it seems like Elliot noticed it too, so he also looked at it same time as I did.             Though we turned to it, our focus was still on these bunch of men attacking us endlessly. But I was able to defeat many of them in a second. Am I weak? Or there’s just to many of them? I can’t be weak, I’ve taken down so many of them, it’s just that I really have gotten weak due to exhaustion.             I thought that those machines were still controlled by our enemies, but as soon as it attacked them as if it was helping us, I started to think what happened. I looked around and saw Reiven looking at those machines with the smile on his face, yea it’s him. I remember, he’s got engineering and construction.             After that, he created his own army through painting that also helped them fighting. Just by looking at what he made, I thought that we’d get over this, and we’d probably win this. I had hope that soon after these men would just disappear. Plus, Enzo’s weapons seem to emit such music that makes us more alive.              I continued waving my sword around keeping these men away from Elliot and I. I have been doing this for a long time now and they should be dead by now, but no. I can even feel my arms feeling so tired. I just continue to shove my hand wherever direction it goes through, as long as it hits them.             Elliot just kept on doing what he was doing a while ago, the one with the notes that explodes. Though he started to limit his use because I think he’s running out of it. He started using his gun to shoot these men, and he’s very good at aiming them in their forehead. He looked like someone from a movie who’s shooting these zombies ahahaha.             He’s so cool. As much as we tried to keep them away, they still keep on coming to us that made us squeezed in one spot, I could clearly see the others. I looked around and saw how those machines were destroyed by them as if it was just nothing. Their forces are so strong making us step back meeting each other in the middle.             It looks like this will going to be our end. I stopped slashing them with my sword and just let them do whatever they wanted to do. The others did also the same thing as if they’re already giving up just like me. Gosh, I don’t wanna look weak but there’s nothing I can do with this.             As they all got closer and was about to hit us, someone suddenly appeared right in front of us. I don’t recognize her at all. She’s a girl I think as she had a very long smooth and silky wavy hair, and she’s wearing a white dress, that’s why I thought she’s a girl. She was facing opposite from us so I don’t see her face.             The moment she appeared in front of us, these men were whipped out by a force and were thrown away then dropped on the ground. She started to fight against them keeping them away from us. She’s so fast and strong that those men didn’t even stand a chance on her despite their large number.             She’s just taking them all easily compared to all eight of us who almost got caught because we can’t defeat all of them at all. There were eight of us here fighting together yet we were about to lose, now she’s all alone leaving us here watching her, but it seems like it’s just a piece of cake for her.             And oh my gosh, speaking of eight, there’s nine of us… where is Raizen? I looked around as soon as I remembered him fighting alone far from us. I remember Enzo telling him to take on those few men in a corner who seemed to be having their break.             There were just few of them, I wonder if he successfully took over them of just like us, his opponents just got doubled and doubled trapping him leaving him helpless there.             “Where’s Raizen?” I asked them as I failed to see him, I still felt a little worry for him though we’re not that close. I mean, he’s my comrade now and I don’t want any of my comrades be harmed. We all looked at each other as they started to remember him. We all looked for him while this lady is fighting these men for us.             We went to where Raizen’s direction and started to look for him. Gosh, we couldn’t find him! This is another problem. We looked for him everywhere, those men he was attacking isn’t here anymore as they were busy being scrubbed in the dust by the lady who came to our rescue.             “Are they gone?” we suddenly heard his voice somewhere yet we don’t see him, we continued to look everywhere but there’s no sign of him. Even Reiven doesn’t have any idea where his brother is. Though we can feel his presence around. What happened to him?             “Yes, they are… where are you?” Reiven answered then asked him where he is now             “Gosh… I’m here” he sighed in relief as the large stone in front of us suddenly turned it Raizen. I literally hoped as I witnessed that happen. The rock just turned into him? How did he do that? I mean… gosh, I’m speechless         “The rock is Raizen?” Scarlett slowly asked breaking the silence probably due to shock. There is an intense between one lady versus hundreds of men over there, yet here we are dumbfounded with what just appeared to us. It’s just so weird to see yet so amazing as to how that happened             “Yea, I am the rock” he answered as he smiled slowly and started to laugh at us “Gosh, what the heck is that face? Ahahahaha” he said as he looked at us one by one “That’s called power randomization” he finally said answering the questions in our mind right now “I turned into one when I felt like I can’t defeat them” he added             “What? I learned it at level 22, I can’t tell what it can do, I just used to it to hide me from those guys…” he added snapping out “That’s why it’s called randomization… that’s skill you will use in times you need you power yet you don’t know what to do ahahahaha” he said as he cracked a joke and laughed alone             “Gosh, whatever, just tell me what’s going on” he stopped as he realized he looked silly and felt awkward             “Someone just came… and I think I know who she is…” Avery answered as he took a quick glance over the fight scene where the lady kept fighting against those men “Maybe she’s the diwata guarding this forest, she must be so angry with what those men did to her forest, that’s why she came” he added             “Oh… so that’s why those men keep on coming is because they’re waiting for her…” Enzo said while nodding his head “So… part of the story line…” he continued as if realizing it all. The noise from the fight scene suddenly stopped as if implying that it’s already done. I looked over it and confirmed that it really does.             Though she did not kill those men, instead they were running into the trees away from her as if they were so scared.             “They’re leaving…let’s go after them…” Raizen said as he attempted to chase those men yet Avery prevented him             “Don’t mind, it’s as if they can leave this forest though…” Avery said keeping Raizen from going “Usually for Diwata, they’d curse the trespasser who cause harm to her forest to be lost for eternity not being able to get out” he added explaining to us that these men would just die in this forest.             The diwata, which is the lady who appeared to help us, turned her head towards our direction finally showing us her face. She smiled gracefully showing her gentle face. She’s so beautiful, it radiates from her face as if she’s got the brightest face of all. No doubt, she really is a diwata.             She walked towards us without removing her smile on her face.             “Thank you so much for saving my forest… that’s so brave of you” she said gently thanking us for what we’ve done when in fact she’s the one who did it ahahaha “Come with me…” she added motioning her hand towards her. We all walked towards her then a very bright light appeared covering everything from our sight.             As the light subsided, we were transported in an area where there were not much trees around. It’s so wonderful, it’s so clean and green, the animals are happily playing around, while the air is so fresh and cool. I love how it feels here, I could stay here forever… with Elliot. 
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