Chapter 46 : Diwata V

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Chapter 46 : Diwata V -Reiven- I see… so now this is what Diwata really looks like. I only read her from children’s story books. I didn’t know I could meet one today. They really look so beautiful, her hair looks so soft and silky. She has a brown skin and her facial features were really of a Filipina beauty, yet more ethereal look. The most famous diwata stories that I know are ‘Maria Makiling, the guardian of Mount Makiling located in the Laguna province’, ‘Maria Sinukuan, the guardian of Mount Arayat located in the Pampanga province’, ‘Maria Cacao, the guardian of Mount Lantoy located in Argao, Cebu’. We tackled them in our Filipino subject. She must be the guardian of this forest that’s why she came to our rescue when we needed her help. I thought I’m going to die back there, those mean really got doubled, I even had to come down yet we’re still outnumbered. Thank Goodness she just came right in time and saved us. Now, I owe her one ahahaha She brought us somewhere, I don’t know where it is, but it’s so wonderful to be here. I can feel how fresh the air is, the environment is so green, and the ambience that this place is giving me is just so comforting. I love it here. It’s so deep in the forest, I think she lives here that’s why she brought us with her. Even the wild boars aren’t so wild. It was so gentle with the other smaller animals. Some deers are eating in the meadow as if they were not afraid of us. It’s the mouse deer that we have here in our country though, we don’t have those deers just like those that Santa had. But these are so cute. “Thank you so much for defending this forest” the diwata said as she faced us and thanked us pertaining to what we just did. Though I doubt if we really saved the forest ahahaha she did it all actually. Or we helped, yea but a we did a little. We just distracted those men to give her more time. She actually saved her forest and us too. She managed to drive all those men away, I wonder what happened to them. Diwata do not kill those people who does wrong with their forest though, they would just curse those people to be lost in her forest forever and can never get out. If you go to any mountain in the Philippines, you tour guide would tell you not to do anything wrong, like littering and destroying something from it. Mostly, those people who live in provinces are more superstitious so they do a lot of traditional practices as it shows respect to some creatures that is believed to live there. So I bet those men would just go around in circles in this forest, they’d just be stuck here forever. There are a lot of them, and I don’t think that one of them successfully got out of the forest as that are was so deep and it would take time to get out. Serves them right, they don’t know who they’re messing with. “It’s ok, I’m sure if anyone found out what they’re doing aside from us, they’d also do the same” Darxi said responding to what the Diwata said. I didn’t care what they were talking about, I just looked around admiring how beautiful this place is. It looked like a paradise, no wonder why. A diwata is living here. “But that happened to be you. Still, your act of bravery means a lot to me and my forest, I hope there will be more of people like you who’s willing to defend the forest despite the risks of costing your own lives. After all, this trees gives you what you need, so I don’t get why humans tend to destroy it” she answered Darxi saying that it’s a big deal “You’re welcome then…” Elliot said as he smiled at the Diwata responding to her expression of gratitude “Please accept this” she said motioning her hands over us as if she’s giving us something *You received x5000 golds* *You received x5000 silvers* *You received x5000 coppers* *You received x300 crystals* *You received x90 diamonds* *You received x80 Jades* *You received x80 Rubies* *You received x90 Moonstones* *You received x80 Pearls* *You received x90 Amethysts* *You received x80 Ambers* Wow this is another bulk items ahahahaha I’ve had so many of this in my pocket yet I never used them. Except for the currency of course. I bought so many things, it’s just that I wasn’t able to use it since I have to put it in the mount where the nuno who cursed Reizen’s foot lives. Gosh, I remembered it again ahahahaha he has to pay me back for that. He can use his own money, right? We just had no time for it. But I’ll make him pay me for it. I might have something to buy in the future, I might need that currency. Whatever, he’s my brother I’ll give him time but I’ll make sure he’ll pay ahahahaha. *You received 15789 EXPs* *You leveled up to Level 35* *You learned the skill: Photographic Encapsulation* *You learned the skill: Animation* Animation? I wonder what can I do with this skill. Is this same with drawing animes? Ahahahah just kidding, but I think it does. Whatever it does, I’m so excited to try it. It somehow relates to drawing or something and I love it so much. I look forward to using it. I think that animation means that the user can give life to inanimate objects, animating them to act and move on their own accord out of the user’s control; however, they do seem to work in tandem to their animator. I saw this in various movies and I love how it’s done While Photographic encapsulation is that the user is able to imprison or contain targets whether it is living or not living within photographs or photographic devices, using digital camera devices or old photographic devices to trap others within pictures or the devices themselves. *You received an item, Curse camera* Oh just as I learned photographic animation ahahahaha, I received a camera but it does something more. I opened it in pocket and read the description. ~The curse camera is received after learning Photographic encapsulation~ so that’s why I had them both now ~As the user takes a photograph about something, the user can encapsulate whatever or whoever he desires in the photograph taken. The thing encapsulated will experience an endless torment as each photo taken is cursed. Only the user can encapsulate or to decapsulate~ it says. I closed my pocket and read the additional description. *You received an item, Magic camera* Oh ahahahaha right after the cursed one, I received a magical one. I opened my pocket and read the description of this one as I got curious as to what does it do and how is it done. ~The magic camera is received after learning Animation~ so these cameras are related to the skills I just learned after all. no wonder why I learned two and I received two. At least now I know these comes in handy. I didn’t expect that I’d really become a photographer here ahahaha. ~The user can then edit the photograph taken in accordance to his own desire of the photo. This is where the user animates the captured photograph and control the surrounding just by the it~ I see ahahaha well, I’m not just going to be a photographer here but also an editor to all photos I have taken. *You leveled up to Level 36* Now, I’m level thirty sixth, I’m half the max level which is level sixty fifth. I closed the notification page and looked at the Diwata who’s still looking at us. The others are also busy looking at their notification page as they also received something. I waited for them until they finish. -Vic- “Please accept this” the diwata said after she insisted that we were a big help to her. I really thought that we’d be defeated in that fight. I know now that it was just part of the story because someone will come and save us. It’s the diwata who came to our rescue and defeated all those men by herself. It turned out that she’s the guardian of this forest. I just laughed whenever I remember those men running away as they all got scared. But I’m sure they’d just be running and running around because I’m sure they’re lost right now. The diwata cursed them that they can’t get out of this forest. I wonder how would Lucio know that we’re coming for him. I mean, the first time we encountered his men, all them died from an unlucky fate with the sarangay. Now, we met his men again, and now their number is like more than a hundred or something. And none of them can report to him what happened because they’re all stuck here. So who’s going to tell him? Ahahahaha would it be just a surprise? If he knows he’d have someone chasing after us to kill us right? *You received x5000 golds* *You received x5000 silvers* *You received x5000 coppers* *You received x300 crystals* *You received x90 diamonds* *You received x80 Jades* *You received x80 Rubies* *You received x90 Moonstones* *You received x80 Pearls* *You received x90 Amethysts* *You received x80 Ambers* Nice, this just too much ahahahaha we had like this twice before, it just made us rich, but we don’t buy much anyway. I’ll just save it whenever I see something to buy in our journey, or probably an upgrade or something. Or a bunch of healing potions and enhancers whenever we’re facing stage bosses. Especially Lucio since he has the power gems, I’m sure he’s very strong. *You received 15852 EXPs* *You received an item, Spring Sword* *You received an item, Summer Sword* *You received an item, Autumn Sword* *You received an item, Winter Sword* Gosh, so many swords ahahaha thanks developer I got this but wait a minute. Why four season? Philippines is a tropical country which makes us only have Sunny and Rainy season. We don’t winter at all ahahahaha I don’t know how that developer thought about this *You leveled up to Level 35* *You learned the skill: Expert Swordsmanship* Oh ho… ahahaha give way to the sword expert… sword expert in the house ahahaha…. Gosh, I’ve gotten strong! *You learned the skill: Enhanced/ Supernatural/ Absolute Strike* Gosh, this is an unusual skill. I wonder what can it do… I’ve learned some combat skills from the earlier levels, by the way. I think I can fight without my sword and I’d be great. But I would still look cool with it, and safer of course ahahaha. Now,I’m very excited to use this strike thingy. Let me read its description. ~The user possesses absolute skills of strikes and attacks, defined in many different forms of combat, punches, kicks, weapon specialty, or use of other powers. They have their attacks become stronger than normal means or circumstances.~ it says. *You leveled up to Level 36* I immediate closed and listened to the diwata.
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