Chapter 16 : The World of Myth II

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Chapter 16 : The World of Myth II   -Elliot- “Wait… how do we get to that Mountain you were saying?” Darxi asked and went to Nunong Lino “Excuse me” he spoke again as he didn’t get an answer. He poked Nunong Lino in the shoulder lightly that made the old man look at him             “Good luck, may the Bathalas help you with your quest…” Nunong Lino answered             “What? I’m asking you something!” Darxi repeated and raised his voice a little             “Good luck, may the Bathalas help you with your quest…” Nunong Lino just kept on repeating his last line             “He’s an NPC… maybe that’s his last words and we can’t ask him further questions” I said and pulled Darxi away from Nunong Lino             “Let’s check outside to find more information…” Reiven said as he stood up and started walking outside Nunong Lino’s Nipa hut             “Mabuhay! How are you heroes doing? Are you going to Lucio already?” someone suddenly spoke the moment we went out of the Nipa hut. /Mabuhay is a Filipino greeting which doesn’t have a specific translation, but it means being alive/             “Who are you?” Lucy asked. The guy looks as if he also came from this village.             “I am Victorino” he answered smilingly… wait a minute ahahaha             “Look he’s also Vic” I blurted out yet I prevented myself from laughing so that I won’t look awkward             “My name’s Victon baby” he answered as he looked at me and winked right after… yuck disgusting, is he gay? I just looked away from him             “Where can we find that Mountains of Limawari?” Darxi asked that guy, Victorino             “It’s Limari, dumb” Avery cut himself off and corrected Darxi             “I don’t care…” Darxi shrugged             “I’m here to give you a little advice” Victorino initiated as he gave us a smile… what kind of advice is it “Your left pocket shows you all the weapons that you have and you will acquire throughout your whole adventure. Your lower left pocket shows the items that you will also acquire, those items are potions, power ups, battle supports, tools, and so on” he said             “On your right pocket, you will see all the items that you acquire that you will be needing for quests. If you press your left chest, you will see your own level, your EXPs gained, your life, your health, and your abilities”             “If you press your right chest, you will see your skills learned as you level up. The highest level that you can attain is at level 35 and you will gain EXPs in every situation you will encounter and not just by fighting something or someone.”              "If you would like to get an item from either of your pockets, all you have to do is to open it and press the item that you would like to use. If you would like to return it, then press your pocket again and then just toss it right through the icon. I hope I helped you a lot with my little advice… thank you for listening and good luck with your adventure” he continued             "Here's a little gift to start your game" he said as he departed             *You received x1000 golds*             *You received x10 healing potions*             *You received x100 diamonds*             Woah, we really are in the game… everyone started pressing everything from what the guy said.             “I’m in level one… how about you guys?” Asked Enzo as he checked those things that came out from his chest… I guess he rarely talks ahahaha             “All of us are… we started the game at the same time” Lucy said sarcastically and rolled her eyes at Enzo… that’s why I don’t wanna talk ahahahaha             “Whatever” Enzo snapped and looked at the icon again “It’s the same with the abilities that I have put before…” he uttered reading the icon that appeared from his chest once more             “Woah!” Vic screamed in excitement… probably because of what he saw in his… we all turned to him to see what made him so happy “Normal Sword… Glitch sword… I wonder what else I could get… this is amazing!” he exclaimed happily… that’s the first time I saw him smiling… gosh, I only see him glaring at me             “What about you Ell?” he turned to me asking me without breaking his genuine smile             “Uhmmm…” I hummed and pressed my higher left pocket… suddenly an image appeared in front of me, showing me a short list of my weapons “I have no weapon’s yet…” I said lowly wondering why I haven’t had any weapons yet… is it the character or the abilities I chose?... weird             “Don’t worry Ell, I’m going to protect you with my sword ahahaha” he said tss I don’t care ahahahaha Darxi can do that             “Lower left pocket, empty… Right pocket, empty… lower right pocket… empty” Raizen said as he checked the other pockets that Victorino have mentioned             “Psychic Attacks, Psychic Energy Manipulation, Psychic Immunity, and Psychic Shield… look these are all my abilities… it’s also my initial skills” Scarlett mentioned as she checked her right chest… aww Scar, you should’ve let me check it for you ahahahaha just kidding             “Anyway… guys let’s go… let’s look for something that will lead us to the Mountains of Limari” Avery said cutting us off from checking out ourselves “I don’t think we can get out of this game in any way… I think we should finish it off” he added             “You’re right… I think so too” I agreed with him. We all decided to walk and look for answers, before we could get out of the village, we were again prevented by some force stopping us as if someone is calling us from behind. We all looked back and saw someone running towards us.             “Hi” he greeted as he stopped in front of us, he really is an NPC as he ran so fast yet he’s not catching his breath ahahahahaha just kidding “My name is Estacio… I am a traveler and an adventurer who loves to travel the whole world… I happen to stumble with a map that contains our world… but it’s so complicated that I can’t read it.”             “I heard you are going to the Mountains of Limari for the mission. Since I am not needing this map, I would be very glad to give it to you. It might help you” he said as he suddenly handed us a paper folded into several folds. Where did that came from? Ahahahaha I haven’t saw him holding something a while ago…             “Especially you… I heard you are very good at reading different kinds of map, sir” he said as he locked his gaze to me… me? I am? How did he know? I didn’t even know it myself ahahahaha I reached out my hand and grabbed the map he is giving us             “Thank you” I said and unfolded the map opening it… “Right… we’re here” I said as I pointed somewhere. Wait, this is weird, how come I read maps easily? He said this is complicated yet one look at it, I know where things are… “This is the mountains of Limari” I pointed at another direction             “I think it’s very far… look, the place is kinda off…” Avery commented             “Yes… Mountains of Limari is far from here, I already went to different places but I haven’t gone to that place yet. It’s so dangerous for a simple person like me. No one has ever went too far in that place. Aside from the place is scary and dangerous, Lucio is also there, he doesn’t want visitors coming in his place”             “You better be careful as you go there… you will go through a lot of things when you get there so you’ll still be prepared… good luck” he added and went pass through us. I was still holding the map that Estacio gave us and looked at it scanning the whole map.             “And oh… I forgot… I am going to the next village, do you want to tag along with me?” Estacio went back and asked us. He started walking again and so we followed along.             We are at the first village I think… it’s the first village on the lower left side of the map… the world is divided into four hemispheres as shown in the map… The upper left hemisphere is where the Air people live, it is also where the stoned body of the Bathala ng Hangin is placed…             On the lower left, where we started is Where the Earth people live… I see, so Nunong Lino and the others are people of the Bathala ng Lupa. It is also where the stoned body of the Bathala ng Lupa is being placed but it is not in the first village where we came from.             On the upper right, beside the Air villages, is the Water village… it’s where the water people live and also where the stone body of the Bathala ng Tubig… And same with the lower right hemisphere. It is where the Fire people live. And in the center is where the Light villages reside.             The mountains of Limari is far above the Fire villages, that’s why the place is so far.               “Hey Ell… why are you so busy with the map… you can look at that later and focus on your steps right now ahahahaha” Vic called my attention that made me look at him and put down the map. I folded it again and checked how do I keep it… gosh, how do I do it.             Oh yea right… I pressed the lower left icon and tossed the map into it. I successfully placed the map into my pocket and then closed it. I, then looked at everyone who’s silently walking heading to the next village.  
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