Chapter 17 : Duwende

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Chapter 17 : Duwende               Dwendes are little creatures who provide good fortune or foretell an ominous fate to people. The Duwendes are small people who live in small hills, that look like anthills, big trees like narra, and abandoned houses, they often come out at a certain time, around 6 am, 12 pm , 6 pm, and 12 am.               Duwendes have pointed nose, horrifying teeth, long white-kinky hair, and angry eyes, these small people will bring you a fortune or bad luck, Elders say they only appear to kind-hearted people.    -Darxi-             It started to get even darker as we got to the next village. It took us several hours before we get to this place, it’s kinda far but we managed to get here before we lose our strength. Estacio didn’t tell us that the villages are miles apart… if only we knew, we could have taken the… oh wait there are no vehicles here ahahaha             The place looks so real, as if we really are in the past with these NPCs as real people. It’s so realistic, I can really feel the essence of the game, the ambience, and everything. If I never knew about NPCs, I would also think that they are real people. I would even think that this isn’t a game but is really happening.             I wonder… is this how we should really play the game? Is this how it’s done? Is there a button here somewhere that we can press to log off and then go back to our reality? Or are we experiencing bugs or anything? A not so possible bug, yet it happened to us.             I don’t know what to feel. As a gamer, I would love for this to happen and to experience things from our game. Every gamer loves that. On the second thought, it’s kinda creeping me out. Of course we wanted to experience this, but I didn’t expect things like this… this is so freaking unreal!             “We’re here already… that was a long walk, but thanks to Bathala that we made it here” Estacio said smilingly as he faced us removing his hat. He raised his hand motioning towards somewhere “Anyway, I have to go… I’m sure you can handle yourselves here, Good bye” he added and then quickly walked departing from us             I don’t know if those were hours but the sun was still up when we started walking. It, then eventually set while we were walking, and now it’s already late at night.             “Where are we going now?” asked Vic as he broke the silence that occupied us after Estacio left             “It’s already dark… shouldn’t we take a rest?” Avery added his question right after Vic             “Are you tired already? We’re in a game, we’re not supposed to feel that, right?” Reiven answered Avery’s question ignoring Vic’s             “I don’t know ahahahahaha but are we really continuing our mission right at this hour?” Avery said in between his laughter and then gradually stopped “No, seriously… what are we going to do?” he continued in a serious manner             Yea, I think so too… I played several games which has day and night modes before, yet I continued playing even at night until it becomes morning again. My avatars never complained of being tired ahahahaha             “Let’s just follow the map” Elliot said and quickly snatched the map from his inventory and opened it “Let’s go” he invited all of us as he led the way while reading the map silently             “Hey! What are you all doing here outside late at night?” someone called us that made us all stop. We turned to the person who spoke. There we saw some people holding their torches and their bolos as they walked towards us             “I’m so sorry… but we are heading to the mountains of Limari...” I loudly spoke so they can hear us while they continue walking to get to us             “M-mountains of Limari? But it’s so dangerous for kids like you to go there” he answered as he stopped in front of us “Plus, you might get lost, everyone who tried going there just ended up missing”             “We have a map, sir” I answered pointing to the map that Elliot is holding that made the three of them gasp             “Are you the heroes that are sent to help us?” he said excitedly and almost dropped his torch and his bolo in such happiness, we all just nodded as a response to his question “But it’s very late already, you might see aswangs in there” he added in a worried tone “Do you have a place to stay?”             “Unfortunately sir, we don’t have… that’s why we’re planning to go there right now…” I told him as I motioned my head to the next road             “Oh… The Nipa hut next to ours is empty… I owned that for my parents, yet they died right before I could show it to them, you can stay there if you would like. It’s quite big, so it can accommodate all of you” he said snapping his fingers and smiled pointing at us             “That’s so nice…” Raizen gasped in amazement as we turned our heads to the direction he is pointing             “Let’s go” he invited us all as he led the way towards the Nipa hut that he mentioned where we can all stay.               The Nipa hut is in a distance from us, so as he started walking holding his torch lighting our way, we also walked next to him until we get to the Nipa hut that he’s talking about. We walked past through some Nipa huts which had lights in it indicating that someone is living there.             “That’s where I live” he spoke as he pointed the last house that we are going to pass through. We just nodded not knowing what to say and I just heard him chuckling. After passing through the hut he pointed as his, we walked through trees then finally get to the hut that he would like us to stay.             He quickly opened the door and led us inside as he one by one lighted the torches with his own torch that made the whole nipa hut bright. The brightness enabled us to see what’s the whole image inside.             The Nipa hut is so neat. The place looked so comfortable and nice. There were table and chairs placed in a corner with some fresh flowers and some things we need for staying here.             “I’ll go get somethings for you” he said and ran towards outside. His other comrade came to the table and lighted up the gasera resting on top of the table to give us more light. Gosh, it felt so ancient ahahaha. There is no electricity, no wifi, no phones and so on… we only had torch and the lamp to give us the light that we need. /gasera- lamp/             “Why does no one lived here?” Enzo asked looking at the two men standing in front of us, near the door. Fool… they won’t answer him ahahahaha             “They’re NPCs i***t!” Lucy tagged his shoulder as she grinned at him             “Oh, right ahahahaha” he laughed The Nipa hut isn’t that big, but it’s already enough to accommodate all nine of us. I wonder how we will sleep here, I bet we would all look like sardines in a can ahahahaha             I just sat on a chair as we waited the guy who ran outside to get things. The others also sat beside me while the others went doing their businesses checking out the whole Nipa hut and the things inside it. Look at this ignorant people ahahaha they must haven’t see things like this… I’m not an exception though ahahaha             Elliot sat on the floor where a small carpet laid. Vic followed him and so as Enzo and Raizen. Lucy, Scarlett, and Avery went to a corner talking about some things.             The temperature inside the Nipa hut started to rise and I’m not the only one who can feel it as I noticed everyone sweating. Even the two NPCs, let me guess this is part of the storyline…             “It’s getting hot inside” Lucy complained arranging her hair while wiping some sweat dripping down her face from her forehead.             “I’m so s---“             “You’re not hot” Elliot suddenly interrupted what Vic is about to say ahahahaha his joke is over ripe, we often hear that             “You’re so quick to disagree, huh?” Vic said as he looked at Elliot with his playful gazes             “Because it’s not true” Elliot disagreed with Vic immediately that made the two of them shut off.             “Seriously, it’s getting hotter and hotter… look, the windows Darx, open it for ventilation…” Reiven said pointing at certain direction. I quickly got it and stood up to open the window near me             “Be careful” Elliot said as I stood up to do what he said. The window even felt so antique and so valuable. I pushed out the window and took the stick near it to keep it from closing             I felt something that made me stop for a while and look for it.             “Be careful when you do that” the man on the door said. I looked at what I did and looked at him weirdly asking him further question about what I did             “Why?” I shortly replied as I looked at him weirdly             “They might be disturbed… say tabi-tabi po” the man answered /excuse me only used for elemental beings/             “They? They who?” I asked him again making him clarify what he meant             “Those who’s living there… you should say that so you won’t offend them and also as a respect… just say it” he shortly explained while looking intently at me. His eyebrows suddenly curved with what I just acted “Wait a minute, how come you didn’t know that, huh?” he asked me back             “Nothing” I shortly and quickly answered as I looked at the others             “You should never forget that” he said and backed out then stood at the door as if we’ve talked nothing             “Tabi-Tabi po” I spoke then slowly opened the window. As I pushed it upwards, it hit some leaves and branches of a tree that must be planted outside near this hut.             “We strongly believe that there are creatures in everything like rocks, plants, caves, trees and so on…” Avery started speaking as he noticed what the window hit “So maybe that was the man meant of saying it… we might hit something and disturb someone” he added             “It’s nice that you still know” Vic said laughing commenting on what Avery said             “I just read it somewhere” Avery continued             “Maybe the developer knew that we have already forgotten even those things, so he added it in this game” Lucy interrupted as she was grinning with the thought             “Why?” Elliot quickly asked as he sat down comfortably on the carpet             “He predicted that we will be asking why we should say tabi-tabi po, so he prepared an answer through the NPC” Lucy answered him still keeping the grin on her face               “Here are some extra mats and blankets, you might be using this when you sleep” the man came back holding a pile of fabrics and carefully placed it on the table “If you need anything, just tell me. I’m just in the next Nipa hut”             “Ok, thank you” my mouth automatically said though I know that he won’t hear me             “Thank you” Elliot repeated             “Thank you” and so as Scarlett then followed by the others             “You’re welcome” the NPC answered and then left with the other two… so that must be part of the game ahahahaha that’s why I automatically said it, and so as the others             “Let’s go to sleep” Reiven said and then grabbed a mat then unfolded it on the floor. The others started grabbing their own blankets as we get ready to sleep.
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