Chapter 18 : Duwende II

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Chapter 18 : Duwende II             -Avery-             “Let’s go to sleep” Reiven said preparing our beds. I can’t believe it, we’re sleeping on the floor. Though some people still sleep on the floor nowadays, but not in this way. It would be painful for us to lay there…             I tried sleeping on the floor one time but I slept on a foam, and it was so comfortable. Not this. The floor is so hard, gosh…             We all laid down as they finished preparing it. I laid down next to Enzo and next to me is Scarlett. Gosh, am I the only one complaining about sleeping on a hard floor? Ahahahahaha The pillows aren’t that soft too… I wonder what’s inside it. Good thing it didn’t smell.             After everyone laid down, the lights suddenly turned off. There were lights coming from the window yet it didn’t even reached us to gives us light. Everything is black, literally. I can’t see anything.             “Guys?” I heard someone spoke, probably that’s Reiven or Raizen… either of the two             “What’s happening?” Enzo asked as I heard him clearly since he’s just beside me             “Maybe it went black because where sleeping… you know in games when we sleep… it always turns black” now, I’m sure that was Raizen since he knew about gaming. So that one who asked a while ago was Reiven             “Yea, maybe…” Darxi said agreeing with Raizen…             “Maybe we just have to go to sleep” I said as I laid my head on the pillow again             “Or let’s just wait until the lights come back…” Elliot suggested “You don’t sleep in the game… unless you log off ahahahaha” he added, he has a point             “I’m sure this will last just for a m---“ Vic spoke yet Reiven suddenly interrupted him             “Shhh…” Reiven Shushed “Guys, did you hear that?” he asked… oh my gosh, is this a horror movie? I’m getting scared… what is it?             “Heard what?” Daxi asked as we all silenced to hear what Reiven is referring to             “Laughter… a weird one” he quickly answered “I can’t describe… just listen to it. There it goes!” he said as he scream-whisper             “Hihihihihihi” I heard a small high pitch laughter and some light footsteps just inside this nipa hut             “Oh my gosh, what was that?” Scarlett asked as fear went all over her voice making her c***k a little bit             “I thought I’m the only one hearing that” Reiven said proving himself             “Hihihihihihi” we all heard it again for the second time. Suddenly the light from the window that barely touched us a while ago creeped slowly towards us showing little people walking and running all over the nipa hut.             “Don’t be too noisy, you might wake them up” one of them spoke telling his friends to shut up. His voice was also small just like their heights. He doesn’t sound so horrifying nor anything.             They’re small, like a height from my foot up to my knee… they look scary when you first look at them but not scary enough to scare the crap out of you… they seemed to be having fun running around.             “Ok…” one of his friends answered as they still continue to laugh and to play around. Some of them went down from the table and ran towards us. They started playing our feet like they didn’t know we were awake all the time.             “Hey! Don’t play with their body!” the one who spoke a while ago repeated calling those who were playing with our body… Gosh, I thought that would be so scary… but it turns out that they are just elves who are having fun while they thought we’re sleeping… hmmm part of the game.             “Stop that!” Elliot suddenly shouted. We all looked at him and an elf is pulling his hair             “Oh no!” the elf who were reminding them ago said as he backed out in nervousness. Why do I have this feeling that these creatures are kind             “I’m sorry” the elf said sorry to Elliot still holding his hair… it’s kinda cute ahahahaha             The others came closer to us and gathered up in front of us. The other one came down from Elliot and went to his comrades.             “This is Isko… I’m so sorry about him, his just so playful. He never misses to play with everyone who tries to sleep here” he said pointing to the elf that pulled Elliot’s hair “I am Lolong, and this is my sister Ningning” he continued introducing themselves. His voice still sounded so cute             “We usually don’t show ourselves to humans, but you were so quick to see us. We are just comfortable with you, we feel your kind hearts and your pure intentions…” Lolong added giving us a smile showing off his weird long teeth ahahahaha kinda awkward             “This is Malik, and Amya, Abu, Mayumi, Diwa, Halina, Rikit, Kisig, and Sinag” he continued pointing each elf gathered upon us ahahahaha as if we remembered all of them. I feel he’s excited meeting us… I don’t know “The others are in our place…”             “What’s with introducing yourselves to us?” Raizen asked Lolong             “We appreciate your kindness by saying tabi-tabi po, you are so respectful” Lolong explained, then I remember when Darxi said that words before opening the window and hitting that tree. They must be the entities that lives there…             “Nice one Darx” Elliot said smiling and punched him lightly in his arm             “Lolong, let’s give them our gifts…” his sister excitedly said… what’s her name again? Ningning? Right…             “Yes, I would love to… but first we need to ask you something” Lolong said remembering something. I have read about this before… before creatures like them give a human something, they always ask for an alay or an offering. Evil ones ask for lives, but good ones only ask for simple offerings… like fruits or animals.             “What is it that you want?” asked Lucy as she went nearer the elves             “At three in the morning, you have to cut off a chicken’s neck and pour its blood around the tree beside this nipa hut. The blood should be fresh, and the chicken should be white.”             “Why three? Why not now? And why does the chicken has to be white? It’s so specific ahahahaha” Raizen commented after the elf finished talking             “I don’t know… but they really use white chickens when they perform such rituals, I’ve read it in several books, but none explained why it has to be white” I replied as I remember all those books I have read before when I got curious about it I also tried watching videos too ahahaha             “Whatever it is, let’s just do it” Elliot said as he stood up and walked towards the door             “Where can we get that white chicken anyway?” Lucy asked as she stood up next to Elliot and we all followed them… nice question, she’s right ahahahaha where do we get that white chicken… I’m sure everyone’s asleep in this game right now             “Let’s just go outside and see what we find” Elliot answered and continued walking until we all got outside             “How do we even know it’s three in the morning?” Vic asked curiously, he doesn’t sound like he’s joking at all and he’s also right, how do we know the time in this game, no one told us about it and no one even gave us wrist watches or whatever             “I don’t know… let’s just look for a chicken first” Darxi said repeating what Elliot have said               We all started walking and looked for a white chicken… gosh, this is just so difficult, we should be sleeping right now ahahaha just kidding you don’t sleep in games. I just kept my eyes upon everything hoping to see a white chicken roaming around ahahahaha             “Hey, why don’t we ask that man where to find chickens… he said if we need something, let’s just ask him, right?” Scarlett suggested… oh wow, thanks God this girl is smart ahahahaha             “Yea I think we should, there’s no open hut right now” Enzo added             “I’ll go ask him” Darxi presented himself “Where can I find him again?” he asked             “There” Enzo pointed a nipa hut a few distance from where we stayed a while ago             “Thanks” Darxi said before he went to it. Though he said that he will go, we still followed him towards the nipa hut.               “Oh hi… about that… did the elves showed themselves to you?” the man asked as he faced us             “Uhmm… yea, and they asked us for that, they said they’d be giving us something” Darxi answered             “You’re so lucky to meet the good elves, if you met those evil elves then you’ll be suffering misfortunes right now” he added as he smiled “By the way, here’s a little gift for you to keep track with time” he said offering us something             *You obtained Wristwatch* something popped up in front of me *Use it?* it asked, I quickly pressed yes below it.             “Woah!” Vic screamed as he looked at his wrist… “It really is a watch, and it’s already 2:30 am… nice ahahaha thanks old man” he said laughing due to excitement             “If you really needed a chicken, you can go to my poultry farm just across this village not far away. Just take that road, and you’ll get to it instantly” he said             “Ok thanks you so much” Darxi said, the man suddenly froze, maybe he’s already finished speaking               “Do we take chicken each? Or just one?” I asked ahahahaha I don’t know             “How many chickens do you see?” Elliot asked me… I started looking for chick--- what the heck, he’s speaking sarcastic ahahahaha             “Let’s get it quick, it’s already 2:40” Lucy said then Darxi picked up the chicken quietly sitting on a grass…             “Easy ahahaha” Darxi bragged as he held the chicken on his hand             “This is a game Darx, they made it easy for us to catch one… in real life, you’ll never stand a chance…” Elliot commented on what Darxi said ahahahaha Elliot is a pretty savage ahahaha I like it, it sounds funny though I know it’s not right             “Shut up, let’s just go” Darxi said and we all went to the tree that the elves were pertaining to.               “Let’s just wait till it’s exactly 3 am…” Reiven said as we got to the tree             “Who’s gonna cut off its neck?” I asked them             “Oh not me…” Vic immediately backed himself off… look at this big man here, afraid of blood ahahahaha             “Weak…. Let me” Elliot presented himself             “I can also do that… I’m just not in the mood” Vic defended himself             “Obviously you can’t, just play basketball” Elliot fought back ahahahaha he really is savage one, he’snot afraid to say it ahahahaha             “Well, then let me” Vic finally volunteered to do the job             “No you can’t let me do it” Elliot insisted             “No let me, Elle” Vic also insisted             “Why don’t you both do it, right?” Raizen suggested ahahahaha             “Yea right ahahahaha” I agreed between my laughter               “You’ve been arguing for ten minutes, it’s almost 3” Lucy said checking her watch               Exactly 3, Vic held the chicken while Elliot started cutting of the chicken’s neck with a knife I don’t know where he got… he’s the only one who got that. Maybe that’s why he volunteered ahahahaha the chicken cried loudly as the knife cut off its neck. We’re so sorry chicken ahahaha             “Let the blood of the chicken run all around the tree” Darxi said. The moment Vic finished spreading the blood around the tree, the elves that we talked to earlier suddenly appeared…             “You did it” the one who asked us to do it said… I forgot his name “Accept this as our gift to you…”             *You received an item, Old Man’s Watch*             *You received an item, Old Man’s Walking Cane*             What the… what are those? Ahahahaha from an old man, huh?             *You received 500 EXP*             *You leveled up to Level 2*             *You learned the skill: Spell Casting*             *You learned the skill: Spell Absorption*             *You received an item, Spell Book*             *You received an item, Curse Sword*             “Wow! This is amazing guys ahahahaha I’m level 2, and I received so much, I also learned some skills ahahahaha” I exclaimed as I saw that…             “Me too…” Reiven said laughing “There were so many of them, 10+ I think… but they were sketch pad and brushes… just the way I like it ahahahaha gosh, I love painting!” he added             “Hope all… I received nothing ahahahaha but I learned Psy attacks… that should do it” Lucy cut herself in             “Gosh, you don’t need a weapon, you have mind power ahahahaha” Elliot comforted her
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