Chapter 19 : Multo

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Chapter 19 : Multo               The Filipino term for a ghost is multo, which is derived from the Spanish word muerto, meaning dead. The multo is the soul of a dead person that has returned to the mortal world. It may want to finish an incomplete task or promise, or take revenge, it may return because of in improper burial or an unusually violent death or suicide. The ghost may be seeking a replacement so that it can live again.   -Victon-             *You received an item, Sorcerer’s sword*             *You received an item, Fairy’s sword*             *You received an item, Poison sword*             Wow this is amazing, I love swords ahahahaha I always wanted to have one and use it in combats… I used to play fencing when I was a child with my friends… I think I somehow know how to use one ahahahaha             *You received 500 EXP*             *You leveled up to Level 2*             *You learned the skill: Swordsmanship*             *You learned the skill: Strong Combat*             It seems like I don’t have to worry about it so much ahahahaha I have learned it in an instant.             *You received an item, Normal Sword* *You received an item, Glitch Sword* *You received an item, Twin Sword* Woah woah ahahahaha more swords… this is amazing! This game is so amazing… I didn’t expect that I get to make my dream come true just by this game… I love it ahahaha   -Enzo-             *You received an item, Butting*             Butting? Wow ahahahaha how come the developer still knew about this? Butting a bow with a single hemp 5 string, plucked with a small stick.             *You received 500 EXP*             *You leveled up to Level 2*             *You learned the skill: Sound Manipulation* *You learned the skill: Musical Attacks* *You received an item, Tumpong* Tumpong? Again? Ahahahaha the developer must have known what I want ahahaha this is so great, I chose the right game, and I chose the right character in the right game. I guess us being stuck here isn’t so bad after all ahahaha. Especially having tumpong here, I really want to play this. Tumpong is a type of Philippine bamboo flute used by the Maguindanaon, half the size of the largest bamboo flute, the palendag. Tumpong makes a sound when players blow through a bamboo reed placed on top of the instrument and the air stream produced is passed over an airhole atop the instrument. This masculine instrument is usually played during family gatherings in the evening and is the most common flute played by the Maguindanaon.   -Lucy-             *You received 500 EXP*             *You leveled up to level 2*             *You learned the skill: Nature Manipulation*             Wait… what? Nature manipulation…? Oh yeah I remember choosing my hero and my abilities last time. This is the hero that I chose, the one who controls the nature. Aside from I never had a choice but to choose it, it’s also the only hero that I can relate to ahahaha I’m a certified plant person, I have a green hand.             *You learned the skill: Plant Magic*             Wow… plant magic, I’m getting so excited ahahaha I wonder what can I do with nature manipulation and plant magic. Does that mean I can control plants or use magic on them? And when we say nature, it’s a wide topic… nature manipulation is… oh my gosh ahahahaha I’m so happy             This is just level two, how much more when I level up more             *You received an item, Fire stone*             *You received an item, Earth stone*             *You received an item, Water stone*             *You received an item, Air stone*             Hey isn’t this stone the one we’re looking for? Ahahahaha oh no, it’s gem, not stone ahahahaha what can this stones do, huh? This is just so cool!   -Victon-               “Wow! This is amazing guys ahahahaha I’m level 2, and I received so much, I also learned some skills ahahahaha” Avery exclaimed as he probably saw everything that he had, he looked so happy when he turned his gazes towards us… it seems like everyone received today…             “Me too…” Reiven cut himself off manifesting to what Avery said as he laughed when he spoke             “There were so many of them, 10+ I think… but they were sketch pad and brushes… just the way I like it ahahahaha gosh, I love painting!” he added excitedly, I see he really like painting and stuff, I heard he really loves doing art             “Hope all… I received nothing ahahahaha but I learned some Psy attacks… that should do it” Lucy also cut herself in, she doesn’t even sound like she’s disappointed ahahaha             “Gosh, you don’t need a weapon, you have mind power ahahahaha” Elliot comforted her “Psy-attacks are strong, and you just have to use your brain when you do it” he added, aww I hope he comforts me like that too ahahaha             “Suits someone as smart as you… I wonder what else you can do as you level up soon” I said agreeing with Elliot ahahaha nothing, I just wanna say something noce so that he’ll hear ahahaha “What do you got Elliot?” I turned to him and asked             “Just a few… Author’s pen, then I also learned Logic Manipulation and Author Authority… hey look at that ahahaha Author Authority, I guess I’m the leader here ahahahaha” he answered me as he laughed with what he thought             “And a smart-ass too ahahaha Logic Manipulation? That’s… logic ahahahaha” I complemented             “I always knew you’ll lead us…” Reiven said to Elliot pertaining to what he said earlier             “Oh really? I thought it’s ether you or Darxi ahahahaha” Elliot said that made Reiven laughed and so as I and some others             “Wait guys look… time kinda runs fast here” Darxi said interrupting that made us all look at our wristwatches             “Yea right… it’s already 4:30, and the sun rises at 5 right?” Reiven said after reading his watch             “No, it’s 5:30 to 6 dummy! You don’t know because you wake up late every morning ahahahaha” his twin brother Reiven called him out ahahaha then he’s just like me, I also rise up late every morning             “Whatever, at least 5:30 is still 5” Raizen defended himself             “So should we keep moving? Or let’s talk to that old man again?” Darxi asked reminding us again to resume to the adventure since morning is approaching             “I don’t think so, he already froze the last time we talked to him ahahahaha” Lucy             “No, seriously, what should we do?” Darxi said ignoring what Lucy said             “Let’s just follow the map and move to the next location and see what happens” Elliot spoke raising the map as he showed it to us. He started unfolding it and read the map… aww he looked so cute when he focuses on something and thinks hard “Let’s go this way, the next village isn’t that far away but I don’t know how long do we take to get there so let’s get moving” he added               We started walking towards a road leading somewhere as we followed Elliot. He’s just silently reading the map on his hand. We trust him since he knows they way, and he won’t lead us astray. We entered the forest right next to the village where we stayed for the night. It felt a little spooky yet exciting at the same time.             There won’t be any wild animals be roaming around here. We don’t have lions, wolves, bears, and so on and so forth that we’ll meet in jungles. We also have wild animals in our forests but not those kind of animals that will devour us as we encounter them, let alone the crocodiles.             But I don’t see no swamps in here so that ain’t be a problem. We just walked and walked until we entered deep into the forest. I can hardly see the sun, but the shades of the trees felt do comfortable and the air seemed to be so fresh.             “Are you sure we’re not lost yet?” Darxi asked as he noticed that we’ve been walking for a long time now             “No, we’re going the right way” Elliot answered him as he just kept his gaze towards the map             “You said it isn’t that far…” Darxi repeated what Elliot have said earlier “Look it’s already 12 in the morning ahahaha time really runs faster than us” he continued as he cracked a joke to keep the mood lighter             “Yeah, I said it’s not that far, but I never said it’s just nearby ahahahaha” Elliot joke too that made everyone laugh             “Right, you even said that you don’t when we’ll arrive there ahahaha” Reiven added to what Elliot have said             “Enough laughing everyone, let’s keep moving” Lucy broke the moment and made us all move “We don’t have all day to walk, now let’s go” she continued and we all stood up and did what she said               We continued walking for another several minutes without stopping.             “What’s that?” Elliot suddenly stopped as he raised his gazes and looked around the forest. I heard it too… it’s like something’s running or whatever but they’re like drastically hitting the leaves and breaking some woods… oh my gosh what are those?             “You hear it too?” Raizen said as he also looked around             “Yea… what’s that?” Elliot answered him and repeated his question             “I think it’s coming from over there” Lucy spoke as she pointed towards somewhere. After a few seconds something came out from the green scenery and destroying everything that gets on their way.             “What are those?” Avery asked in his scared voice             “Oh gosh! Those are mosquitoes! Big mosquitoes! And they’re heading towards us!” Darxi yelled             “Everyone protect yourselves!” he added. I quickly grabbed a sword that I can get from my pocket and armed myself             “They’re not just mosquitoes, look” Scarlett said and pointing behind us             “Spiders!? Centipedes!?” Enzo screamed as he recognized what those are… actually they weren’t scary at all, it’s just that they increased in size and they’re bigger than us             “Guys calm down, they are also level 2, let’s try defeating this hoard of insects… and arachnids, and those that has hundreds of legs…” I said and raised my hand holding my sword             “Ok” Raizen said “Now, let’s face some action…”             “You guys attack, I and Darxi will stay behind you. We both still can’t attack, ok?” Elliot said             “ok, I’ll protect you Elle” I automatically said and faced those monsters. They fastly got near us so we engaged fire. I started slashing them with the poison sword in my hand. Wow the others fought strong too.
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