Chapter 20 : Multo II

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 Chapter 20 : Multo II -Raizen-             We just walked and walked for a long time now, though it’s not really that long. Personally, I think it was just like two to three minutes but our wristwatches says that we already walked twenty-five to thirty minutes long… ahahaha time really runs fast here.             We are deep inside the forest as what Elliot said. He’s leading our team right now since he’s the only one who can read the mad easily. He said that this is our way towards the next village.             “What’s that?” Elliot suddenly stopped as he raised his gazes and looked around the forest. We all stopped when Elliot spoke, I admit it spooked me out. I tried observing around to see what he is talking about.             I heard the leaves rustling harshly from a distance as if something is passing through it rapidly. And the sound is getting louder and louder as time goes by. It’s like something is approaching us fast.             “You hear it too?” I asked him and also everyone as I kept looking around to see what it is             “Yea… what’s that?” Elliot answered me softly and repeated his question             “I think it’s coming from over there” Lucy specifically pointed out a direction and her voice sounded so sure as if she saw or she heard it clearly. After a few seconds something came out from the green scenery and destroying everything that gets on their way.             They’re huge! I mean… what are those things… I mean creatures!?             “What are those?” Avery asked in his scared voice that he almost cracked             “Oh gosh! Those are mosquitoes! Big mosquitoes! And they’re heading towards us!” Darxi yelled yet fear is evident in his voice “Everyone protect yourselves!” he added. I wasn’t able to take anything at the moment as I can’t still process everything that I am seeing right now.             They look so scary! How can a mosquito grow as big as this? And there’s too many of them!             “They’re not just mosquitoes, look” Scarlett said horrified and pointed at something behind us             “Spiders!? Centipedes!?” Enzo screamed as he recognized what those are… oh my gosh! I hate these insects… they may be small but they’re dangerous! But now they’re not small anymore!             “Guys calm down, they are also level 2, let’s try defeating this hoard of insects… and arachnids, and those that has hundreds of legs…” Vic exclaimed as he raised his swords pointing towards them. I took a deep breath and started thinking properly and normally             “Ok” I answered him and took something from my pocket “Now, let’s face some action…” I added fiercely             Mirror… necklace, I wonder what it can do ahahahaha anyway, I learned power replication and affinity though, I can use it to protect myself. I just have to be brave.             “You guys attack, I and Darxi will stay behind you. We both still can’t attack, ok?” Elliot said explaining to us… I wonder what skills they have learned, maybe none of those were offensive nor defensive.             “ok, I’ll protect you Elle” Vic answered him and then jumped at the first mosquito that got near us. They fastly got near us so we engaged fire.             Ok, Affinity… how does this work? Oh gosh ahahahaha. Enzo attacked those centipedes using his instrument and his skill, I don’t know what it’s called but he’ll just use his voice to sing and then those centipedes explode. He’s strong, now he’s using his talent to protect himself.             I faced a spider that ran towards me, I opened my mouth sand the way Enzo did. I love how this game made me a great singer ahahahaha the pitch was so high and loud that the spider didn’t stand it and exploded.             “We have the same skill?” Enzo asked as he noticed             “No, I had power replication ahahahaha” I answered him and then sand again to defeat another spider             Scarlett shoved her hand calmly and it produced psyballs in it. No wonder why she didn’t get a weapon when she leveled up. Her power is great that she doesn’t need one anymore. She kept on attacking the enemies with just her psyballs, as she just comfortably stood there yet she’s killing a lot of mosquitos.             I raised my hand and did the same thing she’s doing. I started firing psyballs towards the spiders that comes near me. I made sure that I stood next to Elliot and Darxi so that I could protect them, at least. It’s what Scarlett is also doing.             “Nice one copycat!” Scarlett said and laughed at me, I smiled back at her and continued what I’m doing ahahaha why does copying feels so nice? Just kidding. I looked for Avery and see what he’s doing.             I saw him up in a wood holding a book while saying something… wait a minute, he’s casting a spell on the spiders! I can’t copy that ahahahaha there really are something that you can’t copy.             I spotted Lucy manipulating the trees and plants as she strongly attacked the enemies. She’s using the grasses and the branches to trap the mosquitoes down and uses an item to burn them out. I started controlling the trees around me and started smacking the spiders in front of me… ew gross ahahaha yet I continued smashing all of them             Reiven kept on teleporting around to avoid attacks from the insects. He uses his painting abilities to created daggers that stabs them to death.             “Hey Elle, Darx, use this so that you’ll gain points” Vic said as he tossed a sword to Darxi and Elliot so that they could fight too             “Thanks, I wanted to kick some ass today ahahaha” Darxi said and started slashing those mosquitoes that gets near them             “I just wanted an EXP ahahahaha” Elliot said and started doing what Darxi is also doing, seems like I don’t have to protect them anymore. I went back copying Scarlett since she has the most comfortable skill. I continued firing psyballs towards these spiders.               We managed to kill all of them. They vanished into thin air as they all got killed as if nothing happened in the forest.             “Thanks for this sword” Elliot said as he returned the sword to Vic, and then Darxi tossed it to him             “You’re welcome” Vic said             *You received 1432674 EXP*             *You leveled up to Level 3*             Woah! This is a lot of EXPs ahahahaha it’s a good thing that these insects attacked us, at least we gained a lot! Now I’m level 3!             *You leveled up to Level 4*             *You received an item, Replication Wristband*             Replication wristband? Is this really an item that I always receive? ahahahaha             *You leveled up to Level 5*             *You learned the skill: Powers via Object*             *You learned the skill: Energy Strike*             Yea! Level 5 yo! I learned powers via object, that means I’ll obtain power from powerful objects as I touch them when I have to, that’s cool! And energy strike, finally I have something that I don’t have to copy ahahaha             *You leveled up to Level 6*             *You leveled up to Level 7*             *You received an item, Mirror Sword*             I’m level 7, so quick, I was just 2 a while ago ahahaha and finally I have a sword that I can use   -Scarlett-             That was so exhausting, there were too many of those insects! And gosh, they were mosquitoes, spiders, and centipedes. They look hideous when they’re small, and now they looked worst when they got bigger. Good thing we managed to defeat them all.             *You received 1436193 EXP*             Woah that’s a lot of EXPs ahahahha did I really kill a lot of those monsters? This is a million EXP, I’ll level up high for sure             *You leveled up to Level 3*             *You leveled up to Level 4*             *You leveled up to Level 5*             *You leveled up to Level 6*             *You leveled up to Level 7*             *You learned the skill: Psychic Immunity*             *You learned the skill: Psychic Shield*             *You leveled up to level 8*             Woah! I’m level 8! I leveled up so fast, this is amazing, at least I’ve gotten stronger ahahahaha but again, no items received ahahaha   -Darxi-             I really wanted to participate with the action, sadly I still don’t have the skill nor a weapon that I can use to fight against those monsters. But at least Elliot’s with me ahahahaha we both got stuck watching the others fight.             Good thing Vic offered us to use his swords, at least we get fight for our own ahahaha             *You received 1357217*             *You leveled up to Level 3*             *You leveled up to Level 4*             *You leveled up to Level 5*             Yea, I’ve leveled up 3 levels ahahaha at least grew. This is amazing wish I would learn a skill that can attack or defend myself so that I don’t need to borrow from someone else.             *You learned the skill: Context Manipulation* *You learned the skill: Certainty Manipulation* Certainty Manipulation? This should do, I’d just manipulate the certainty of the attacker so that they’d miss, then I’m safe ahahaha I could get on with this             *You obtained an item, Curse blades*             So this is what I’m talking about! Course blades, nice… now I have something that I can use for offense.             *You leveled up to level 6*             Oh yea! Level 6!   -Raizen-             “That was quite a long… long fight! Look at the time ahahahaha” Elliot said telling us to look at our wrist watches. I glanced at mine to see what he’s talking about.Oh! it’s already five in the afternoon ahahaha that was very fast, I mean, did we just fought those monsters for like five hours?             After an hour it’d be dark and we don’t know what to do next. That really was a long fight, is it the time that is fast or the monsters were just to many that it took us that long? Ahahahaha maybe both, time runs fast here and those monsters were too many that we received million EXPs.             “Yeah, let’s get going… we don’t wanna spend the night in this forest after fighting a large number of insects… there will be more of them for sure” Reiven said inviting us all to continue our journey to the next village. Wait, I get it now, an hour here is just like twenty minutes in real life, that’s why it’s so fast.             So we’ve been fighting those monsters for like an hour and forty minutes, that’s still quite long ahahaha.             “You’re right, let’s go” Elliot said as he grabbed the map in his pocket and immediately opened it. He studied the map for just a second then signaled us to follow him             “How are you reading that map, can I see it just for a while?” Scarlett asked Elliot while we are walking             “Here… I just look at it… it’s already telling me where we are exactly and I just follow the path where we are going, I mean there’s a lot of routes but the map is telling me that those other routes are unavailable due to some reasons” Elliot handed the map to Scarlett and started answering her             Scarlett’s face shifted into a confused one as she stared at the map she’s holding.             “I don’t see anything” she declared as she flipped the map for several times and even shook it to check if it really has something written on it “Seriously, there’s nothing written in here ahahahaha” she continued             “Let me see…” Avery cut off himself and grabbed the map from Scarlett’s hands and carefully checked it             “Careful, you might rip it!” Scarlett hissed softly after Avery snatched the map from her             “Sorry” Avery apologized             “Maybe because the map is only for Elliot’s eyes ahahaha you know, it was given to him” Vic interrupted telling us about it             “Yeah, maybe ahahaha I only see some drawings, it really looked like a map but I don’t understand it, I don’t even know where the heck we stood in this map” Avery added as he chuckled and handed the map back to Elliot             “Because we’re standing here and not in the map” Darxi jokingly said ahahahaha he got Avery at that part, that was funny             “Yea, yea funny… obviously, what I’m saying is I don’t know where exactly we are located… geographically, or whatever it’s called in this game, when you look at the map” Avery said rolling his eyes and laughed             “Calm down! I was just joking…” Darxi said laughing ahahahah “And don’t geaographically-geographically me, I don’t even understand that ahahahaha” he continued that made us all laugh again             “Let’s just go faster guys, it’s getting dark” Lucy interrupted reminding us about the freakin’ time again ahahaha             “Yea, we know” Darxi said             “So how do you read that map again? Ahahahaha” Enzo spoke bringing the topic about the map again             “Well, uhmmm… when I received it, I only know each places as I look at the map, but a while ago, I reached level five and learned the skill pattern sense, so it added to the reading the map task… so I started to understand the map more” Elliot answered, so that’s it, the map must be really for him ahahahaha             “So the map reading task really is for you” I said             “I guess yea ahahaha” Elliot said and went looking at the map again
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