Chapter 21 : Multo III

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Chapter 21 : Multo III   -Scarlett-             We just continued walking inside the forest for quite a long time now, but so long like an hour or something. Yet our wristwatches say it’s already six in the evening and the surroundings went dark already.             “We’re getting near to the village, we’re just in time ahahahaha it’s already dark” Elliot said as he started folding his map and placed back to his pocket. Hayst, good thing we’re near, I’m not tired but I just don’t want to be in that forest when it’s dark ahahahaha             It’s already so scary even though there’s light, how much more when it’s dark right? It’s literally black in there, you won’t see anything, you won’t know what’s waiting for you. And just by the thought of that makes me creep out ahahaha             Good thing Elliot said we’re approaching the village, and we’ll get there in no time, so there won’t be a problem anymore. We walked a few steps and then after some time the village Elliot was referring to had already been exposed to our eyes. I automatically smiled when I saw nipa huts just like the other village, and there were also people everywhere.             New faces… haayyy it’s good to see people than to see giant spiders, mosquitoes, and centipedes… so this is what Nunong Lino said about the journey would be so dangerous. I have read so many stories about great adventurers, and things like this are common, so if you wanted to start one, you better get ready.             Good thing I read a lot about adventures, I restrained myself from freaking out when I saw those weird monsters and defended myself instead. Among us all, I’m the softest here, so I’m the most delicate and the one to be protected. This is one of the importance of reading books ahahaha you’ll learn some lessons that you can use in times like this.             We all walked together and entered the village silently. We’re visitors after all, we don’t want to have a bad impression towards the villagers. On the second thought, this is a game, the developers might have programmed them to welcome us ahahahaha.             Wait a minute… what is that weird feeling that suddenly arose inside me… I don’t know but as if someone is staring at us, yet I scanned the whole place. It seems like nobody has noticed us yet. What is that? I can’t describe but it feels like my chest is getting heavy, the wind seemed to be cold, and the ambience of the place is… spooky.             “This is weird, are you sure Elliot that we’re on the right place?” Darxi asked in a silent voice, it seems like I’m not the only one who felt that             “Yea, I don’t think this is the right place… it’s weird, I get goosebumps” Reiven agreed with Darxi, it seems like we all felt that             “I’m sure this is it… if this isn’t then the game should have prevented us to enter and not lead us here…” Elliot said and just continued to walk towards the village             “Maybe this is just part of the story line… you know” Raizen said and followed Elliot             “Yea… maybe this is the next quest that we have to do to progress with the story line” Lucy agreed with Raizen and signaled us all to follow them             “You guys sure about this?” I asked them before I go             “Are you afraid?” Lucy asked me directly as she looked into my eyes             “N-no I’m not ahahaha why would I be afraid?” I answered her as I snapped myself out of it and walked towards her             “Then let’s go…” she said and grabbed me with my arm and walked along with her             “I mean, who wouldn’t be afraid, the game wanted us to feel this way” I whispered at her yet I continued walking. The others walked behind us                         “Visitors!” I almost hopped out of shock when someone shouted that. I looked around to see who that was, he’s someone from the villagers that must have noticed us. He walked towards us probably to check who their visitors are. Just why the heck someone would suddenly shout right when we’re so scared here.             I thought I’d drop my heart when I heard him. He’s not that old, yet not that young. He looks like he’s in his mid-twenties or so. But still he looks young.             “Who are you people and why did you come here?” he asked us and looked at us intently as if waiting for us to answer.             “We are travelers sent by Nunong Lino to go to the Mountains of Limari” Darxi spoke answering that man’s question. His face suddenly shifted into his soft expression when he recognized us.             “So you are our heroes! Wow, it’s so nice to have you here in our village! Mabuhay kayo! Come here, come here” he exclaimed when he knew who we are and invited us to go inside the village. The eerie feeling somehow subsided when we followed the man. /Mabuhay kayo – Long live/             “Where are you bringing us? Guys, I’m still creeped out ahahaha maybe he was the one staring us a while ago and… oh no!” Raizen suddenly spoke as he panicked when he remembered that eerie feeling we all felt a while ago             “What?” Reiven asked his twin brother and looked at him raising his left eyebrow             “He’s gonna kill us! He’s probably leading us to his house where he’s going to s*******r us like an animal!” Raizen answered             “You being so over reacting… that’s what you get when you watch horror movies alone” Reiven said and laughed as he tapped his brother’s back             “No… seriously!” Raizen insisted             “Just shut up ahahaha” Reiven cut him off and just continued walking             We all followed that man as he led us to a nipa hut not far away from us             “This is where Nunong Ambo lives, he’s the eldest man alive in our village but Nunong Lino is still older” he said “By the way I’m Mario” he added introducing himself “I’m Nunong Ambo’s great grandson” he continued             “That’s nice, so Nunong Ambo really is that old” Enzo commented yet Mario didn’t even responded             “He would be so happy to see you” he said excitedly as he pointed a nipa hut             “How did you know us, anyway?” Vic asked him, like as if he’d answer             “Everyone knows you, we received messages through a messenger the moment you left Nunong Lino’s village” he answered Vic’s question ahahaha oh well, it seems that the developed programmed Vic to ask and Mario to answer             “Nunong Ambo felt very sad when the Power Gems fell into Lucio’s hands… he saw with his own eyes how our world also fell into darkness and sorrow” Mario started talking             “Why did no one stopped Lucio?” Lucy asked out of nowhere             “No one knew that Lucio is plotting something like that” Mario answered Lucy’s question “We’re here” he said as he climbed up the wooden ladder that led to Nunong Ambo’s hut             We followed him and climbed the wooden ladder then he opened the door that led us in.             “Good Evening Nunong Ambo, mano po” Mario said and took Nunong Ambo’s hand and led it to his forehead to do the mano. /Mano po - Mano or pagmamano is an "honoring-gesture" used in Filipino culture performed as a sign of respect to elders and as a way of requesting a blessing from the elder.             Usually performed with the right hand, the person showing respect may ask ‘Mano po’ or ‘[Pa-]bless po’ to the elder in order to ask permission to initiate the gesture. Typically, someone may mano to their older relatives upon entry into their home or upon seeing them/             “Nunong Ambo, the heroes that Nunong Lino have told us are here in our village” Mario said to the old man, Nunong Ambo looked at us after hearing that from Mario. He looked at us intently as if scanning our appearances to see if he’s mistaken or not.             Suddenly, he smiled at us and raised his arm and signaled us to come nearer him. We all entered the nipa hut and sat on the floor along with him. I sat on the corner near him yet he was not facing me.             “It’s so nice to have you here in our village… come and I’ll give you my blessing” he kindly greeted us welcoming us to his village. He moved his hand and grabbed his cane and placed it on his lap             “I bless you, our beloved heroes that you will have enough strength, bravery, and persistence upon your journey so that you will face every challenge with courage, and that you will learn from it. May our Bathalas guide you and may you succeed with your mission” Nunong Ambo said shortly and raised his cane             “Thank you so much” Darxi said after the blessing             “You are always welcome, by the way, do you have place to stay tonight?” Nunong Ambo asked             “Unfortunately, none Nuno” Darxi answered him             “Well then, Mario, look for a place for them to sleep tonight, so that tomorrow they will have enough strength to continue their journey” Nunong Ambo called on Mario and sked him to accommodate us             “But Nunong Ambo, all the Nipa huts in our village are occupied except Dita’s, do you really want them to stay there?” Mario insisted and mentioned someone             “Do you want them to sleep outside?” Nunong Ambo asked Mario back             “But…” Mario said yet he stood up in defeat as Nunong Ambo just stared at him blankly… what’s wrong with this guy? Doesn’t he want us here? Gosh ahahaha                         He led us to a nipa hut in a distance from all the nipa huts in the village, I don’t get it, why is this nipa hut far from the others… wait a minute. I have a bad feeling about this.             It’s like the eerie feeling is coming from that nipa hut!             “This nipa hut is where Dita once lived, that’s why we call it Dita’s hut” Mario initiated a conversation as we kept on walking. As we get closer, the eerie feeling keeps on getting stronger.
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