Chapter 21 : Multo III [continuation]

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            We climbed the wooden ladder and immediately opened the door as we enter, Mario placed the gasera on the table to arrange the place for us. I don’t know but I feel like I’m afraid, and nervous… and… I don’t know, what is this?             The door suddenly shut close behind us, that made us all look at it. I almost hopped at that sudden noise. No one was near the door so I wonder who did that?             “Who shut it?” I asked yet no one answered              “I-it wasn’t me” Vic stuttered as he answered after a few seconds, he’s the last one who entered             “Dita died a long time ago, here in this hut. No one knew how she died and why she died. We just found her dead inside here” Mario continued her story as if he didn’t notice the door shutting on its own             “No one lived here ever since” he continued             “What the heck!? Someone died here!? Isn’t that alarming to you?” Reiven asked him “Are you like, letting us stay here for tonight!?” he continued             “Nunong Ambo insisted, there’s no other place” Mario answered him calmly “It’s not that this is haunt—“ Mario suddenly stopped as the light from the gasera suddenly went out “Who did that!?” he exclaimed             “Oh my gosh, I knew this is haunted!” Avery exclaimed as everything went pitch black and I can’t see anything             “Here” Lucy said as the place lit up with floating fire above us             “Let’s get out of here!” Mario said as he quickly went to the door and opened it ‘It won’t open!” he yelled as he kept on pulling the wood that locks it             “What should we do?” Enzo asked             “Let me handle this” Vic said as he grabbed a sword from his pocket and slashed the door open, but it didn’t work “Stranger” he whispered             “How do we get out of here!?” Lucy asked as her voice trembled out of fear. I also am feeling an immense fear right now. I haven’t been in this situation.             All of a sudden the table flipped that caused a loud crash inside this hut. I screamed softly out of fear and grabbed someone I can grab. I am so frightened             The wind suddenly blew harshly inside the nipa hut yet there is no open window. It’s a mystery where it is coming from. The wind went spinning all around carrying away things it can carry             “Get out!” we heard a whisper yet it’s loud from the nipa hut, I don’t know where it came from             “How do we get out if you locked the door!” Elliot shouted             “Dita? Dita is that you!?” Mario asked as he looked around as if he’s talking to a person right now “If that’s you, please stop it now” he continued as he plead for the entity in this house to stop now.             “Talk to me” he added             The wind stopped and everything that had gone with it dropped on the floor, we are all now squeezed in one corner as we all got afraid with what happened.             The whole place went silent for I while and…. Everything went black.   -Lucy-               We suddenly heard a loud thud. We looked at it and it is Scarlett lying on the floor. Gosh, did she just faint out of fear?             “Help her out!” Elliot shouted then Enzo picked her up and placed her on the floor properly             “What happened to her?” Mario asked, we all shook our head implying that we don’t know. I was about to speak when she suddenly rose up and her face is blank             “Hey, are you alright?” Enzo asked and went near her, she just looked at Enzo and didn’t answer… oh my gosh, I’m getting creeped out right now “Answer me” Enzo repeated             “It was so long ago…” Scarlett spoke in a weird manner, it’s as if nothing scary had happened here and she just wanted to tell a story… oh wait a minute             “I think it’s not her” Mario said “Dita… Dita, is that you?” he asked, she just nodded without looking at him, her face is just firm looking in front of her and her eyes were blank and so is her expression             “I used to live happily in this nipa hut with my husband, Pangil. We were so happy back then. I thought I was the happiest woman alive. Until one day, I came back home and found him with another woman.” She continued telling the story             “I confronted him about it but he just got angry and forced me to leave, I didn’t want to leave our house! I took the knife and threatened to kill them both” she said as tears started to crawl down on her face             “But he’s stronger than me. He tried to take the knife away from me, yet I fought back and then I got stabbed in my stomach. I was pregnant at that time, and was about to labor when that happened.” She continued             “Everyone thought you killed yourself” Mario said after Dita spoke her story             “That’s what Pangil told everyone, that I am crazy and killed myself to get away from the crimes he made!” She started shouting and the wind blew harshly again, the wood windows and the door started to break open. Everything went flying around us, even the torch that I made worn out.             “I hate him!” she shouted again, I can feel her anger and sorrow as the house started to get destroyed             “I’m so sorry for what happened to you” Mario apologized to her             Suddenly the door finally broke open and we found Nunong Ambo along with others getting inside.             “Hold her down!” Nunong Ambo exclaimed. Vic and the others grabbed Scarlett and pinned her down to the flooe as she started going wild. She’s raging and everything got worst.             “Leave her body now!” Nunong Ambo shouted as he struck Scarlett in her stomach, a loud scream reverberated inside the nipa hut. He kept on beating her in the stomach with some leaves he’s holding and kept on repeating those words.             The other elderlies who were with Nunong Ambo started praying as Nunong Ambo did his work. Vic, Reiven, Raizen, and Enzo just held Scarlett down as she just went raging and screaming crazily. I am so scared.             “She’s so strong! I can’t hold her much longer!” Raizen said             “Just hold her down!” Vic said, Elliot ran to Raizen and helped him. The wind got even more furious.             Scarlett’s body is starting to levitate as she kept shouting “Get out of my house!”             “Dita!” someone entered ad called her. Scarlett’s body suddenly dropped, good thing it wasn’t that high and the boys somehow caught her. The wind stopped, the wooden walls stopped breaking and everything drooped on the floor. Nunong Ambo stopped too, as well as the others who were praying.             “You!” Scarlett screamed, yet her voice sounded distorted. It’s as if I hear two voices, maybe the other one is Dita.             “I am so sorry, please forgive. I made a mistake” the man said crying as he walked near her             “Pangil…” Mario whispered, so that’s the guy             “You killed me!” Scarlett or should I say Dita, shouted at him. He still continued to walk towards her             “I know and I am so sorry, I didn’t want to kill you. It was an accident, it’s my fault. I didn’t know what to do so I ran away” the man kneeled in front of her and hugged her. He’s crying so bad             “If I could just bring back time…” he added             “But you can’t…” Dita answered with only her voice yet it’s still Scar’s body             “If only I could do something…” he spoke. He suddenly grunted as if he was hurt by something. He fell on the floor then blood came streaming down his stomach. We all panicked, Mario ran to him and tried to cover his wound             “No… let me rest…” Pangil said preventing Mario to do whatever he will do. After that, Pangil’s teary eyes closed indicating that he already passed away.             “He’s dead” Mario said after checking a pulse. Scarlett’s body suddenly dropped on the floor again and her hand also dropped a large bolo that she might have used to stab Pangil.                         They brought Scarlett in Nunong Ambo’s hut while she was unconscious. Mario and some other men was left in Dita’s house to do what they have to do. While I cleaned up Scar’s body and just waited until she wakes up.  
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