Chapter 23 : Agta, Kapre, & Amomongo II

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Chapter 23 : Agta, Kapre, Amomongo II   -Reiven-             *You received 10360 EXP*             Wow ahahahaha now this is what I’m talking about! I knew this was part of the game yet I admit I got so scared that I can’t help but to scream. That was really out of this game. I don’t know what got into the developer’s mind to have it like that. But maybe that doesn’t seem to be so scary when we’re just playing the game.             And not being into it ahahaha.             *You leveled up to Level 8*             *You leveled up to Level 9*             *You leveled up to Level 10*             *You learned the skill: Picture control*             *You learned the skill: Enhanced crafting*             *You received an item, Magic Pencil*             Magic pencil! I have my sketchpad, I would just draw something in there and I wonder what happens. I am so excited, this game really knows what I wanted ahahaha it’s a boring game yet I’m liking it!             *You leveled up to Level 11*             *You leveled up to Level 12*             Oh yea! I wonder what level they are right now. Well, I can see it above their heads right now, I mean we all can. It’s being displayed ahahaha so Scarlett is the ace player as of now.   -Raizen-             *You received 10402 EXP*             That’s a lot of EXPs, but that isn’t fair! Ahahaha it scared the heck out of me, then I’ll only receive ten thousand? Just kidding ahahahaha that seemed fine now, at least I received rather than nothing.             *You leveled up to Level 8*             *You leveled up to Level 9*             *You leveled up to Level 10*             *You learned the skill: Power Absorption*             So I don’t have to copy anyone’s power anymore? I just have to absorb them, wait… what happens if I absorb them? Does that user lose his? I could use it to enemies, not on my team mates though ahahaha             *You learned the skill: Power Erasure*             And now power erasure, I could just erase someone else’s power right now… is it just me? Or I really am that strong, I always have that skill where I just copy then I just erase powers ahahahaha             *You received an item, Power Rifle*             *You leveled up to Level 11*             *You leveled up to Level 12*               “You better get moving heroes, Lucio doesn’t rest until he finally gets what he wants” Nunong ambo said after I received my prize after being scared last night. That’s my first time experiencing it, and from a freakin’ video game!             “Yea, thanks Nuno” Darxi said thanking Nunong Ambo and looked at us giving us the signal to move along. I noticed Elliot picking up something from his pocket, I think it’s the map.             “But be careful, the road you are going to take is very dangerous. This path led to the forest, where the Kapres live…” Nunong Ambo informed us about it. I know what kapres are ahahahaha I wanna know what they looked like, I haven’t seen one before, as if I’m gonna see one in a city filled with buildings.             “There were also Agta and Amomongo… I saw one before, and they really are so scary and dangerous. Be careful” Mario cut himself in as he agreed with Nunong Ambo. I have no ideas what those are, but whatever they are, they don’t sound likeable.             “Ok, we’ll take care of ourselves. Thank you for informing us” Elliot said as he raised his hand holding the map “Good bye” he added, we all followed him and walked towards the path that leads to the forest. I am feeling nervous at the same time excited right now ahahaha I wanna encounter those creatures and earn EXPs again!   -Reiven-             We started walking towards the forest that Nunong Ambo mentioned to have some creatures that we might encounter, so we better be careful. But whatever! We’ve encountered giant spiders, mosquitoes, and centipedes before, so that… might actually be a problem ahahaha.             Those insects were defenseless at all, so I wonder what it would be like to see those creatures. I saw them in tv shows already, especially during Halloween season, they are in stories everywhere. They looked so hideous and intimidating. They were also portrayed as someone who you wouldn’t like to meet in roads at night.             But I wonder what they’re like in this game, I think those tv shows are just exaggerating everything just to gain views.             “Wow… this forest really felt spooky” Scarlett commented as she wrapped her arms around herself and looked around the forest             “Be careful, you might faint again ahahahaha” Enzo said and laughed as he cracked a joke about what happened to Scarlett last night             “Shut up, it’s not my fault. That was part of the game” she said as she rolled her eyes against Enzo “And thanks to me we reached this levels” she added “Now, I’m the strongest one ahahahaha just kidding” she continued bragging about her level being the highest among us             “Well thank you then ahahahaha” Enzo answered still joking around             “Shhhh” you heard that?” Elliot shushed them both as he heard something, we just walked until we entered deep into the forest making it dark and silent. Now it adds more to the scary vibes I am now feeling.             “A-are you sure you hearing something?” Darxi asked him cracking his voice… gosh this game never failed to give us chills, but this would not be this scary if we only play the game, and not be inside the game ahahahaha             “Hey what’s that smell?” Raizen asked as he sniffed and sniffed into the air             “Yea… you smell it too?” Vic confirmed what Raizen is saying… but I really don’t smell it right now, I don’t know what they’re talking about             “I don’t smell anything…” Avery commented as he also tried sniffing the smell that these two are talking about             “It smells so sweet… I don’t know, fruity flowery. Gosh, I can’t describe it, but it smells so good!” Darxi exclaimed as he also smelled that one             “I smell cookies, like one my mom bakes!” Vic exclaimed as he got excited with the smell             “Let’s follow it” Raizen invited the two of them             “Hey don’t go! It’s dangerous out here so we better stick together…” Enzo whispered to the three of them but they didn’t even listen, they just continued sniffing the smell and started walking “I really don’t smell anything             “Hey come back here you three!” Elliot shouted silently calling them but they seem to not care about it             “Oh wow! Flowers!” Scarlett exclaimed as she pointed towards something, I saw flowers in that direction but it didn’t seem to attract me             “Flowers? Where!?” the other girl exclaimed asking where the flower was, Scarlett pointed it as she giggled in excitement             “Let’s pick it up!” Scarlett excitedly hopped along with Lucy as they run towards it             “Hey! You might disturb some entities there, come back here!” I called them the same way Elliot did the other three but same as them, they didn’t seem to care             “This is just a game Elliot! There won’t be any!” Lucy shouted back as they continued running towards it             “Wait a minute! Nunong Ambo just said that we have to be careful in this forest… there are Kapres… and what are the other two that Mario mentioned?” Avery asked us as he remembered what the two villagers warned us about             “It was Ag-agta, yea it was agta” I answered him that made his eyes grew big             “And Amomomonggo” Elliot answered the other one             “Amomongo!?” Avery exclaimed as he recognized what it was             “Oh yea, sorry ahahahaha” Elliot laughed at his mistake             “Gosh! They’re being lured by it!” he exclaimed that alarmed the four of us here             “What do you mean!? Speak quickly!” Enzo demanded as he leaned towards Avery and stared at her             “That smell… that smell that they were talking about! It was from a Kapre, and gosh it’s not sweet that’s the Kapre’s strong smell!” he answered hysterically indicating that there’s something bad’s gonna happen to them             “Those flowers, from Agta! They lure women through flowers! Let’s go after them quick!” he added as we started pulling something from our pockets to defend ourselves "But Agtas aren't harmful though, they just love pulling out pranks against humans"             “That’s why they acted like being hypnotized!” I concluded and grabbed my sketchpad and my magic pencil “Thank goodness you’re smart and you knew it” I added pertaining to Avery             “Lucy! Scarlett! Snap out of it!” Enzo shouted as he headed to where the two girls headed             “Vic!”             “Darxi! Raizen!”             “Where are you!?” we started shouting as we tend to split up to chase both parties that went off when we heard breaking of branches near us. Our attentions were diverted into it as we saw a hairy monster who looked like an ape but he’s just as tall a Vic.             It fastly approached us so automatically aimed towards it. Elliot started firing it with his gun, yet it shot energy balls. He’s damaging the creature yet it seemed to be very strong that as if Elliot’s attacks were just scratches to it.             “Guys, where are you?” I spoke through my mind and tried to connect with the others who were not with us, I learned telepathy at level 5 ahahaha I started drawing spears and sword to rain it over this creature             “Where here fighting this hideous creature, I think it’s what they call Kapre!” I heard Vic responding to my call             "We had to remove our shirts and wear it inside-out just to keep out of it's control, gosh!" Darxi cut himself in             “Oh thank goodness you’re safe, keep safe ok?” I replied after what they said... so it really is the Kapre             “We’re also dealing with this creature here, so this must be the Agta… the heck! From now on I hate flowers! he's making fun of us!” Scarlett answered and her voice sounded irritated             “Me too!” Lucy said cutting herself in, I just kept on drawing spears to attack this monster, this must be the Amomongo… good thing I’m damaging it.             “Guys, they’re safe, they’re fighting the other creatures… I hope they’ll defeat it, especially the two girls” I said as informed them             “That’s good…” Enzo answered as he generated an earthquake right into the monster, the ground where he stood cracked open that made him stumble and large branches fell into him. Yet he growled loudly and managed to get out of it. Avery continued casting spell on him that makes him suffer a lot too.             After a few moments the Amomongo just fell on the ground and suddenly vanished into thin air…             “Whoo~ that was kinda fun ahahahaha” Avery said returning his spell book in his pocket             “Yea and a little bit tiring” Elliot agreed with him “Good thing I never run out of ammo” he added             “It’s nice of you to have something you can use already” Avery commented on his gun             “Yea, I received this Psy-gun at level 11” Elliot answered raising his gun and showing it to us             “Where are the others?” Enzo brought up that made the other two look at me             “They’re—“             “Hey!” we heard Vic calling us, we turned to him and saw the three of them, Darxi and Raizen, running towards us             “That was epic! Wahahahaha” Raizen said as they approach us             “Do you know what happened?” Darxi asked as they stopped and rested themselves over some piled branches             “Yea we know, we were attacked too just as we were about to run after you” I answered them             “Next time don’t just go off like that” Elliot said             “Sorry Elle ahahaha did you worry about me? Don’t worry, I’m safe now” Vic said as he walked near Elliot… I really am sensing something about this guy… hmmmm….             Elliot didn’t answer him, he just rested himself and took a deep breath             “How did you do that anyway?” Darxi asked pertaining to me             “What?” I asked him back             “You spoke in our minds!” he answered exclaiming it             “Ahh… that’s what we call telepathy, dumb!” I playfully answered him ahahahaha “I learned it at level 5” I continued             “How about Lucy and Scarlett?” Raizen asked as he noticed the absence of the two             “Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed and tried to connect with them “How are you now? Where are you two?” I used telepathy once more and tried to talk to them, but they’re not answering             “They’re not answering” I said as I hopped to go to the direction they went a while ago, then everyone followed                         “Scar! Take cover!” I heard Lucy shouting, then we heard Scarlett’s scream, we saw the two of them fighting two creatures and the other one is bigger than the other, it's another Kapre             “It’s the stage boss!” Elliot said and then started shooting his psy-gun towards it again. Everyone started attacking the creature helping the two ladies ahahaha             As we came Lucy was constricting the larger Kapre with some thick and thorny vines she used while Scarlett used a force field to cover herself when the smaller one, the Agta strongly struck his arms towards her.             Woah! Vic’s sword looked amazing! Every s***h he makes, it glowed in fire and even caused fire into the creature! Darxi also came slashing the bigger creature that Lucy was fighting a while ago with his blades in both his hands. They fought fiercely while I just sat here and draw some earth golems to helps us.             Raizen went punching the Agta with his fists that seemed to be made of stone that caused a strong impact to the Agta. He’s like flying in the air as he jumped and glided in the air attacking the Agta.             And with the last punch of my earth golems, both the Agta and the Kapre fell on the ground and vanished all of a sudden. We all dropped ourselves on the ground gasping for air. 
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