Chapter 24 : Anggitay, Sarangay, Sigbin, & Tikbalang

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Chapter 24 : Anggitay, Sarangay, Sigbin, Tikbalang               Anggitay - The Anggitay is a creature with the upper body of a female human and the lower body and legs of a horse from waist down. They were the Philippine counterpart to the centauride, the female centaurs. They are also believed to be the female counterpart of the Tikbalang. They are sometimes depicted as having a single horn in the middle of their forehead, just like a unicorn. They were usually said to be attracted to precious gemstones, and jewelry. Their homeland is believed to be in Santo Tomas, Batangas.             Sarangay - Sarangay is a creature resembling a minotaur with a jewel or gemstone attached to its ears. When the Spanish first heard the story in the 17th century, they thought the legends described the Greek minotaur. Sarangay is described as half bull (specifically, a male water buffalo) and half man.             Sigbin - The Sigbin or Sigben is a creature in Philippine mythology said to come out at night to suck the blood of victims from their shadows. It is said to walk backwards with its head lowered between its hind legs, and to have the ability to become invisible to other creatures, especially humans. It resembles a hornless goat, but has very large ears which it can clap like a pair of hands and a long, flexible tail that can be used as a whip. The Sigbin is said to emit a nauseating odor.             Tikbalang - or werehorse is a creature of Philippine folklore said to lurk in the mountains and forests of the Philippines. It is a tall, bony humanoid creature with the head and hooves of a horse and disproportionately long limbs, to the point that its knees reach above its head when it squats down. In some versions, it is a transformation of an aborted fetus sent to earth from limbo. -Raizen-             *You received 3546 EXPs*             *You leveled up to Level 13*             *You leveled up to Level 14*             *You received an item, Curse sword*             Oh! Another item ahahaha that’s nice, at least I leveled up again. Looks like the others too.              We rested for a few moments after defeating the enemies. But don’t get us wrong, Agta is a nice creature, though they don’t look nice. But they are just creature who silently watch human and how they live. They also warn fishermen not to go fishing if it’s dangerous, if the fisherman doesn’t listen they would throw a tree on the fishermen’s way so that the fisherman can’t go fishing.             But they do pull out pranks on human like playing at them, hiding their things, and so on. They just happened to be someone we needed to defeat so that we could have action in this game ahahahaha.             “Ok, let’s go” Elliot said as he stood up and quickly got the map from his pocket. He started walking back to the place where we stopped a while ago. That must be the track that we have to follow.             "Yea, we better get going or we'll have to camp out here and sleep with the Kapres ahahahaha" Darxi said jokingly as he started following Elliot. I also stood up and so as the others then followed them.             It's still afternoon, the battle wasn't that long. And I think we're still halfway out of the forest. It's so deep, I can barely see the sun. But it's not that dark, it's just the normal afternoon scenery that we usually see. I just love how fresh the air is, so this is what the forest smells.             It's so fresh, and it gives me a refreshing feeling that I love so much. I wish we still have this thing in our place. Sadly we don't have it anymore. Whenever we have places like this, they would turn it into subdivisions, our some commercial spaces.             And they never replace those trees and plants that they cut off.              We just continued walking for a long time now, while I enjoyed myself looking around the forest and appreciate how nice it is. Except there are creatures here that you wouldn't like to meet. Just like those creatures we fought just a while ago ahahaha              "Are we there yet? We've been walking for a long time now" Avery said asking Elliot about how's our trip going. We don't actually feel tired at all, this is just a game. I can't even believe that we can fight like that ahahaha I don't know about them, but I never done this before.             I only learn it in games, and it's so much fun doing it. It's so fun being the one doing it and not just controlling what we see in the screen.             "Not yet, it says here that we're still kind far from the next village. I don't get it either, why does the developer has to make it zigzag when he can just make a straight path... he's making me dizzy reading the map" Elliot said just walking while his eyes are on the map             "What the heck ahahaha" Vic commented "Are we like... going around circles around this forest? Because though I don't, I wanna say I''m tired already ahahaha" he continued as he stopped by his track               "Then say it" Elliot sarcastically said as he looked at Vic with his eyes half closed               "I'm tired, let's take a rest" Vic said then dropped himself on the ground and took a deep breath. Weird ahahaha did he just do what Elliot said without even minding him? The others started to sit down as well just like what he did and.... yea, for the first time, I felt tired.                What's going on? We shouldn't be feeling tired right now                "I'm feeling tired too" Reiven said after he sat down, Elliot just shrugged yet he also dropped himself on the ground just like us                "There... I said it" Vic said as he turned to Elliot with a weird smile forming on his lips                "Whatever! This must be a part of the game, that's why it's happening. Just wait until something gets here" Elliot said defending himself                 "Just shut up you two! All you do is quarrel every time you meet. Why don't you just stop for at least now, we need each other" Lucy said irritated as she probably got tired of hearing them                 "I can stop, I don't know about Elle here. He always starts it" Vic said still keeping the grin on his face as if he's teasing Elliot                 "Ok, just shut up" Lucy repeated herself as she leaned on a tree near her. We spend our few seconds sitting there doing nothing. What the heck is this? I sighed at the thought of just sitting here, though I know that we are really having our rest.                 "Wait, you guys hear that?" we all turned to Scarlett as she suddenly asked us                  "Woah this must be it!" Darxi exclaimed as he hopped to make himself stand up                 "What is it Scar?" Elliot asked her back to clarify what she meant                 "I don't know but it sounded weird, but it's not that far. I just don't know what it is" she answered looking around. I looked at my wrist watch to see what time is it now, it's still three in the afternoon. It's not that dark, so I hope that's not another creature again to attack us ahahahaha                 After sometime, we heard some people talking indistinctly in a distance. They're walking towards somewhere and it seems like they didn't notice us so we hid ourselves so that they won't see us. I don't know but, we automatically hid behind trees and bushes as we secretly peeked at them.                 "Who are they?" Enzo whispered to us asking who those people are. They were armed with swords, maybe the reason we felt they're not likeable or something.                 "Let's follow them" Elliot said as he hid from tree to tree following those men. We also did the same thing he's doing being too careful that they won't hear us.                  They stopped in front of a cave and stopped as if they're talking to each other. Elliot signaled us to come near them pointing at a large stone probably telling us to hide there.                 "I am sure this is it" a man said pertaining to the cave                 "Lucio would be very happy when he finds out that we found the cave that he was talking about" another man answered. I knew it! I knew there's something odd with this guys. That's because they are Lucio's men, our enemies!                 "Who'll enter first?" a man asked them, there were like ten of them, ten or eleven... I don't know how many exactly they were. I was very careful so that they won't see us                 "You enter first!" one of them exclaimed pushing another man                  "No! You go first!" he insisted as he stopped "I don't want to encounter that ugly creature that lives there!" he mentioned                 "What ugly creature?" Lucy whispered as she heard that                 "Just listen" Darxi whispered back at her that made her look at the scene again                 "What creature? There's no creature in there!" the man who pushed him angrily said and pushed him again towards the cave. As soon as the man fell to the ground due to the force, we suddenly heard as if there's a horse running inside the cave.                 The man quickly stood up and grabbed his sword. After a few seconds a strange creature went out of the cave. It's upped body is a woman, and her lower body is of a horse! What is she?                 "Anggitay" Avery said as she saw that creature "It is known to hoard golds and jewels, but they're not harmful. Just don't do anything that will make them feel threatened" he added                 As he just said that, those men started attacking her. She was so defenseless, yet they kept attacking  her with their sword! Gosh, those men really are so evil!                  "They're after the treasure!" Scarlett said. Out of nowhere Vic jumped to the creature's rescue. He started slashing his sword against those men hurting the Anggitay. We all followed him and helped fighting against those men.                 Good thing, the Anggitay is still alive and the she just had some wounds due to the attack, yet she still looked miserable with what she went through
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