Chapter 25 : Anggitay, Sarangay, Sigbin, & Tikbalang II

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Chapter 25 : Anggitay, Sarangay, Sigbin, Tikbalang II   -Scarlett-             I heard a clicking sound yet I didn’t look at it as I got focused on what is happening in front of my eyes right now. Gosh, these people are evil, no doubt that their boss is too… they were surely after that treasure that the Anggitay is holding. I pity that creature that they mercilessly attacked.             I almost dropped my heart when Vic hopped above the rock and then landed near those mean attacking the Anggitay. He got those men’s attention that made them stop hurting the poor creature. As soon as they realized why Vic is standing there, they started attacking him.             The others went towards them and helped Vic fighting those men with their own skills. I quickly teleported towards that are and attacked those men with psychic attacks driving them away. There were like twelve of them giving them the advantage since their number is greater than ours.             Plus, the fact that they are all adult and their body is bigger compared to us. They’re muscular and it seems like they are used to fighting using their swords. I extended my arms towards them and kept on producing psychic attacks that will hit them. I grabbed the crystal ball from my pocket and hold on to it.             The crystal ball would add power to my attacks yet it slows me down. That’s fine at least it gives them more damage than I can give them. The other’s fought fiercely as well, especially Vic who’s very good at using his sword which glows greenish whenever he slashes it, then water just comes out of it.             It’s a good thing that Elliot already has his gun so that he can fight already. He continuously shot those men as he kept avoiding those blades that those men strike at him. Darxi also demonstrates his incredible strength and speed as he attacks them with his curse blades. He also wears his anting-anting that adds up his accuracy and defense.             The opponents receive painful wounds that eats up their flesh whenever they get hit by Darxi’s curse blades. Just like Elliot, Raizen continuously shot those men with his rifle and it’s even faster than my heartbeat. He just stood there aiming at them and it seems like he never misses his shots.             We just kept on attacking them until we suddenly stopped then those men backed out and ran away from us.                “You will not get away with this!” one of them shouted as they weakly backed out continued running away from us and headed somewhere             “Wait until I tell Lucio about you, you better prepare yourselves, fools!” another man from their company shouted at us, yet none of us seemed to care. They received many wounds and bruises from us that made them back out. So weak, they had greater number against us ahahahaha yet they’re so coward.             If this is in real life, they should be dead by now.             And just look at them run away like a child hurrying to report to their boss whatever happened here and about us. It’s such a shame to be defeated by kids, right?             After they fled away, we hurried to the Anggitay who’s lying weak on the ground, she’s crying in pain as her wounds bled so much shedding a lot of blood. Enzo stepped near her and started singing beautifully so that the Anggitay could hear it.             The poor creature stopped crying at that moment then her wounds started to heal… like heal magically, in an instant.             “How do you do that?” Vic asked him as soon as he finished singing. I don’t understand the lyrics, it seems like he’s singing something in a different dialect that none of us knew             “I just learned Musical healing at level ten, so might as well use it on her” he answered then stood up. The Anggitay stood right after him and went inside the cave fast that we never had the chance to follow her. We stared at the cave for a while and then we heard a loud growling coming from behind us.             “Sarangay…” Avery said as he saw what was coming “It’s the Philippine version of a minotaur” he continued, the Sarangay suddenly emitted smoke from its nose just like a bull when it’s angry… it must be angry!             “Is it harmful or not?” Reiven asked as the Sarangay slowly approached us and his nose continued to emit smoke, his footsteps were loud and heavy making us more fearful             “Does it look like it’s not?” Avery asked him sarcastically, everyone prepared themselves whenever the Sarangay would attack us “Wait… the jewels in its ears… they’re gone! That’s why it’s angry.” He added noticing that             “Sarangay also has sacred jewels hanging in its ears. These gems purportedly possess superpowers and if anyone tries to steal them, the thief is guaranteed of a gory death” he said and then paused “Who stole his jewels?” he asked all of a sudden             “What the heck, I don’t want a gory death!” Vic exclaimed as he held his sword tight             “Who stole his jewel?” I asked “Is it the Anggitay? Or those men who tried to steal the Anggitay’s treasure?” I added             “Who knows?” Raizen said “Here it comes!” he shouted as the Sarangay jumped towards our direction. But as soon as he jumped, he just passed through us and ran towards the direction where those men ran             “That answers why he’s angry and who stole his jewel” Avery said as he took a deep breath as a relief that we just got saved from a gory death…             “What’s that…?” Lucy suddenly asked right after the Sarangay left… hayst what now?             “What’s what?” Enzo asked him “Don’t scare us, ok?” he added             “No seriously, can’t you hear it? It’s a strange sound, as if something is looking right at us…” she said explaining herself             “This game has a lot of suspense and a surprise element… I’m not scared, I’m just nervous of what’s coming now” Vic said as he looked around to check the area             “There it is!” Lucy pointed at something running fast towards us, it’s so strange it’s like it’s body is backwards… I can’t explain             “Sigbin!” Avery yelled “Now, that’s another dangerous one… it’ll eat us! Protect yourselves” he said for the second time we prepared ourselves for the attack             “It smells rotten, yuck!” Elliot complained as he was about to vomit             “There’s another one!” Lucy pointed another one coming. It looked like a horse, it’s just in a standing position like a human, and I know exactly what that is             “Tikbalang…” Avery called, he’s right. I read so many things about it! Gosh, this really feels so scary when you actually see it “Another dangerous one, we’ve been too noisy, we must have disturbed them” he added             “We forgot to say tabi-tabi po or makikiraan po ahahahaha” Darxi said laughing at the situation             “Too late” Lucy said. Our ancestors used to say that those words are effective so that these creatures won’t bother us. It just means ‘excuse me’             Both of the creatre suddenly vanished into thin air and there were no traces of them, except we still smell the rotten odor of the Sigbin and the smoke that probably came from the tikbalang. We carefully looked around to see where they were and the next thing we knew is that the sigbin came attacking Darxi.             He fell on the ground as the sigbin went above him trying to bite him. He just tried to push him away. Serves him right about laughing in situations that aren’t funny. Just kidding ahahahaha             I quickly fired it with my psy attack causing it to be thrown away from Darxi.             “Thanks” he said as he stood up and fixed himself. We then heard a horse neighing, we turned to it as it came attacking us, good thing Lucy blocked it with a large stone boulder that she earth-bended. We started attacking both the creature using our skills.             Enzo grabbed instruments from his pocket and started playing it making the sigbin fall many times and hit itself hardly on the ground. Reiven continuously attacked the sigbin along with Enzo as he used his Magic art to create swords stabbing it multiple times while Darxi kept slashing it with his curse blades.             The sigbin was too fast as it managed to run towards us and scratched us. Gosh, it hurts! Yet we didn’t stop attacking it. It whipped its tail hitting us causing another damage. This creature is kinda strong! I quickly grabbed my magic ball to increase my attack damage so that we could finally knock it out.             It clapped its ears strongly created a force that dropped us on the ground. It really is strong! It ran fast towards us and scratched us again before we could stand. It made us drop on the ground once more, I covered ourselves with my psy-shield to prevent it from coming near us.             We stood up once again and started attacking it for the second time. After a few minutes of attacking it, it suddenly dropped on the ground and vanished into thin air. Hays, that drained my energy. My wounds still hurt.             “You guys alright?” Avery asked us as they went running towards us. They must have defeated the Tikbalang already. I looked around to check and they really did.             “Yea, we’re fine… those creatures were kinda strong!” Darxi answered as he kept on panting catching for his breath “They really are dangerous!” he added             *You received 5861 EXP*             *You leveled up to Level 14*             *You leveled up to Level 15*             It notified as we sat down for a while to take a rest. We suddenly heard the same noise we heard when the Anggitay went out of the cage. We all stood up and looked at it.             Why do I feel like it’s smiling at us? It slowly went near us. We then heard the roar of the Sarangay who must have finished taking down the thieves. It went running towards the Anggitay and stopped in front of us. I wonder if this creature talks.             “It seems like they wanted to tell us something” Lucy said as she stepped forward to face them. I noticed that the Sarangay already has his jewel back in his ears, that’s why he’s calmer now.             “What are they saying?” I asked her as she stared at them for a while, Lucy has animal magic so    she must have understood them somehow             “Nothing… they’re just thanking us” she said             *You received 1772 EXP*             *You received an item, Moon Pendant*             *You leveled up to Level 16*             *You learned the skill: Enhanced Psychic Attacks*             *You leveled up to Level 17*             Wow… I leveled up again, in just s single event ahahahaha and now I learned enhanced psychic attacks, I wonder how much damage I can give when I use crystal ball into it ahahahaha. This is great! At least I have moon pendant. I wonder what this thing does.   -Lucy-             I think they wanted to tell us something… I wonder what it is, they shouldn’t have come here if they don’t have something to say             “It seems like they wanted to tell us something” I said then walked towards them so that I would understand what they meant. I learned Animal magic at level five, and these creatures are animal hybrids, so I think I would understand them. I just stared at them and tried to decipher them.             I felt like they wanted to say thank you, but I really don’t know what exactly they are saying. These creatures don’t speak, and I don’t speak their language so that must be it. Let’s assume ahahaha             “What are they saying?” Sacrlett asked me, I turned to them and shook my head             “Nothing… they’re just thanking us” I answered             *You received 1910 EXP*             I knew they’re thank us ahahahaha             *You leveled up to Level 15*             *You leveled up to Level 16*             *You learned the skill: Earth Magic*             *You leveled up to Level 17*             That’s what I’m talking about ahahahaha now I have earth magic, only one left to complete the elemental magic. I already have fire and water. I already leveled up a while ago after defeating the tikbalang and I grew to level 14 where I received the Nature sword. 
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