Chapter 52 : Siyokoy

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Chapter 52 : Siyokoy   -Elliot-             We quickly walked out of that place after that incident happened, well, not to escape but to continue the story of course ahahaha. We’re actually leaving the place right after we finished our business in there. It’s just that the berberoka made us spare more time as we needed to get done with it before we leave.             I guess it’s a quest extension under this village ahahaha. Though it was very amazing doing it, it’s so funny seeing Vic being dragged into the water as if he’s like… whatever, I was worried but that really was so funny. I was stuck between thinking if I would laugh or not.             I don’t want to sound offensive at all, I don’t want to made Vic angry over me because I know that I won’t like him to be angry. So I chose to act worried, but that isn’t plasticity or something ahahaha I was really worried, after all that was such a horrible experience. Imagine being dragged by a water monster into its territory and try to kill you.             Vic was so brave that he wasn’t afraid at all, he wasn’t alarmed as if he could take it on his own. I wish I had at least half of his strength or at least half of his confidence. Well, he’s also lucky that Lucy was there and that he was able to help him too. Just imagine those villagers who also get caught by those monsters, no powers and no someone to help them.             As I looked at the map, it pointed us to the direction on the shore. I wonder why we were led here and not on the port in the village. Maybe because we have to take and alternative route where Lucio’s men won’t see us since we were told that the next village we’d be going is also infested by them just like the other one.             “Why are you leading us here?” Darxi asked as he noticed that we are walking straight towards the sea “Did you plan on having a swimming first before going to the next village? Ahahaha” he asked as he also thought that same thought I was thinking a while ago when I saw the beach ahahaha I wish we could do that here but…             “If we clear the whole beach from any creature that could possibly harm us, then we can go swimming…” I said allowing him but if he only makes sure that we can safely do that…             “Oh right ahahaha so why are we here?” Darxi said agreeing with me             “I bet we have to take another way so that no one could see us… you know” Avery answered him for me, which is also the same thing that I thought ahahaha gosh are they reading my mind “We’re heading to a village where our enemies have conquered so we need to get there without them seeing us” he added explaining it to them.             So how are we going to get there now…? I started looking around to see whatever we could use in order to get there. Well, all I see are trees, they're everywhere. But aside from that, I don't see anything else. Gosh, there got to be something we could use in this place.             "Hey, obviously we needed a boat, could someone suggest how do we get one, or you know, how do we make one?" I said asking them for their suggestion as to how we could make it to the next island. I looked at them one by one when Reiven raised his hand... oh right!             "Well, these tress seems that it can be cut off, we could use them to make our boat" he said pointing at the tress that I saw and mentioned a while ago. He's right, he can make things out of scratch, I almost forgot. He already made one into a chair.              "Then go... just chose the right tree you'll cut down, I don't wanna get victimized by something anymore... so, yea, let's just go" Enzo said that made us all look at him. Yea, about that too ahahahaha. Scarlett and I started laughing about it.             "I'm sorry about that ahahaha" Lucy said as we all remembered that time when he was the victim of the nightmare monster, I just forgot the name... was it batibat? it was like that, or its? Well, never mind... we all laughed remembering that, but I think it's not about the wood, it's about the story.              "Vic, come with me... you too Lucy. You two help me get those woods that I need to make our boat" Reiven said as he pulled the two with him. Reiven went to the woods and started choosing his choice of wood with Lucy's help and let Vic cut it off for him.                         The rest of us waited for them under a shade of a tree until they come back with the materials he'd be needing to this one. I sat on the ground leaning myself on the tree. It feels so comfortable, I'd like to have a good nap. Gosh, this is so amazing.             "We're sailing to the sea not long after Reiven creates that boat, we already met two of the sea creatures, and I bet there are more out there, so we need to be careful" Avery said informing us, I do notice that those two we just met are water creatures.             And we're approaching the sea, it's quite wide, so the possibility of meeting the sea creatures are very high. Well, part of the story line I guess. But he's right, we need to be careful, after all, it's their territory, we're just trespassing. They obviously have the advantage against us.              "Yea, I haven't met the mermaid yet... we must be seeing one in this game, and the other creatures that would devour us and keep us in their stomach for many days and would just spit out whenever it feels like it" Darxi suggested though he sounded he wasn't serious             "Yea, If that happens, we'll use you as a bait so that the monster's attention would be diverted to you and we all could get away" Raizen said and started laughing and his laugh sounded as if he's teasing him. Darxi's eyes was narrowing as he stared at Raizen.             "Whatever, I'd make you the bait before you could ever make me one" Darxi clapped back. The two of them looked like they were children fighting about who would get the candy and who wouldn't' ahahahha they looked hilarious. I'm not in the mood to speak right now, I'm in my rest.             As he gathered everything he needed he positioned himself to start making it into a boat. He was doing it magically, obviously because he's using he's powers to do it. We just watched him silently as he did it. We all looked like a child getting amazed by an adult's tricks that he's showing us.              Well, I admit, he looked very cool doing it. He's just raising his hand while the magic does all, the woods started cutting themselves into something that he would probably be needing, I don't know about it. So I just watch him silently.             Thank goodness he had a skill like that, if he didn't have that skill, then I don't know what will happen to us. I bet the boat we'd be making will be a complete trash ahahahaha. I don't have any idea how to make one of those, I only know making paper boats.              I suddenly felt the drowsiness that I was having a while ago, I couldn't help it but to close my eyes and just wait for someone to wake me up. I'm sure someone would wake me up when he's done. I just feel so comfortable here, it's more comfortable than my bed, though this isn't really a bed.             Maybe because it's under a tree and it's in a beach. The air was so fresh and cool. You can't blame me for taking a nap while the other one is making the boat for us. I know I am asleep right now, but my mind is still working.             I could even hear them talking and how Reiven is working for the boat. But I can still feel the comfort this tree is giving me. I love it here, I wish Vic would sit right next to me and we could feel it togeth---wait what? What did I just said? Oh my gosh!             Never mind, I don't care if he sits here anyway. This isn't my property at all, so everyone is allowed to join me. Gosh, my mind is so loud ahahaha. Now, I can feel my strength and my energy going high again. I feel like I can defeat thousands of enemies ahahaha Just kidding.             "Hey Elle, wake up, it's ready" I heard someone calling my name. I quickly opened my eyes and saw Vic smiling in front of me. I smiled back at him and covered my mouth when I suddenly yawned. He extended his arm towards me to help me get up.             I held his hand and then he pulled me up. Gosh, that's weird. His hand felt so rough, but I like it. It's so manly, maybe because he plays basketball and it made his palm like that. It's so warm and wonderful, I wanted to hold it but it would be very weird.             My eyes quickly searched for the boat that Reiven made, then I just saw them pushing it to the sea. It's a simple row boat made out of woods but it looked durable because it's handmade by Reiven ahahaha I turned to Vic as I motioned my head to follow them.             The two of us ran towards them then rode the boat when it got to a deeper part of the sea. Each of us got our paddles leaving Vic none at all. There were eight paddles that Reiven made, obviously one of us is lucky not to bother rowing.             "Hey, I'll do that, you just sit there" Vic said as he went to me and held the paddle "On my lap..." he continued whispering it to me             "What the heck!?" I exclaimed yet I didn't make it too obvious so that I won't get the others' attention             "Just kidding ahahaha I'm sorry" he said as he laughed "Let me do the rowing, you continue your nap, you can lean on my shoulder" he said as he winked at me... gosh, what's gotten into him?             "Elliot, I actually made that for him, I just thought that it'd be difficult for you to row while holding the map so I didn't make you your paddle as you would use your hands and eyes for the direction" Reiven told me so I let go of the paddle and let Vic have it             "Well, I guess you're not sleeping on my shoulder this time ahahaha" he said getting from me              "Whatever" I said and then rode the boat. Vic followed me then they all started paddling. I took the map from my pocket and analyzed it to point at them which way we should be going. I was sitting on the edge, while Vic was sitting in front of me. I just looked at him paddling while his muscles in his arms get flexed whenever he moves it.             "Hey, it might melt down because of that stare" I heard him saying             "What?" I just asked             "Nothing, I just said stop staring at me like that" he repeated. Everyone looked at us with a weird smiled on their faces. What's wrong with these people?             "I wasn't staring at you... shut up" I just said and returned my focus back to the map "There, the right way is there, just keep rowing" I said  
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