Chapter 53 : Siyokoy II

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Chapter 52 : Siyokoy I   -Darxi-             The boat that we’re riding suddenly moved as if something hit it from below. That’s weird… I bet it’s another creature attack. But now it’s a lot more different since we’re at sea, and I bet it would be more difficult to fight since this isn’t our territory at all. It’s so difficult since we have to swim, to struggle for our breath, and to fight all at the same time.             Though this boat is kinda large to turn upside down by that movement, we still got alarmed. Even if it’s a sea animal or what, it won’t have an effect like that. Whether it’s a dolphin or whatever. It won’t hit us that way or that strong. As I was about to look over the water, the boat was once again shaken by something.             But now it’s a little stronger than before. What is it that makes me think that it’s after us and it’s purposely doing it. I really am feeling it, knowing this game and its story, no doubt it’s something else. I looked at everyone who probably thinks the same with me. Their faces say that they’re worried too.             “Whatever that is… we have to stop it from bothering us…” Vic said as he kept rowing. I continued doing my task while listening to them. We better have a plan for this one, a better plan since it would be difficult for us to move in this sea             “There are two creatures that I suspect, it’s between a sirena or a siyokoy…” Avery suggested telling us about it. I know what a sirena is, they’re very famous in movies and television shows. I just don’t know what siyokoy exactly is. There are so many versions about sirena, yet I know that it’s the universal mythological creature, the mermaid.             It’s obviously its English translation ahahaha sirena is mermaid, which I think that siyokoy is a merman.             “But that strength isn’t of a mermaid, that’s quite strong, whereas mermaids doesn’t even attack like that. They just try to lure men as they sing beautifully, I don’t hear--- woah!” the creature hit us again that interrupted Avery as he spoke about his thoughts “I just wanna say that it must be a siyokoy” he shortly said as he looked over the water             “Whatever… I’ll go check it” Lucy said as she stood up and prepared herself to jump off the sea. As she was about to do that, a creature suddenly appeared out of nowhere as it jumped above us from the left going to the right side of the boat as if it was a dolphin.             Normally we should be mesmerized by seeing it above us, but we literally gone speechless as we saw how terrifying it looked like. It was as if everything went in slow motion allowing me to see every single inch of it. I got goosebumps all over me and felt chills down to my spine. How horrific it was.              It was in a mix of blue and green in color. It was also muscular and it's very scaly. It had fins everywhere and it's face was terrifying. I can't stand looking at it. I can't believe that it's that scary, I haven't seen such in movies, it looked so different.             "What do we do?" Enzo asked as he obviously got scared with what he saw. I can't blame him, I also felt scared. If that creature flips this boat outside down, we would all fall to the water that will just make it easier for him to target us. I don't want that.              "First, what is that? Is it the famous siyokoy that we know?" Lucy said as he looked at us as if she really didn't know... gosh, who wouldn't know it? first glance, first thought, you'll know you're correct. Unless you're not a Filipino. Avery just nodded at her as an answer.             "What do we do about it? It seems dangerous, and it seems strong too" Enzo repeated his question. As soon as he finished the siyokoy once again attacked our boat as he bumped into it again. He really is so strong as he manage to shake us just like that.              "Do we fight it?" Scarlett asked while continuing to row "Oh my gosh!" she suddenly shouted as took a peek towards the water on her side "My paddle's broken" she said turning to us while pulling her paddle and showed us how badly damaged it is.             "Ok... let me handle this" Raizven said as he stood up and picked up something from his pocket and then there came a rifle from it and then aimed towards somewhere. He started shooting continuously towards the water aiming for the siyokoy, perhaps.             "Ugh! It's so fast...!" he grunted yet he kept on firing his rifle wherever the siyokoy goes.                          "Hey watch out! you might hit us..." Lucy said as we all braced ourselves as he went all the way to the other side almost hitting us. Yet he kept on shooting as if he never wanted to stop "Gosh, you gotta stop now... let someone handle it" she added             "Ok, whatever... it's just so fast, I can't keep up, plus the water reflects the sun so much, it's so difficult to see" he added as he sat down putting his rifle aside             "Tss... you just can't hit it that's why your blaming to everything..." Reiven said teasing him              "Do you want me to shoot you too?" he asked irritably              "Bro... calm dow--- woah!" the siyokoy attacked us one more cutting of Reiven whatever he was about to say. This time it got stronger and it almost flipped the boat upside down. It hit us one more time then I felt water under my feet.             "Oh my gosh, guys we're sinking...!" I said as the water slowly went up and they must have felt it too. For the third time, the siyokoy attacked us causing a major destruction upon our boat. It suddenly broke open that cause us all to jump.               The siyokoy attacked it again causing the boat to break into pieces, thank goodness we aren't there anymore. We all quickly got each wood to hold on so that it would help us swim towards the shore. I grabbed one near me and watched out for the siyokoy.             "Gosh, I can't swim! I can't swim!" Raizen shouted, I quickly got my elemental ring and wore it so that I could use the water to defend myself against it. Then I got my psy-gun to arm myself. I went under the water and searched for the siyokoy. Surprisingly enough, I was able to breath underneath.             I swam all around and I was kinda fast too, not to mention that I wasn't that good at swimming either. I noticed a quick movement headed towards someone's feet. I aimed my gun towards it and started shooting. It was the siyokoy and I managed to scare it away.             "Guys, head up... the siyokoy is still out there!" I shouted reminding them all that the siyokoy is still alive.It's very powerful here in the water... it's also very fast that our attacks doesn't hit him, we should keep him out here so that we could defeat it.             "How do we keep it up here from the water? It's just so unbeatable when it's underneath" I asked them as they all started to swim towards the shore             "How come you can hold your breath that long?" Raizen asked as he might have noticed that I was under the water for a long time. As my response, I raised my hand showing the ring on my finger. He just nodded when he understood it.              "What the...!" Scarlett exclaimed as she quickly covered herself with a force field that pulled her up from the water while looking down on it. I quickly dived and saw the siyokoy just near us, specifically her. She started shooting energy balls from her hand down to the water.             But the siyokoy is just too fast to avoid it.              "It's too fast, it just avoids all our attacks..." I said stopping her from wasting her energy "That's why I'm asking you all how we make it out of water" I added             "I know, does anyone here do electricity? you know... let's fry this freakin' fish... I'm starting to hate it" Raizen said asking us all. I raised my hand showing my elemental ring, as well as Vic and Lucy "Ok, you all create a short circuit into the water, it'll surely go up with that" he added             "How about us? we're in the water..." Enzo asked             "Scar, can you let us all in?" he turned to Scarlett who's inside her shield... well, that should do it.                   "Yea, come in..." she said as we all swam towards her while she's expanding it to accommodate all of us             "Surely, that siokoy would go up to avoid getting electrified, Avery you create a barrier on the sea to keep t from coming back, then let's all attack, ok?" he said while we're swimming all the way to Scarlett. As we all got in, he signaled us the three of us to start it.              We spotted the siyokoy going near us under the water, so I struck electricity with my ring towards the water, Vic took a sword which sparks with electricity from his pocket and placed it in the water as Scar created a hole for it, then Lucy started helping.             "It seems not being affected..." Elliot said as it took us several seconds yet the siyokoy haven't came out yet... Raizen kneeled down and started doing the same thing Lucy is doing... what? he can do it too? How come? And I admit it's a lot stronger.             "I know, I know... magic adaptation... and it doubles the power from who I copies" he said motioning his head towards the three of us. Seconds later, the siyokoy jumped out from the water just like what it did earlier with out boat, it's just higher than how he did it before.              "Now Avery!" Raizen shouted making Avery cast a spell on the sea that kept the siyokoy from coming back to it. The four of us stopped and the force field disappeared, then the other started attacking it. The siyokoy already lost almost half of its health maybe due to what we did, plus it's somehow paralyzed making it unable to move.             It suddenly drop dead on the sea then quickly vanished from our sight meaning we finally defeated it. The shield Avery created disappeared that caused us to sink in the water. I quickly swam upwards and caught my breath.              *You received 2421 EXP*             I received a notification. I quickly closed it and started swimming towards the shore along with the others. We're already quite near the shore though, just a few more swim. I was so moved by Raizen, his plan actually worked ahahaha.             As we were swimming, fishes started floating in front of me... no-no, around me. Oh my gosh, this mast have been cause by the short circuit ahahaha we electrocuted them.             "Look, we killed innocent fishes... gosh" Scarlett said as they all noticed it             "It's dinner!" Raizen shouted defending himself, he started picking up all he could lay his hand. I also tried picking them up when suddenly something notified me.             ~It looks like these fished can be cooked, want to get some?~ it asked, it really is dinner ahahaha I started picking them up and placed it inside my pocket. I quickly checked my pocket to see how many I got, there were eighteen already, I should at least have twenty.             ~Fish is a low-fat high quality protein. Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and a great source of minerals, such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium~ it says             ~x1 fish is equivalent to x3 Defense, x2 Special Defense, x3 Health, x1 Attack, x1 intelligence, x3 Speed~ it says... I guess this is an aftermath of Razien's plan and it's kinda very helpful ahahaha             "Well, this fishes come in handy though" Scarlett said as everyone started gathering for themselves too.   
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