Chapter 54 : Siyokoy III (incomplete)

341 Words
Chapter 53 : Siyokoy II   -Vic-             We arrived at the shore safely… thank goodness, nothing worse had happened to us. Though our boat just got ruined and all. but whatever, we can make another one if ever we will need it again. There are plenty of woods everywhere, but if one of us died, we can’t create another one anymore.             That siyokoy had his advantage since we’re in his territory. He was so strong because we’re battling him in his zone, so obviously and if you’ll come to think of it, we don’t have the chance to win. But sometimes you got to be smart and use his own comfort to destroy him, and that’s what we did.             Good thing these people here with me are so strong that I’ll take care of our offense and defense while they take care of our plan and strategies. This must be the place where we will be going as it seem like Elliot is not having a violent reaction against it. He just kept looking at the map in his hand studying it, while the rest of us took our rest.             I just stared at him as he looked at the map, he seemed to be so indulged with it that he didn’t notice me looking at him. Well, I don’t want startling him either so I kept myself low key yet my eyes are fixed upon him. Hayst, this is so difficult. Whatever, I know I’m fine with it.             He must be trying to plan how we would enter the village. I bet he does, he still doesn’t notice that I am looking at him, I just feel so relaxed whenever I do this. I wonder what else can we do to save the next village. I bet those men who escaped must have reported it to them already. Now we got Lucio problems too aside from creatures ahahaha.
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