Chapter 41 : Batibat, Mambabarang, Mangkukulam VII

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Chapter 41 : Batibat, Mambabarang, Mangkukulam VII   -Avery-             “My dove knows how to spot a witch as well as I do, we’ll defeat as much witches today. But we have to finish them all without being too obvious. So we have to do it fast before they could ever notice” the albularyo said as he leads us the way with his pet dove.             We’re running towards a specific direction behind the nipa huts so that no one would notice us. Enzo and Scarlett are left in Mayari’s nipa hut along with Elliot. I wonder how Elliot’s doing now, I hope nothing wrong would happen in there. we should do this quick before anything worse would happen.             “Look…” Vic called us as he pointed towards somewhere. We all stopped and looked to where he is pointing right now. It’s the old woman that we’ve been looking for! She’s the one who cursed Elliot, now we found her. He signaled us all asking if we attack now or not. The albularyo signaled him to go.             I quickly casted a spell on her to keep her from moving. Obviously she froze from where she’s standing.             “I’ll go to her!” we heard Reiven speaking yet I don’t see him anywhere “I’m invisible guys, I drunk an invisible potion, she shouldn’t see me for five minutes so I should quickly bring her inside her hut” he said then we heard silent footsteps that I think belonged to him.             Few seconds later, we just saw the old woman being carried to her nipa hut. We all quickly ran next to them to start destroying everything she uses for her black magic. As we entered, I noticed something boiling as if she’s cooking something but it’s not. I ran to it and casted a destruction spell upon it smashing it into pieces.             “That’s what she used to your friend” the albularyo said pertaining to the one I just destroyed, he must be fine by now. The curse is already gone” he added. The others started destroying everything inside her nipa hut.             “No you don’t!” I heard the old woman speaking. She quickly grabbed something and started attacking us with something stopping us from doing our job. She’s attacking us with some force that causes us to fly away. It’s so strong that we can’t withstand it. The albularyo and Kabli was thrown outside harshly yet the witch didn’t stop.             “I’ll help them…” Lucy said as she ran outside for the two             “Vic, Avery!” Darxi called us, I turned to him to listen with whatever he’s going to say “You deal with her while we destroy everything here, ok?”             “Copy that…” Vic responded as he jumped towards the old woman slashing his sword towards her causing her to fall to the floor. Yet despite her age, she quickly managed to stand and defended herself. I quickly casted a spell in her so that she would let go of that thing in her hand.             It seemed to be her staff where she stored her power.             “Vic… I’ll bind her, you try cutting her tongue ok?” I said asking him to do that while I do my part             “You guys do it quick… the hut’s starting to burn” Raizen said as he pointed to that part where I destroyed the boiling pot. The fire she used started to spread slowly burning her hut down.             “Let’s do this Vic” I said as I casted a spell on her binding her on the floor so that Vic could cut her tongue. She kept on struggling to get away from my spell. She started chanting something, as soon as she finished, she easily got out from my bind and pushed us all away. What did she do?             “Let’s do it again!” Vic said as he hopped back to the old woman while I casted a binding spell on her once more. This time, I did it a little stronger so that she won’t go off again             “Do it quickly Vic, she might escape once again” I said asking him do it faster             “And the hut’s already burning… let’s get out of here!” Raizen repeated, reminding us again about the fire. I looked at it and almost half of the hut is burning so we should get our immediately             “I’ll go outside to make this unnoticeable” Reiven said as he quickly ran outside to do his thing             “You guys run outside now!” Vic said making Raizen and Darxi follow Reiven             “Ok, but promise us that you guys follow us too, ok?” Darxi said as they both ran outside. Vic is having a hard time cutting off the witch’s tongue since he doesn’t know how to do it. Plus, the witch doesn’t cooperate too.             “Gosh, this is so difficult!” Vic exclaimed as he kept trying to do his job. I casted a spell to pinch the old woman’s leg causing her to open her mouth and shout in pain. Vic quickly took the chance to do it. I’m telling you, that scene was so gross and I don’t want to see it again.             We both ran outside as the nipa hut started to burn down. As we came outside, we only saw a tree instead of the burning nipa hut. I looked at Reiven as he smirked, so this is what he meant with making it unnoticeable.             “The nipa hut already burnt into ashes yet all you see is a tree…” he bragged   -Scarlett-             After they all left, Enzo and I just sat down while watching over Elliot. Mayari is busy with her child while Dian went inside as he said that he’d be preparing a dinner. We just sat here doing nothing, even Enzo sat on the chair next to where Elliot is lying down. We’re just waiting for them to arrive.             But I think it’ll take them a lot of time before they come back since they will be after a lot of witches. I wish I would be in the scene with them, but I have to check on Elliot until he feels better. The whole nipa hut is so silent, only the noise of the child and the whistling of the wind is heard all over.             “Hey is this the chair that we made?” Enzo asked as he trailed his eyes all over the chair             “I think so, you’re the one who carried it all the way here right?” I answered him confirming it to him if it really is. After all, he knows it because aside from Reiven, he’s the only one who laid hands on it.             “Well, yea, this is it. I’m the one who placed it here ahahahaha” he agreed with me as his hands roamed around the chair while looking intently at it “It looked amazing” he added appreciating it. I can’t blame him, it really looked cool knowing that we made it, those people who knew nothing about making one.             “Yes it is. I never expected that there will be something like that in this game” I said as I smiled at the thought. Well, aside from teaching us our culture, it also thought us to make a chair too ahahahaha just kidding, Reiven used his skill by making it anyway. Not totally manually, if that’s the case then I don’t think we’d do it.             “Well, I better rest while waiting for them, wake me up if something happens ok?” he said as he laid down on it and closed his eyes             “Ok… just be sure to wake up” I said nodding my head allowing him to do what he want. I can defend myself and the others on my own anyway. I also have my power, and I know how to do it. He started sleeping while I kept my eyes and ears open for anything that would happen.             I noticed that Elliot had moved a little few hours Enzo had gotten into sleep. I automatically looked at him checking if he’s awake or not. A while ago, as the others left, Elliot immediately fall asleep. That must be part of the healing process, so I didn’t worry. He didn’t look like he died anyway ahahaha.             He changed position yet his eyes are still closed. Seconds after he opened it and looked at me.              “How are you doing now, Elliot?” I asked as I turned to him when I noticed that he moved a bit trying to meet my gaze. He looked up and finally saw me looking at him too.             “I’m fine now, where are they?” he answered me as he smiled faintly and got up “We should go after them…” he added looking at me “Wait, where’s Enzo?” he then asked as he looked around             “Oh there…” he said as he turned to the chair next to him and stood up. He prepared himself as if he really wanted to go after them             “Are you sure you’re alright?” I asked him again stopping him to go one more step             “Yea, I sure am alright. Don’t worry about me, it’s either what the albularyo had done to me worked, or they already killed the witch who cursed me. I don’t know, but I’m sure I’m fine now” he said explaining to me as he turned to meet my gaze. He looked at me directly into my eyes as if he really meant it             “Alright, but I just want to tell you that they were gone for a long time now. The village is quite big and it will be difficult for us to find them. If we go now, they might be done with their job if we find them” I said explaining to him that we better stay here and wait for the others to come back             As Elliot and I chatted, I suddenly noticed that Enzo is struggling about something. I turned to him to check what’s happening to him.             “Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed as I saw him literally struggling but I don’t know what it is             “What?” Elliot turned to me then to Enzo “What’s happening to him?” he asked as we both ran towards him. Mayari might have noticed that’s why she placed her child on the chair properly and ran to us. We check on Enzo while he’s struggling to breath and he’s like, I don’t know he seemed to be having a bad dream.             “He’s having a nightmare… we have to wake him up!” Mayari said as he looked around for something to wake him up “There!” she pointed at a pail of water from a distance. Elliot quickly ran to it and picked it up, he then splashed the water on Enzo’s face yet he still didn’t wake up. Gosh what are we going to do             “How are we going to wake him up?” I asked as the water failed to do it             “Dian!” Mayari called her husband who immediately came and check what’s happening             “He’s having a nightmare…” he repeated what Mayari said a while ago “That chair! Where’d you get that?” he asked us pointing at the chair that Enzo laid down. I was trying to wake him hoping that he’ll do. if he won’t wake up now, he’d die. I don’t want any of us to die in this game.             “We made it…” Elliot answered him             “So you’re the one who got the word from the forest?” Dian assumed asking us the exact way we got the long chair, but why did he look suspicious towards us as if he knows something?             “Yes… we cut the tree from the forest” Elliot answered him again confirming his assumptions             “I knew it… you might have chosen a tree where a batibat is dwelling” he said then looked at Enzo “If you can hear me, bite your thumb to get out of the batibat’s influence” Dian said trying to talk to Enzo though he’s sleeping. I can hear Enzo grunting in pain while his eyes are close. Though I think he hears us.             “Come on Enzo do it… try doing it!” Elliot said yelling at him so that he could hear and do it             “Or try wiggling your toes, do it quick” Dian then suggested Enzo to do other than biting his thumb             “Do it Enzo, do it!” I said as I shook his head so that he’d hear us. Gosh, this is so tense. I could feel my hands shaking. I hope Enzo hears us and do it.             I noticed his shoes moving as if he’s wiggling his toes. He heard us!             “Look!” I exclaimed pointing to his toes as it kept moving just like we told him. After a few seconds, he suddenly got up gasping for air while his sweat is dripping down his face. He’s so red and wet right now, I see his struggle. 
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