Chapter 40 : Batibat, Mambabarang, Mangkukulam VI

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Chapter 40 : Batibat, Mambabarang, Mangkukulam VI   -Lucy-             We all got alarmed when Elliot suddenly cried in so much pain. I guess the witch already did her curse towards him. It’s already getting dark outside, I looked at my watch and it’s already six in the evening. We were so worried that we gathered near him watching him as he suffered from the curse…             “I’ll call the albularyo!” Dian exclaimed as he hurried outside the nipa hut to call that albularyo that he was talking about. We stayed here watching over him. Gosh, he’s so pitiful to watch, I hate seeing people being like that             “Gosh! It hurts so much…” Elliot groaned loudly making us hear how he is suffering from it. we can’t do anything but to watch him go that way “It’s like… my stomach is being squeezed! It hurts so much. I think I can’t handle it…” he added holding his stomach while he kept on squirming around             “Hold on Elle, the albularyo is coming… he will help you” Vic said trying to encourage Elliot to not give up             “It hurts so bad! I think I’m gonna die” Elliot answered as he opened his eyes then it started to water             “My gosh…” Vic whispered as he looked away from Elliot as if he doesn’t wanna see him hurting like that             “Where is he?” we heard someone speaking that made us all look at them. It’s Dian with two other men coming towards us. I guess one of them is the albularyo. They continued walking fast towards our direction. Hey, the other one looked familiar, he’s the guy who we spoke a while ago.             The one who told us about the witches and stuff. I wonder why he’s here… he must have remembered what Elliot have told him a while ago so he came to check.             “Everyone, this is the albularyo that I am talking about” Dian said as they came and introduced the man next to him. He just nodded his head and looked at Elliot intently.             “Help him please…” Vic stood up and looked at the albularyo asking him to do his job for Elliot             “Tell me how you feel…” the albularyo said as he went near Elliot and sat on the chair where Elliot lies             “My stomach… hurts so much! It’s like it’s being squeezed or something!” he answered still in so much pain             “Do you somehow feel so hot as if you’re burning?” the albularyo asked him as if he knew something             “Y-yes… I do somehow…” Elliot answered as I noticed how sweaty he is already             “I knew it…” the albularyo said nodding his head slowly             “What is it?” Dian asked the albularyo as he walked near us and watched what’s happening             “Several people had already came to me, and all of them had the same thing going around them…” the albularyo answered as he looked at all of us “I suspect that there is only one person doing this” he added as he looked at Elliot once more.             “So you mean you know what happened to him?” Vic asked him             “Yes… did you give someone one of your belongings?” the albularyo answered looking at Elliot also asking him if he did that but I don’t think so. It was that old woman who took a strand from his hair             “No, I didn’t. But an old woman whom I angered at the woods took a strand of my hair, and that must be the thing she used for me” Elliot answered him confirming his suspicions since this morning             “Then that hair must be the one she used to cast a curse on you” the albularyo repeated him “That witch must have put your hair into her doll and tied a rope in its stomach causing you to hurt your stomach as if it’s being squeezed” he continued speaking             “Gosh, enough talking just do your job…” Elliot said as he kept on squirming around while writhing in so much pain             “If we don’t do something immediately, your skin might burn because she put that doll in a boiling water that’s why you’re feeling hot” he added that made me roll my eyes. They why isn’t he moving now? Ahahahah right?             “Then what are you waiting for!?” Vic shouted at the albularyo yet he seemed like he didn’t hear Vic at all             “Kabli… give me that” he said as he called the other man with them. Kabli handed him something as he started chanting something inaudibly. We don’t exactly hear what he’s saying but it seems like he’s uttering a prayer or whatever it is. He’s just holding some leaves and a small bottle which seemed to be an oil.             After a few seconds, he removed Elliot’s hands from his stomach then moved his clothe showing his stomach.             “You put it in his stomach…” he asked Vic to do it and gave him the bottle of oil. Vic took the bottle from his hand and started wiping it on Elliot’s stomach. After he did that, the albularyo placed the leaves carefully on it then but back his clothe to cover it             “How are you feeling now?” Vic asked Elliot as he touched Elliot’s head             “It still hurts…” Elliot answered   as he let go of his stomach and lied on the chair comfortably yet his face still shows how much he’s hurting right now             “Don’t worry, it’ll be gone soon…” Vic said trying to comfort him. Vic stood up as he faced the albularyo and the others with him “Does that lifted the curse? I mean, that thing you did, did that make the curse gone?” he asked clarifying everything             “I don’t know… but the witch who made this is so strong that I can’t stop her” the albularyo said sadly shaking his head off “All those people that consulted me kept going back for two to three days because the curse kept on coming back. I can’t stop that witch” he continued explaining to us             “Yes… that’s why I asked you to help us stop that witch from hurting more people” Kabli cut himself in stating his reasons why he asked us this afternoon to help him defeat the witch. Well, that tells me that he isn’t a witch too ahahahaha “In fact, my wife had also been bewitched with the same witch you’re saying…” he initiated             “We kept coming back to the albularyo to ask for his help because my wife always cries at night due to immense pain. I hate seeing her like that…” he added telling us his story             “I see, that’s why you asked us to kill the witch a while ago” Darxi said confirming that Kabli is no one to suspect             “Yes… I really wanted this curse to stay away from my wife. So that she’d live a normal life again” he answered Darxi while looking at him intently             “Let’s go and find that witch now…” we heard someone spoke, it’s Elliot and tried to stand up yet we can all clearly see how weak he is that made him barely stand at all             “You should do that, find her now, and kill her once and for all” the albularyo said “But not for you…” he added as he looked at Elliot “You can’t do it right now, you should rest” he continued. Vic went to him and laid him back to where he lied before. I can see bitterness in his face because he can’t go.             “He’s right Elliot” I said as I helped Vic upon putting him back “You should stay here and get some rest, we’ll take care of that woman” I added looking at him. He surrendered quickly as he laid himself comfortable on the couch and looked away. Poor guy ahahaha             “Please be careful…” the albularyo said as we prepared ourselves to go “She might be very dangerous… if you get to her house, destroy everything she uses to perform her rituals, then burn her house, make sure you don’t leave anything behind” he added advising us what to do             “Alright… we’ll do that” Reiven said agreeing with him             “Take this with you…” he said as took something from his pocket and showed it to us “It’s my medallion, I’ll let you borrow it for now so that you’ll be protected from her power” he said then handed it to Vic. As Vic received it, we all had medallions in our hand just like what Vic had in his hand.             I quickly wore it and put it around my neck just like what the others did.             “Avery…” we heard Elliot again calling Avery. We all turned to him to see what he wanted to say             “What?” Avery turned to him asking him what it is             “You have spell negation right? Try it on me, it might work” Elliot suggested so that he could go with us             “Gosh Elliot, you’re so hard-headed ahahahaha just stay here and let us do this, ok?” Vic said as he sat down sp that his eyes would level with Elliot’s “Don’t make me worry” he added             “I’m not, don’t make yourself worry” Elliot snappily said despite his condition             “What the heck…” Vic gasped as he looked away for a while and then back to Elliot and paused for a while “Just lie there ok? Don’t do anything” he said then stood up again             “I can’t do it if I don’t know what spell was casted to you though the albularyo already explained to us what happened to you… but let me try it first” Avery responded as he touched Elliot in his arm. We waited for a while until Avery would finish his job             “I can’t’…” Avery said as he took his hand away from Elliot “I doesn’t work that way” he added shaking his head off in disappointment             “We better hurry and kill that witch” Raizen said calling us all             “How do we kill that witch anyway?” Enzo asked before we all went out of the nipa hut             “You have to tie that witch in her nipa hut, cut her tongue off, then burn her along with her nipa hut” Kabli answered Elliot             “There are also a lot of witches around here aside from that one. what do you think they would do if they knew that one of them is killed?” Mayari brought up reminding us that there are more than one witches who dwell in this village. And she’s right, the others would either leave of take revenge.             “Right…” Dian said as he remembered “What are we going to do with them?” he continued as he asked the albularyo             “We also have to kill them…” the albularyo answered “If that’s the case, then we’re going with you to help you find the other one. I know how to spot them” he added cutting himself in the lineup ahahahaha “Dian and Kabli you also have to come with us, we’re going witch hunting” he continued as he turned to the other men             “There has to be someone to be left here for Elliot and Mayari…” Darxi said suggesting since all of us will be leaving. We looked at each other deciding who will be left and who will go             “I’ll stay here with my wife” Dian volunteered which the albularyo quickly agreed “With the two of them” he added pointing at Enzo, and Scarlett             “Ok, we’ll stay here in case something happens here” Enzo said nodding his head allowing him and Scar to be left here “Be careful as you go ok?” he added looking at us             “Yea, be careful” Scarlett repeated him             “You too…” Reiven said returning them their reminder. We all quickly left with the lead of the albularyo and his dove. I bet the dove will tell us the direction since it as ahead of us and the albularyo seems to be following it. 
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