Chapter 39 : Batibat, Mambabarang, Mangkukulam V

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Chapter 39 : Batibat, Mambabarang, Mangkukulam V   -Raizen-             “We were sent by Nunong Banoy to give something to his daughter…” Darxi stepped forward as he said that, the man who came out of the house just looked him intently “He said it’s a gift that he wanted to give to his daughter” he added slowly measuring the man’s reactions if he’d believe or not.             “Mayari is not here… he went to get something. She’ll be back soon” the man answered as he smiled at us. Of course he knows, he’s an NPC, the developer programmed him already, there’s no way he’d think that we’re a scam delivery or something. We’re not bringing them harm anyway.             “Oh, we’ll just wait for her here then, until she comes back” Enzo said responding to what the man said             “Then come inside… you wait for her here…” he said and motioned his hand implying that we go inside his nipa hut, though it’s huge just like Nunong Banoy’s. or it seems like, it’s the same nipa hut, just in different location. We could stay in the terrace just like where we stayed at Nunong Banoy’s.             “She will take a while before coming back… she went to the market to buy some vegetables. I was left here to watch for our child” the man said as we all entered his nipa hut and sat on the chair in the terrace             “I’m Dian, by the way… Mayari’s husband. We’ve been living here for a long time now. We moved from the first village since we’ve been feeling something off coming from that place. I just thought that it’s no good for my family, so we moved here” he initiated a conversation             So my worries about Nunong Banoy’s daughter, Mayari, being a monster is gone since her husband already said that they moved before they could become one. Initially, I doubted her since her sister which happened to be the one who first talked to us from that village is also a monster. Now, I know that she is not.             “Yea… good thing you moved” Elliot said nodding at Dian             “Why?” he asked right after Elliot finished speaking             “You were right about that place being dangerous. Just last night, we killed half of the villagers as they all turned into monsters, one of those monsters is their village leader himself who happened to be the person asking us to kill those monsters for them” Elliot answered with a smirk on his face             “Oh really? What the heck was that ahahahaha so he’s a goner now?” Dian asked as he snapped out chuckling with what he heard             “Yea… he’s one of them, and so as Mayari’s sister” Avery said confirming it to him that caused him to stop for a moment and looked at Avery intently             “M-mayari’s sister? You mean Mawari? She’s a monster too?” he asked unbelievingly as if he can’t believe it             “Yea… we were also shocked with what happened, she helped us as we got to that village, we didn’t expect that she’s a monster too” I answered him remembering that time when she brought us to Nunong Banoy when we first came to their village, and she really looked innocent, no trace of a monster             “Where is she now?” he asked as he shifted his gazes from Elliot, then to Avery, then to me waiting for us to answer his question             “Also gone…” Vic sadly answered him for us. Dian’s face was so shock and sad             “Mayari would be very sad to hear that, they were so close” he said shaking his head off “I just knew that there’s something wrong going on in that village, and that’s why we moved” he continued             “And you were right… how come you didn’t bring Mawari and Nunong Banoy with you and Mayari, anyway?” Reiven asked him why he left the two of them there since he already knew that this would happen             “They insisted on staying there. we already convinced them to come… but they didn’t, they wanted to stay there” he answered as he looked at us with his innocent eyes indicating that what he’s saying is real “What kind of monster were they anyway?” he asked             “Busaw…” Avery shortly answered             “Busaw?” he asked as if he knew what that was “I heard they purposely give food to their neighbors to turn them unto busaws too… those villagers were also victims of the monster himself” he said as he looked at us             “Victims that we also have to eliminate… if we left them and kill the one who turned them into that, the problem would never stop” Elliot added to what he’s saying “They’ll keep on looking for human as their food, and if that village runs out of food, they’d move to this village and to the other…. Until they make it worse, right?” he added              “I know… I’m just so sad for them, if only they knew that busaw exists in that place, then they shouldn’t have to be like that” the man said as he looked down “Thank goodness we moved here before we became monsters ourselves too, if not… I’m sure we’re one of those monsters you just slain” he continued             “Yea… I’m sure Mawari would turn you into one… it’s a great choice that you moved here” Darxi said agreeing with what Dian said             “How about Nunong Banoy? How is he?” he asked diverting the topic to Nunong Banoy             “Well, he’s fine. He didn’t turn into a monster… he’s safe in there” Scarlett said answering his question             “That’s great, at least Mayari wouldn’t be so sad for her lose. But I heard this place isn’t even safe either… there were witches here, according to them” he said whispering his last words so that no one could hear aside from us             “Yea, we heard it. Someone warned us about it. And we are looking for one” Vic answered him orienting him that we also know about that witch thingy.             “Why are you looking for one?” he asked curiously as he looked at Vic intently as if he really wanted to know             “We just have to confirm something” Vic answered shrugging off his shoulders as if it’s not that something he would want to know             “Then what is it?” the man asked more “Tell me…” he added without cutting off his stares upon Vic             “I think that old woman is up to something with my hair. I angered her in the woods, she must have thought of cursing me” Elliot answered him for Vic “That’s why we’re looking for her so that we’ll know” he added             “Oh. Is that it?” the man sat properly as he asked “You won’t know if you’re bewitched if there haven’t been any weird things going on with you” the man said informing Elliot about it             “For the second time, I really have to wait until something happens to me until we find that witch” Elliot said rolling his eyes and leaned backward, towards the wall of the nipa hut             “That means you can’t go with us, right?” Scarlett spoke reminding him that he’ll be staying somewhere if that happens             “What are we going to do if he really is bewitched?” Vic asked worriedly at the man as he shifted his gazes towards Elliot then to Dian             “I can help you with that… I know an albularyo that lives near us…” Dian said as he stood up and went somewhere “I’m sorry, that’s my child” he said as he entered the nipa hut. We just sat there for a while waiting for Mayari to get home from where she went             “What’s an albularyo again?” I asked them trying to remember what that word means             “The person who practices traditional healing… you forgot already?” Avery answered me repeating what he said the last time we talked about it. that time when I needed one.             “Who are you People?” someone asked that made us all turn to her. Just as I was saying, we found Mayari walking with a basket full of fruits and vegetables in her hand             “We’re the heroes that Nunong Lino sent to stop Lucio from his evil deeds” Darxi answered her as he stood up to meet her formally, we also did the same thing “As we went to the village before here, Nunong Banoy asked us to give you something when we get here” he added as he turned to Enzo             “Oh, Nunong Banoy, my father” she responded as she placed the basket on the table “What is it? she asked again facing us. Dian came out from the door with a toddler in his arms, that must be their child             “You’re here already” Dian said greeting Mayari and kissed her, aww “They said they have something for you” he added pertaining to us             “Yes… Nunong Banoy rold us to give you this long chair as his gift…” Enzo answered as he grabbed it from his pocket and placed in on the floor             “Wow, that’s thoughtful of him… thank you for bringing it here then” she said as she went near it and stared at it “It’s beautiful…” she added admiring it “Could you place it here?” she then asked us to put it in an open corner where we can place the long chair. I bet the developer intentionally put a space here for the chair ahahaha             Enzo picked it up with both his hands and placed it in there             “It’s very light for a wooden chair ahahahaha” he commented between his laughter             “Have you heard about what happened to Nunong Banoy’s village?” Dian asked Mayari bringing up the topic we just talked a while ago             “No, I haven’t. Why? What happened there?” she turned to Dian with a confused look             “Tell her” Dian looked at us with a concerned and worried look on his face then followed by Mayari who doesn’t have any idea what kind of bad news we’ll be telling her             “We killed half of the villagers there as they all turned out to be monsters… we had no choice but to do it” Elliot said retelling our story to her             “Woah? Really? Half of the villagers? That must be so scary” she said shocked as he gazed at her husband quickly “Thank goodness we moved here” she said looking at her husband             “Yea” Dian responded             “How about my father and my sister? How are they?” she asked as she turned to us             “Nunong Banoy is safe…” Lucy said trying to make it sound good because what’s next wouldn’t sound like it             “Oh gosh, thank goodness he’s safe. Praise the Bathalas. What about my sister?” and now she asked it, we looked at each other before saying it             “Your sister… well” Lucy hesitated to speak at first “Your sister happened to be one of the monsters so---”             “What!?” Mayari spoke cutting of Lucy right before she could say that her sister is already gone             “She’s gone” Lucy finished “We had no choice…” she added. Mayari’s eyes became watery, and after a few seconds, she started shedding her tears as his husband hugged her             “My sister…” she cried softly in his husband’s chest             “I’m so sorry for your loss, and I’m so sorry that we have to kill her” Scarlett said sympathizing with her             “It’s ok, you just did what you have to do…” she said wiping off her tears “What about Nunong Banoy? How did he react?” she asked about Nunong Banoy             “He’s fine now…” Reiven answered her that made her sigh in relief             “Well---”             “O-ouch! What’s going on?” Elliot suddenly fell out of balance yet Vic was so quick to catch him “It hurts!” he added as he placed his arms around his stomach and his eyes are closed must be due to the pain             “Where?” Vic spoke asking him where it hurts             “H-here…” Elliot answered him weakly pointing to his stomach. I’m right… Vic placed him on the long chair near them             “That must be the old woman’s curse!” Dian spoke saying it’s what we were talking about a while ago, and now we confirmed it already             “What are we going to do?” Vic asked as he looked at Dian with his worried look             “I’ll call the albularyo” Dian said as he handed the child to his wife and ran outside             “Gosh! It hurts so much…” Elliot grunted as he started writhing in so much pain
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