Chapter 38 : Batibat, Mambabarang, Mangkukulam IV

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Chapter 38 : Batibat, Mambabarang, Mangkukulam IV   -Reiven-             I’m worried for Elliot. I’ve always heard being bewitched a lot of times but I didn’t expect that I’d encounter one right now. I just usually hear it in televisions that commonly happens in certain provinces. But in the place where I live? that’s so impossible. I don’t know… as time goes by, it just becomes legends and myths.             Elliot looked as if he’s getting so bothered by what he thought is happening and will going to happen, even if that thing happened to me and heard that the place where that thing happened is filled with witches? I’d also be so worried that I need to find who that old woman is and where she lives no matter what.             We’re currently went knocking to each houses asking whether they know that woman or if they know where she lives. As we answer all of them asking why we’re looking for an old woman, they would not believe us, or if they do, they doubt we’d find her here.             Most of them told us that witches don’t go outside that often making them unknown to people. If they have to go outside, then they would have something to hide their identity. Witches are so secretive that we won’t know if they really are one, which is right, why would someone brag around that she’s a witch.             No one would know which one is a witch unless they say it themselves. I’m just worried for Elliot, it seems like he’s not giving up. Well, I bet this is part of story line because if not, I would leave him looking for that old woman. He’s with his boyfriend, Vic, anyway ahahaha just kidding with that boyfriend part.             I just followed where they’re going silently, it’s not that I had no choice but to follow him, I just want to make this day productive and exciting. I also want to know more about those witches, and things just got me curious as to what happened to Elliot.             We knocked into a door that has a strange markings and some things hanged on it. I just noticed it, among all the doors we came into, this is the only one who had something on it. I wonder what those are for, but they look so cute in there. It looks like the nipa hut owner has a sense of art.             We knocked at the door and waited for a while before someone came out. He just looked at us as he opened the door as if waiting for us to speak. Elliot stepped forward as he waved his hand to the man. There was an awkward atmosphere that occupied that area before Elliot spoke.             I don’t know, but the man seemed weird. Like, he is something I can’t describe, I just thought that we shouldn’t have knocked at this nipa hut. After all, among all the nipa huts we went, this is the only one who had strange design in his house. Not just in his door, but around his hut.             “Good day, we’re looking for someone. She’s an old woman in a black cloak. Her hair as almost white but there was still some touch of black in it. Her face looked rugged, her upward eyebrows almost met each other as if she’s a grumpy old woman. Then her lips are tucked, and she also has a big mole in her face…” Elliot described the old woman             “A grumpy old woman…” the man said as he put his right hand on his chin as he started to think if ever he recognizes that old woman             “Yes… if you, sir, happen to know her or where she lives, please tell us. I need to get to her” Elliot said as he allowed the man to think for a second so that he would recognize Elliot’s description             “Did she had a basket with her? That basket is always filled with corn. I don’t know why but I always see this old lady in black cloak with a basket of corns often… is it her?” he asked making it sure to Elliot             “I haven’t notice. I was so focused with her face---”             “Yes… yes! I noticed her basket with corns, but there were also some other fruits and vegetable in it. Yet corns are more noticeable from her basket. I noticed it a while ago while looking at her” Scarlett cut herself in interrupting what Elliot is saying. We all looked at her and she looked so serious and convincing             “If that’s the case then---”             “Wait a minute… that old woman? I think I know her” Elliot was once again interrupted when he tried to speak as the villager spoke “Come in… let’s talk about it” he said as he stepped backward and led us inside his house shoving his hands towards inside “I’m Kabli… I lived here in this village since I was born, and I already know each villager here”             “I’m Elliot… I need to find this old woman. Earlier, as we were walking towards this village, I happen to bump on her, she intentionally took a strand of my hair as she bumped on me. She shouted at me and then left” Elliot introduced himself then told him the story “One of the villagers warned us about witches, so I’m worried…”             “If she’s one and do something with your hair?” the man asked completing the thought which Elliot wanted to imply. He’s quick to understand the situation, I think he knows something.             “Yes…” Elliot shortly answered nodding his head as he looked intently to the man             “This village has been filled with witches for a long time now, and there had been numerous reports about being a victim of those witches but no one knows who those witches are…” the man said as he looked at Elliot intently “So I am asking for your help to eliminate them from existence” he added             Wait… I heard this before, someone also asked us about helping them one time and we ended up killing that person who asked us because it turns out that he’s also a monster himself. What the heck, no one expected that ahahahaha what a developer’s twist, right?             We just looked at him and acted as if we’re not suspecting him right now. You can’t blame us, we already went through a situation like this just yesterday… we can’t help ourselves but to secure ourselves from whatever happens. We just wanna be prepared             “But how are we going to do that? We don’t know which people to point as witch. We don’t even live in this village to have suspects to investigate” Darxi said as if he’s willing to accept the task yet I know and I can feel that he’s also doubting the man             “I know nothing about them, but my father… who’s also a victim of witchcraft told me that these witches stay up all night and does not sleep…” he said whispering to us being so careful to keep this information stay between us who’s in the room right now. Plus, those witches might hear our meeting so we better lower down our voices             “Does that mean we have to wait until evening until we find that old woman?” Elliot asked as he looked at the man looking so worried to wait until night. Gosh, so many things happen in just minutes, what more if we wait until evening… the witch must have done something with it already, right now             “That’s when you investigate which houses that still have their torches light up, then try to investigate to know if those people live there are witches or not…” he said giving us advice how to do it, and yea that’s what we will do even if he didn’t tell us, it’s so obvious. Let’s just see if this house still has light during midnight.             “Ok… whatever” Elliot said rolling his eyes “That old woman must have done the curse already by now… whatever happens, save me ok?” Elliot said as he looked at us with a disgusted look “It looks like I have to wait until that old woman does something before we could even prevent us” he added in a monotone             “Yea, that’s what happened to me with the nuno… the developer made sure that I will hit it’s mount, though I haven’t seen it at all, not before I hit it…” Raizen said reminding us all what happened to him last time             “Oh yea, speaking of… you still have to pay me…” I said as I looked at him also reminding him about that. Gosh, I spent money just for him to be healed…             “I’ll pay you next time don’t worry!” Raizen said as he looked at me with his dagger gaze as if he wanted to stab me with it             “Tss…” I hissed “You’ll surely forget it” I continued whispering yet making sure he hears it             “Whatever…” he just said rolling his eyes             “Seriously, let’s just wait until evening. Let’s go to Nunong Banoy’s Daughter for now” Elliot said cutting the both of us from arguing so that we could focus upon personal matters right now             “Yea, we should do that so that we won’t be left stagnant here… let’s go” Enzo said as he agreed with Elliot and started to walk outside             “If you needed some help, I’ll be just here in my hut… call me” the man said as we all stood up following Enzo. I looked around his house, and there so many unusual things that I don’t know of. There really is something wrong with this man yet I don’t also know what it is. He really is something.             I kept looking around and saw many things that is not usually placed in houses as decorations. Even the past nipa huts we entered, there are no things such as this. I wonder what this man is… or is he really a witch? Gosh, what if he just disguised himself as the old woman… or the old woman disguised as he?             That’s possible… he knows a lot, he could be one. But whatever… as long as he’s not revealing it yet, we don’t have to worry. Let’s just go with the flow.             “Now let’s look for the house of Nunong Banoy’s daughter…” Enzo said as we all got outside, I looked at around the village. I noticed that it’s already afternoon and the sun looks like it’s about to set. I looked at my watch, and it’s already three in the afternoon. It took us such a long time to get to this house.             “Right, and give that long chair to her…” Vic added as he walked forward “Elliot… use that map to get to her house” he said making Elliot get the map from his pocket and study it.             “We’re already quite near her house… just a few nipa huts from here, follow me” Elliot said as he walked towards the left direction indicating that it’s there. after some few steps, he stopped in front of a huge nipa hut, the same style as Nunong Banoy’s. Without a doubt, this is it.             “Knock Knock…” Scarlett said calling those people inside the house. There seemed to be someone inside though, so we just waited until they come out.             “What is it?” someone came out from it. he doesn’t look like Nunong Banoy’s daughter, he doesn’t even look like a girl ahahahaha just kidding             “We were sent by Nunong Banoy to give something to his daughter…” Darxi spoke as he stepped forward
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