Chapter 29 : Berbalang, Pugot, & Tiyanak II

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Chapter 29 : Berbalang, Pugot, Tiyanak II   -Vic-             We were so careful as we journeyed in the forest to look for answers. I kept myself alert from anything that would happen, I don’t want to die here. Along our way, we hear such noise that stopped us from walking. It’s so inaudible that we don’t understand what it is.             “I think it’s coming from there” Lucy pointed at a direction, she walked towards it and we all followed her. We followed where that noise is coming from. As it gets clearer and clearer, I know where getting near to it already. I wonder what’s making that sound…             “Aw... what are you doing here all alone?” Lucy asked as we a saw a toddler crying on the ground             “Stop crying now…” Scarlett said trying to comfort the child as they went near it             “Wait!” I shouted stopping them to get anymore near it. I have a bad feeling about this             “What?” they all turned to me with a questioning look             “Why is there a little child here? Isn’t it suspicious?” I asked them pertaining to that child. I mean, it’s late at night, the villagers don’t let any child go out at six, but it’s already uh… I turned to my watch to see… it’s already nine in the evening             “What do you mean suspicious? It’s a child Vic, he needs our help” Lucy said as she picked up the child and tried to make the child stop crying             “Avery…” I called him to be on my side. I just don’t know, there are a lot of shapeshifters in the Philippine mythology. It must be one of them pretending to be a toddler.             “I don’t know, I am kinda suspicious about it too, but we don’t know just yet. All we can do is to be alert at what cost” Avery told me shaking his head while showing me his spell book in his hands ready to cast any spell at any time. I just nodded at him tightening my grip upon my fire sword.             Lucy and Scarlett both became busy taking care of the child as it keeps pointing directions to us, which I hate to say but they follow it. They thought it’d lead us to his mother. We’ve been walking for a long time now, but all we see are woods after woods, and it just get creepier and creepier.             “Wait a minute, aren’t we just keep going in circles around here?” Enzo commented as he started to notice it. I felt that too, I mean, I remember this tree here. We really are just going around circles in this forest. I knew this child has something to do with this.             “I noticed that too… there’s something wrong going on here” Reiven said as he looked around scanning the whole place “Elliot, use your pattern sense. Get us out of here” he added requesting Elliot to use his skill             “I am using it but there’s something that prevents me, I don’t know what or I don’t know who…” Elliot answered as he also kept looking around trying to look for way out “Let’s go that way, I have a strong feeling that we have to go there” he added pointing towards a pair of trees             “Ok, let’s go… don’t worry little one, we’ll get you home safe” Lucy said as he talked with the toddler she’s carrying and even played with its nose. We walked towards the direction that Elliot is pointing at but the child kept pointing towards the opposite direction.             “What’s wrong?” Scarlett asked the child why is it acting like that, as if we’re trying to take him away from where he belongs “Don’t worry now, it’s already safe” she added thinking that the child is just afraid of where we’re going as he might encounter what attacked him earlier.             As we walked further, the little child keeps getting too restless as if he really wanted us to go that way. Lucy and Scarlett are already having trouble keeping him down though their patience is really that long.             “Stop crying now… you’re safe with us” Lucy said trying to calm the child as it just keeps on having a tantrums or whatsoever it is doing but it kinda creeps me out how aggressive it becomes as time goes by.             “What’s that?” Raizen asked as we all suddenly heard the sudden swoosh of the wind and some leaves rustling as if someone or something hit it. It added to the spooky feeling that I am having now. But now’s not the time to be a coward.             “There!” Darxi pointed at something but it moved so quick that all we saw is the leaves moving indicating that something just went through it.             “Guys be alert ok?” Elliot said that made us all attentive and watchful towards whatever may happen.             “There again!” Darxi once again pointed at something yet all we saw was just the leaves violently moving as if there really something running pass through it.             “It’s so fast, what is that?” Avery asked carefully looking at those leaves falling and the branches moving             “Oh my gosh… the baby? Where did it go?” Lucy exclaimed as she saw that she’s not holding the child anymore             “Why did you let go of it?” Scarlett asked as she looked around to see where it went. Oh my gosh, could it be the child?             “I didn’t! I just looked around and then saw that what I am carrying is this” she answered             “There he is!” Enzo yelled calling their attentions pointing at the direction where we came from and there the child is, running back towards it.             “Let’s follow him!” Lucy said as she ran towards it, Lucy, Scarlett, and Enzo ran after it while we heard another leaves rustling drastically that made our heads turn to where the sound came from             Oh my gosh, what the heck is that!?             “Pugot ulo!” Avery screamed as he saw what is coming right through us. With what he said, it’s so obvious what it is, the decapitated one. It’s so creepy that it’s walking without its head             “Guys, get ready!” Elliot said, as he said that we heard Scarlett’s scream not far from us. Our heads automatically turned to their direction and saw them trying to get rid of the child that they were just chasing. It’s attacking them aggressively! I knew there’s something off with that child…             “Tiyanak?” Avery gasped as he saw that “Tiyanaks disguise themselves as little child who got lost in the woods and gain the sympathy of the travelers, just like what it did to Lucy and Scarlett, and then attack them just like that. I knew that child is dangerous” he said explaining it to us.             Our attentions went back to the pugot ulo who vanished from our vision and left no track of itself. We scanned the whole area to see where it’s hiding. Suddenly something came flying in the air and headed right into us. We all ducked down to take cover.             “And what is that!?” Raizen shouted after it flew back upwards             “A bat?” I asked as I noticed how similar its wings to a bat, but it’s just that this bat is kinda large from a usual bat that we see             “Berbalang!” Avery said pertaining to it “That’s the one attacking the cemetery, it eats corpse. But it also attacks humans. It’s super fast, its teeth and claws are so sharp that it makes it so dangerous” as soon as Avery said that it attacked us once more with the speed and agility that can’t be measure by naked eyes.             It flew towards a certain direction no one knows where.             “Let’s follow it!” Elliot said running towards it             “What about them?” I asked before we went pertaining to Lucy and the others             “Lucy knows how to get themselves out of here” Elliot answered “Now, let’s go!”             “Lucy!” Darxi called “Where going after this monster, you manage yourselves here, ok?” he added “Let’s meet at the village” he continued shouting then we all run after it.             As we run after it these guys started attacking it with their weapons. Elliot is using some kind of a bomb but it explodes differently. It’s like an energy bomb or something, the impact is great and it surely damaged the Berbalang. Avery is using a caliber that has dark bullets as he fires towards the monster.             Raizen is using a rifle as he continuously aims the Berbalang as if he never loses his ammo. Same as Reiven and Darxi who also used their guns to attack the berbalang, but Reiven differed as he drew his gun from his sketchpad and made us of it. I think he doesn’t have anything to use.             I didn’t let myself fall behind, I used my fire sword and threw fire slashes at it to help them damage the monster. But the more it flies, the farther the distance it is, and the farther the distance it is, the lesser damage it receives. I have to do something. I looked everywhere while running to see what I can do.             I saw a large stone next to a tree. I looked above to check on the Berbalang’s direction. Right, I should do this. I turned towards the large stone and hopped on it to elevate myself. I continued running and hopped towards the tress to elevate me more. I jump high above and aimed for the berbalang, it’s power legs that I learned at level 10.             Then rolled mid-air hitting the Berbalang in his back dropping him on the ground, the skill critical impact that I learned also at level 10.             “Don’t let it fly again!” I told them while I am mid-air and started gliding down to prevent myself from falling disastrously. That’s what we called falling with style ahahahaha that’s not a skill I learned, but a mechanism in order not to die             “Amazing Vic” Elliot commented and started attacking the monster with his psy-gun. Avery used binding spell at to keep its feet on the ground             “I should have used sleeping spell to make it easier for us, but it didn’t work on it” Avery said as they continued attacking the monster. It’s as strong as the sigbin and the tikbalang, that made us gain some damage as well. Its teeth and claws really are sharp. Including the spikes in his back!             My foot almost got pricked by it, yet I still received damage by physically hitting it.             I started shoving my sword towards it slashing it multiple times. And so did the others with their own ways.             “Hey guys!” we heard someone approaching… it’s Enzo             “Hey… where are Lucy and Scar?” Reiven asked as he continued shooting the monster with his gun though he also kept avoiding its sharp claws. Not to mention its enormous bat wings that also has sharp spikes on it. Its wingspan is wide that we also have to deal avoiding it, or else we risk our health.             “Back there, with the child” he answered smilingly, why is he smiling? And what child? That was a monster!             “You left them?” Darxi asked unbelievingly             “They’re fine!” Enzo said as he slowly went to us as if nothing is happening right now             “Now help us!” Raizen as he didn’t stop damaging the berbalang who kept on rampaging, though its feet are glued on the ground. Yet it’s long slender sharp arms and his wings are enough to keep us our distance and be alert to avoid it.             “Ok…” Enzo said and walked towards us. He didn’t have something in him so I suppose his voice would help us defeat this monster.             He suddenly pushed Elliot towards the monster that made it shove its wings towards him slashing him. Oh my gosh! What is he doing! I quickly hopped towards Elliot and picked him up before the berbalang shoved its wings once more and hit him.             I placed him far from the monster and he seemed weak. I checked his health bar and it’s already in red. That push and wing s***h might have caused him to drain his health. And if I wasn’t able to get him before he would be hit once again, then he would faint by now.             “Do you have a health potion?” I asked him as his head laid on my arms             “In my pocket” he said weakly pointing to his pocket. I noticed Enzo coming towards us. I quickly slashed my sword towards him firing him to prevent him from coming towards us. I quickly snatched a potion from his pocket and let him drink it.             He quickly stood up as he gained his health again.             “What’s wrong with you!?” Elliot asked Enzo who just kept on smiling all the time, gosh! It creeps me out             “Die!” Enzo shouted and ran towards us in great speed just like the berbalang did earlier. Now I know something is not right! I prepared my sword as he came and managed to s***h him, though he also managed to case us some damages too.             “I knew it!” Elliot exclaimed and by a snap of his fingers, Enzo turned into the pugot ulo that we encountered earlier. “So Enzo is the pugot ulo?” I asked Elliot             “No dummy! Pugot ulo can shapeshift into hogs, dogs, and even human. In this case, he shifted itself into one of our friends” Elliot explained “So that it could do what it did to me, and it succeeded”             “Gosh, let’s end him b--, I mean Elle” I almost slipped ahahaha he turned to me in confusion yet I didn’t mind him. I just ran towards the pugot ulo and started slashing him with my sword. Elliot also helped me as he continuously shot him with his gun. I fought strongly since Elliot is with me, I wanna show him off ahahaha just kidding.             Soon after, the pugot ulo dropped himself on the ground and vanished into thin air. 
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