Chapter 30 : Alan, Balbal, Bungisngis, Busaw, Amalanhig

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Chapter 30 : Alan, Balbal, Bungisngis, Busaw, Amalanhig               Alan are deformed spirits from the folklore of the Tinguian tribe of the Philippines. They have wings and can fly, and their fingers and toes point backwards.             The Alan are said to take drops of menstrual blood, miscarried fetuses, afterbirth, or other reproductive waste and transform them into human children, whom they then raise as their own. They live near springs in extremely fine houses, made of gold and other valuables.             Bal-Bal is an undead monster that steals corpses whether it is in a funeral or grave and feeds on them. It has a strong sense of smell for dead human bodies. It also has claws and teeth sharp enough to rip the clothing of the dead. Since it eats nothing but corpses, it has a foul breath.             Once this monster has spotted and eaten the corpse, it will leave the trunk of a banana tree in the coffin creating an illusion of the stolen body to trick people. Bal-Bal was also associated to Aswang, Amalanhig, and even to Busaw, which were all flesh eaters.             They were classified to one of the most fearful creatures in the Philippines because of their appearance. They were even described and compared to the vampire of the western continents.             Bungisngis is a one-eyed giant, described as always laughing. The literal meaning of the name Bungingis is derived from the Cebuano word ngisi which means "to giggle". Having a humanoid shape. It has large teeth which are always showing, and its upper lip covers its face when it is thrown back.             Two long tusks project from the side of its mouth. The giant's only eye, is found in the middle of its forehead, but this is compensated by its strong sense of hearing. It has also displays unusual strength. However, despite its strength, the bungisngis is easily outwitted and quickly panics.             Busaw is a legendary creature that resembles humans in appearance and behavior, raising farm animals and planting root crops. However, its favorite food is humans, resulting in scattered human skeletons on the grounds of its dwelling place. The Busaw was a ghoul and corpse thief.             An evil spirit who looked and behaved like ordinary human beings by day, it listened for sounds of death in the evenings, and dwelled in large trees near cemeteries. It had pointed teeth, hooked nails and a long tongue. It took banana tree trunks to replace the dead as it stole the corpses out of their coffins.             Then, spiriting the corpse off after first turning it into a pig, the Busaw would feast on it and even try to feed it to their human neighbors during the day in order to turn them into ghouls like itself. To ward the Busaw off, all corpses should be washed completely with vinegar and strong-smelling herbs. Salt is also a Busaw repellent.             Amalanhig are Aswangs who failed to transfer their monstrosity causing them to rise from their graves to kill humans by biting their necks. Another version that has survived through word-of-mouth recounts that Amalanhigs are said to chase any living person they found and once they reach them, they would tickle the victim until they die, both of laughter and terror.             In order to escape from Amalanhigs, one runs in zigzag direction since they can only walk in straight direction due to the stiffness of their body. One would also climb trees or high platforms enough to be out of their reach. One would also run into lakes and rivers since Amanlanhigs are scared of deep bodies of water.             The Amalanhig are depicted as externally identical to humans, though there is an enlargement of the upper canines in most individuals. The Amalanhig is a variant of the vampire native to the Philippines.   -Enzo-             As soon as we defeated the tiyanak, we quickly ran towards the others’ direction. Gosh, that tricked us ahahaha we really thought it’s just a poor little child lost in the woods. We had no idea that it’s a monster. It’s true indeed, never trust someone you don’t know, they might be a soft little child on the outside, but a dangerous monster on the inside.             “Gosh! Where are they?” Scarlett asked as we got here and there is no sign of them…             “Darxi said we’ll meet them at the village, let’s go there” Lucy answered as we ran again following her. I bet she knows the direction, she can use her nature skills to lead us there “Let’s hurry” she added             After a few seconds of running, we finally saw some light that tells us that we’re approaching the village. We continued running until we got there. We immediately saw the others waiting for us.             “Hey!” I called as we continued running towards them. They all looked at us but hesitated to even greet us back             “Stand back!” Vic exclaimed pointing his sword to us, what’s happening here?             “What’s wrong?” Lucy asked in confusion as her eyebrows almost met each other             “Are you the real ones?” Vic asked again making sure that it is us             “Yes, it is us… Lucy, me, and Enzo… why?” Scarlett answered pointing at us             “The pugot ulo came to us a while ago disguising as you” Darxi answered pointing at me             “What? Me? What happened?” I asked as I suddenly felt nervous about it, what did he mean by that?             “Yes, you Enzo… then it came pushing towards the berbalang, I almost got killed” Elliot answered though they were not angry or anything             “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. But that wasn’t me” I answered             “Prove it…” Vic said after I spoke. I automatically took the clarinet from my pocket and used my skill, music healing, and played them an instrument so that they would believe and at the same time regain their health.             “Do you believe now? I asked after playing the clarinet and placed it back to my pocket. Lucy and Scarlett also showed their skills to them             “Yea, I’m sorry. We’re just being careful. We don’t want that to happen again” Vic said as he put down his sword then we walked towards them             “It’s okay, I’m sorry about what happened too” I said             “These monsters really are great at deceiving people. I didn’t know I was carrying a monster, I was even hugging and playing with it!” Lucy exclaimed as her face was red in disgust             “Let’s go” Elliot invited us to go back to the villagers and tell them what happened             *You received 6482 EXPs*             We all suddenly got forced to stop after a few steps because of this. Wow, I guess fighting those monsters gave us EXPs though, I thought we’ll receive it after we’re done with the quest that we’re currently doing. This EXP is a lot for just defeating that monster. But those were strong so it’s just fair ahahahaha.             *You leveled up to Level 19*             *You received an item, Violin*             A violin! This is amazing, I really love playing the violin. It’s one of my favorite instruments. I even personalized the design of my own, and my name on it. I started playing violin when I was eight. I was inspired by someone on tv, I don’t know his name. after I watched him, I thought I wanted to play that too.             *You received x500 golds*             *You received x500 silvers*             *You received x500 coppers*             *You received x300 crystals*             Now I’m rich ahahahaha well, I wonder why we didn’t receive currencies during the last quests and challenges. Especially that one with the insects.             *You leveled up to Level 20*             *You leveled up to Level 21*             *You leveled up to Level 22*             *You learned the skill: Echolocation*             *You learned the skill: Sound Nullification*             Echolocation, I read about this before. It is a technique used by bats, dolphins and other animals to determine the location of objects using reflected sound. Now, I learned it ahahaha. This allows the animals to move around in pitch darkness, so they can navigate, hunt, identify friends and enemies, and avoid obstacles.   -Avery-             As soon as we knew that it’s really them, we quickly ran back towards the villagers to tell them that we’ve taken care of the monsters that are bothering them and that they have nothing to worry about. So that we can finish the quest and progress with the story line.             We suddenly got forced to stop after running a few steps for an unknown reason. We looked at each other fo a while before a notification popped out.             *You received 6631 EXPs*             It suddenly notified us which made us stop for a while.             *You leveled up to Level 19*             *You received an item, Curse Scourge*             *You received x500 golds*             *You received x500 silvers*             *You received x500 coppers*             *You received x300 crystals*             This is great, now they are giving us currencies after we defeat those monsters. I really wonder why we didn’t get anything from the insects that we defeated. There were so many of them, I bet we would be reach if only we received currencies from those!             *You leveled up to Level 20*             *You leveled up to Level 21*             *You leveled up to Level 22*             *You learned the skill: Spell Immunity*             *You learned the skill: Spell Amplification*             *You received an item, Buntot ng pagi*             Now, I leveled for four levels… that berbalang is kinda strong. It literally damaged us a lot, good thing Enzo used music healing for us and we regained half of the health we lost during that battle.               After the notification stopped, we all continued running to get to the village. But how are we going to tell them about our achievement? It seems like they are all asleep now.             “Hello… come here!” we saw that lady again who led us to Nunong Banoy about Raizen’s matter. She’s at Nunong Banoy’s nipa hut along with the old man. We all walked towards them to hear whatever they wanna tell us.             “Good evening…” Darxi said aswe approached them in their nipa hut             “It’s already late at night. The people must be sleeping by now, so you tell them tomorrow about your task” she said smilingly gesturing us to enter the nipa hut “You may stay here in our nipa hut and spend the rest of the night here. This is enough to accommodate all of you, Nunong Banoy would be glad to have you here too”             “Thank you so much” Elliot said then we all proceed inside             “You should take a rest, I know you got tired of all the running around the forest” she said a she went to Nunong Banoy and kissed him in the cheeks             “Good night father, I’ll go and rest now, you take care of them…” she said and immediately left 
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