Chapter 31 : Alan, Balbal, Bungisngis, Busaw, Amalanhig II

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Chapter 31 : Alan, Balbal, Bungisngis, Busaw, Amalanhig II   -Enzo-             “Let’s sleep already” Vic said as he went on the chair that we were sitting a while ago. I followed them so that we could sleep, though we all can’t lie down here. That means we have to sleep in a sitting position. But I don’t care, it won’t cause us pain though ahahaha             “I’m turning off the lights ok?” Nunong Banoy said pertaining to the lighted lamps hanged above. We just nodded at him signaling him to do that. We’re sleeping outside his house though, since he didn’t ask us to get inside anymore. It’s not that it’s cold here or anything.             The whole surrounding suddenly turned into black and I can’t see anything. This may be the sign that tells us to sleep or let me guess, something’s gonna happen ‘cause they won’t include this if this is just for nothing ahahaha             I just thought that, what if there are other monsters out there and comes here? Ahahaha just kidding. I just closed my eyes trying to sleep. Finally, the game is allowing us to sleep. I can even hear some sleeping sounds though it sounded so exaggerating.             You know that in some games where you sleep and it shows some letter Zs all over just so we can see that it really is sleeping ahahaha. I feel like I’m gaining the rest of my health that I lost during the battle a while ago. I just regain a few as I sang a while ago.             So it didn’t made my health full. Though I really don’t have to do that since there is this part where we sleep to regain health ahahahaha so this is how we regain it whenever we lose or faint in this game. That answers our question that what if we lose all our health.             Suddenly I heard a flapping sound, as if something’s flying. I knew it… but I didn’t care that must be just a bird or anything. It’s not the same monster that they encounter a while ago.             “It’s so noisy…” I heard Lucy exclaimed pertaining to that sound             “Shut up, it might hear you ahahahaha” Darxi said shushing her as he laughed             “Whatever, it’s after us anyway… that’s why it’s here” Lucy said still keeping the volume of her voice as she exclaimed a while ago             “Why is this village filled with so many monsters?” Reiven commented             “Yea that’s what I’m also thinking… why is it so haunted? I wonder how they live their lives here” Raizen said agreeing with his brother             “But how come it’s so dark? I can’t see what it is…” Scarlett said complaining about it. I tried to stand up to check it. the flapping of the wings is getting louder and louder as if it’s getting near             “Gosh, I’m getting scared. What is that, a dragon?” Darxi said jokingly             “There is no dragon in the Philippine mythology, dumb!” Lucy said calling him dumb ahahaha “Plus that sound doesn’t sound like a dragon, clean your ears” she continued             “Of course there is…. And I clean my ears, I’m just messing up with you” Darxi responded defending himself             “Then what is it?” Lucy asked pertaining to the dragon that Darxi mentioned             “The Bakunawa!” Darxi answered firmly… he’s right, Bakunawa is the dragon of the Philippine mythology             “But does it fly by wings and sound like that?” Lucy followed her question just to save herself ahahaha             “At least it’s a dragon ahahahaha” Darxi said in defeat and laughed at it             “Just shut up, nonsense” Lucy said shutting him up             Suddenly the whole place went brighter a little but not as bright as a while ago with the lights on. Though, I can see everyone who are already standing. I looked everywhere to check what that flapping creature is. I noticed something in a tree, it’s like a bird but it’s so big to be a bird.             “Look, what’s that?” I pointed towards the tree showing it to them, that must be it. We all looked at it as it suddenly spread its wings and flew away             “Let’s follow it!” Elliot said             “No, sleep first…” Darxi insisted on sleeping             “It’s part of the game, dumb! We need to get there” Lucy once again calling him dumb ahahahaha. Elliot lead us where the creature is going, I bet he knows where it’s going. We ran towards it as the surroundings gradually brightened up so that we can see clearly, though not as bright as the morning.             It’s still two in the morning, I checked my watch.             “There it is…” Elliot said leading us towards another side of the forest where the creature is going. I don’t think it noticed us anyway so we kept following it secretly.             Suddenly, it landed down somewhere so we hid behind a tree so that it won’t notice us.             “What is that?” Vic asked pertaining to the creature. It’s a human-like creature, though it has wings is like a bird but it’s kinda deformed and it really looked ugly, to be specific… and honest too ehehehe I don’t wanna judge. Though we can’t see it’s face from here since it’s dark and quite far.             “That must be Alan…” Avery answered             “Ohh nice name, Alan ahahaha” Darxi said commenting about it             “It’s a deformed spirit that have wings… they just resemble the berbalangs…” Avery continued telling it to us             “Yea they do… they all looked hideous” Darxi said voicing it out ahahaha that’s what I am also thinking             “So are you an Alan or a Berbalang?” Lucy cut herself in insulting Darxi the way Darxi insults her ahahaha             “Shut up” he said and shut himself too             “Is that dangerous?” Elliot asked Avery             “I think so…” Avery answered             “Hey look… it has its house… let’s follow him” Reiven said pointing it again as it entered a fine structured house… well that’s amazing for him, since he’s got a nice home. He’s kinda fascinating, it’s not common for a monster to have such a house as beautiful as that.             Elliot went running towards it as soon as it entered its house. We followed him to check what’s going on and what’s with that Alan. As we approached its house, Vic jumped into it breaking its door leading us in. We found the Alan with a bunch of kids with him.             “Oh no! it kidnapped a lot of children!” Raizen exclaimed pointing at all of those kids with the Alan             “What is he gonna do with them? Eat them? Is he going to eat them?” Darxi exclaimed after Raizen, then they all grabbed their weapons to aim for the Alan…             “Wait a minute…” I said as I noticed that the children weren’t even crying nor anything. They’re just… there, with the creature “Look at them, they’re not even afraid of him” I said making them notice it too             “Yea right, I forgot to tell you and I remember it now… Alans are relatively harmless. They are in fact, rumored to adopt children who have been lost in the jungle. They are said to procreate by collecting menstrual blood, aborted fetuses, and afterbirth from humans, which they form into Alan children” Avery explained             They all put down their weapons and looked at the Alan with all its children including the human ones are enjoying playing along             “Then I’m so sorry for destroying your doo” Vic said as he laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his head             Everybody inside the house suddenly stopped as we heard someone giggling outside the house. It’s giggling in a creepy sound, and I’m sure nobody wanna hear that sound. We all ran outside to look at it. I noticed how the Alan and the children with it are so scared as they gathered in a corner probably to hide.             As we came outside, we saw something approaching the house as it kept on giggling around. We saw a human figure coming out from the trees, except it only has on eye on the center of its forehead and its mouth is open due to the elongated sharp teeth on both corners of its mouth just like the elephant’s tusk.             “Now that is dangerous” Avery said pointing to it “That’s a bungisngis… it has unusual strength and a great sense of hearing. It must have heard us coming here so he also came here” he said             “Please help us…” we heard a child saying as they hid themselves in a corner             “Yes, little one…” Elliot said as he started throwing bomb at it to slow it down. I generated an earthquake from where it stood to break the ground and keep him from coming here. Darxi and Vic ran towards it as they came slashing their blades against it as fast as they could.             I ran towards it and started using my skill Musical attacks and musical combat to cause it damages. The others also helped us defeating this creature. Though this bungisngis is also attacking us but it won’t stand any chance from all nine of us though.             I noticed the alans and the human children are taking a peek at their windows to see what’s happening here. I almost got caught as it shoved its big strong hands towards my direction, fortunately I got wiped out by Lucy’s vines out of there by accident.             I ran behind to start attacking him from there so that it won’t damage me so much.             “Wait guys! Did you know that despite the strength of the bungisngis, is that they are easily outwitted and easily panics… remember that Filipino tale ‘The Three Friends – the monkey, the dog and the carabao’?” Avery said as he backed and told us about that thing             We all ran towards his direction while Lucy held him down with her vines to listen to him.             “It’s just so easy to outwit that giant monster… now, that monster seemed to be after the Alans” he started saying the plan “Lucy, how long can you hold him down?” he asked             “I don’t know but you better do your plan quick!” she shouted towards us as she kept holding it down             “Ok, so all of you pretend to be Alans, except me and Vic, I’ll ask Lucy to dig up a pit where Vic’s gonna put his blades facing upwards in it… you know what I mean, it’s just simple” he added continuously trying to tell the plan as quick             “Follow me…” he said making us all follow him “You Vic, tell Lucy to dig a pit across those trees, ok? Then you quickly put those blade of yours in it then signal them where it is. tell her to cover it too” he said then we ran towards the Alan’s house             Before we could take our steps we suddenly found ourselves inside the house, how did that happen             “I can teleport ahahaha” Reiven said as he saw the confusion in our faces             “Let’s do this quick…” Avery said as he casted a spell towards us all that turned us all into Alans “I’ll turn you back after we defeat that monster” he added             “I think nothing has changed with Reiven” Raizen said jokingly that made us all laugh             “Shut up, you look more like an alan than me… don’t turn him back Ave…” Reiven said defending himself             “Ok, you two look the same ahahaha” Scarlett mentioned that made us all laugh again ahahahaha             “Now go… lead them towards the pit that Lucy made, ok? You’ll know where it is, Vic will signal you” he said looked outside to see if Lucy and Vic had already done it. We all walked towards outside to see where the pit is             “It’s ready… go, the vines won’t hold him much longer” Avery said as we flew up high. The bungisngis noticed us flying away from the house all six of us. His gaze followed us as if he really thinks that we are real Alans ahahahah this is so funny.             It immediately rose up breaking the vines that Lucy used to hold it down. It came running after us as we flew towards the pit making sure that he would fall into it.             Seconds after, we heard its loud scream until it was gone… easy ahahaha. We flew back to Avery so that he could turn us back again. The sun suddenly shone brightly indicating that it’s already morning, Avery quickly negated his spell upon as then we quickly turned back into ourselves.             *You received 2815 EXPs*             *You leveled up to Level 23*             *You received an Item, Harp*             *You received x120 golds*             *You received x120 silvers*             *You received x120 coppers*             *You received x80 crystals*             That’s amazing ahahahaha I also love harp. I haven’t played it before and now I can play it. I love its ethereal sound so much! I love hearing it as much as I want playing it.             “Look…” Scarlett said as she noticed that the Alans are flying towards us and the children ran to us too
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