Chapter 50 : Berberoka & Kataw IV

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Chapter 50 : Berberoka & Kataw IV   -Scarlett-             We had a successful strike last night, we managed to drive them away. That was so unexpectedly easy at all, we were really meant to win this game ahahaha I thought it would be much harder because we’re driving some strong forces away. We’re making them leave this village forcefully.             But then as we started doing it, they were so easy to scare. Though they fought against us to defend themselves. They were still so scared that they lose and needed to go away if they wanted to save their lives. Though we had a few fight, we still managed to make them leave.             And the villagers were so much happy that they finally have their freedom over those men. Now they can finally get benefits from their harvest without worrying to give it all to those men. All their hard works were finally paid off as they successfully executed their plan. I am so happy for them.             But there are more villages that we need to help to be freed from their captors. We need to get there fast as they badly need our help. I really wanted to help these people now as I can’t accept how they’re dealing life right now. I hope I can always do that in the real world, but it’s not that easy…             The villagers told us to stay and spend the rest of the night in that huge nipa hut where we did our meeting for the attack. They offered us some fruits, vegetables, and also fishes which is their main source of food. We had regained our health as we stayed her last night.             “Do you think those men won’t comeback anymore?” Vic asked us as he walked towards Elliot as if he's asking him, he sat beside him. I don't think those men would come back here, we already wiped them out of here, they probably ran to Lucio and cried in defeat ahahaha             Now, we would be starting our journey so that we could get to the next village, according to the villagers, the next village is located in the next island, so that means we have to cross the sea just to get there, and I bet that's not easy.              "They wouldn't... the quest is completed, it's what they're made of, unless there's twist in the story line that brings them back here" Elliot answered him. We just sat there waiting for I don't know what ahahaha I was just waiting for them to go. But I don't know what they aren't going.             "Hey, why are we just sitting here anyway? Let's all go..." Avery spoke up for me ahahaha, he stood up and started walking. I quickly followed him then so as the others. As we went out, the villagers are already very busy doing their daily routine.              It's the usual day for them. I mean, the usual day before they were conquered. They were very busy fixing their houses and so on. The village seemed to be brighter than it was last night. Yesterday, this was so gloomy, you can really sense something not right going on around.             As we walked towards the busy people, they take time to smile at us. They would pause with what they're doing and give us a bright smile. Maybe it's because we saved them. I just smiled back at them though they were really not seeing them because they were just NPCs.             "Good morning" someone spoke in front of us... I turned my head to look at him, it's the same man with his child standing in front of us smiling brightly, he had a woman with her and another girl almost the same age as us. I bet it's his wife and his daughter...             "Good morning" we all greeted back. I even waved my hand, I know that's not even necessary but I just got used to it. I just got used to wave my hand whenever I greet someone, whether it be merry Christmas or Happy birthday... I don't know ahahaha             "This is my Wife" he said as he motioned his hands towards the woman next to here "And this is my daughter" he added as he gestured to his daughter. The two just smiled at us as they also waved their hands. I'm so happy they're reunited, I heard they barely got to see each other because of what they've gone through.             "Gosh, what's her name? and how old is she?" Darxi asked out of nowhere, probably referring to the girl in front of him             "What the heck, she's an NPC... you're disgusting" Lucy said as she lightly struck him in his shoulder and then pushed him             "What's wrong? I was just asking their names... don't they have one?" Darxi composed himself trying to make an excuse             "None of them introduced themselves, shut up... you sounded like an i***t" Lucy answered him as she rolled her eyes             "Whatever..." he just said and then crossed his arms             "By the way, the head of the village wanted to see you... he's in the shore, you should go there and see him before you go to the next destination you are off to. Take care and Good luck... see you again soon" the man said as he waved us good bye then paused in there.             "Ok... let's go to the shore guys" Raizen said as he started walking             "Do you know where the shore is?" Elliot asked him as Raizen went ahead all of us             "Kind of... I saw these people going somewhere with which seems to be something they use for fishing... so I think I know, why? you guys know?" he answered as he motioned his arm towards the direction he is pertaining to             "Well, I don't know... I was waiting for someone from this people to tell us where that shore is..." Elliot said admitting that he didn't know, I also shook my head as a response saying that I don't know either... that's so sharp of him to know that.             "So, you lead us bro... better get this right" Reiven said as he wrapped his hands around Raizen and pushed him forward             "Stop... get off me, freak! You're disgusting, and you're pushing me to the wrong way" he said as he struggled himself out of Reiven's ahahaha they look ed so funny, I wonder how it feels like to have a twin sister, but I won't wish either ahahaha             "You said I lead, but you're actually pushing me, fool" he added as he finally got out of him "Let's go" He said and walked forward leaving his brother speechless              "Hey, I thought we're going the wrong way!" Reiven shouted as he ran to catch up with Raizen and put his arm on his shoulder             "And you believed me... and get off me, yuck!" he added as he put Reiven's arm from him              "What's wrong with you bro... you used to hug me when we were kids, what happened? ahahaha" Reiven continued teasing him while we just followed them so we could go to the shore. I wonder what the head of this village wanted to tell us, maybe a speech of gratitude ahahaha.             "Gosh, shut up" he said as he turned to him as he attempted to kiss him, but Reiven avoided it while his hand was covering his face from him "What? you use to do that before? what happened?" Raizen countered him ahahaha the two of them looked so cute              Unlike the usual films we see in televisions where twins or siblings usually fight because the other one is bad and the other one is good, you know, the usual drama ahahaha they were all so cringey! They don't even make good shows, just so they can show something.             I guess their good writers already died ahahaha just like a book series that I have read before, it's called The World of Myths, I wonder who that author was, his work was a trash ahahaha I bet he just combined some words to create the story.              Just kidding ahahaha I admire his efforts though. Well, speaking of, as we turned left, the track led us to the shore. We walked towards it and spotted the man we were looking for busy talking with some fishermen. The shore looked so beautiful here.              I barely see this kind of places. Our place is far from bodies of water, I can only witness the beauty of the sea whenever we visit beaches once or twice a year with me family. Sometimes, I get to see rivers and lakes during outings with friends, or school field trips.              "There he is!" Enzo said as he pointed the head of the leader. He's the one in the middle of the meeting yesterday, he was also the one who presented us the plan and assigned our areas. So he really is the head of the leader, I initially thought it was that man we met with his child.             "Good morning, sir" Darxi said greeting him as we got near him. As we walked towards him, all I thought was how soft and smooth these sands are. I wanted to have some fun here for a while but this isn't the best time for it. The sparkling silvery sea water is attracting my eyes, I can't help but to stare at it.             "Oh... there you are, Good morning. You had such a fins sleep so I chose not to wake you up..." he said as he greeted us back. "Well, this is the port where we usually welcome incoming boats and where we board boats, unfortunately those men took most of our boats so we couldn't offer you one" he said             "And if you get to the next village through here, Lucio's men from there might notice you coming, so I suggest you take an alternative route to keep your arrival unknown to them, right now, I could only offer you this map, it contains possible routes you can take in the sea" he said as he handed Elliot a rolled paper which he said is a map             "Thank you for your help. Wish you luck... and be careful, there are some places where unexpected things occur, so watch out" he added as he smiled at us. He, then turned around and went back to his business. This must be a go signal for us to proceed.             *You received 31561 EXP*             *You leveled up to level 37*             *You leveled up to Level 38*             *You leveled up to Level 39*             *You leveled up to Level 40*             *You received an item: Pearl Necklace*             It suddenly popped up, so I check it... I just got leveled up. So that answered my question as to why we didn't receive anything last night, I mean, we should have earned these after the fight... but it seems like we got it after the quest ahahaha.              We continued to walk following Elliot since he's holding the map that was given to him by that man. 
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