Chapter 49 : Berberoka & Kataw III

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Chapter 49 : Berberoka & Kataw III   -Avery-             They all stood up and followed the man going somewhere. I was already standing so I just walked outside and went after them. I really can’t imagine the hardships that these people had been into. I can’t imagine myself being in that situation. I see how cruel this Lucio is and we have to stop him.             Now, we have to free these people first from their captivity. Just imagine working hard for something yet you don’t get anything from it because someone threatens you if you refuse to give them the result of your hardships. As I was listening to their stories, I can’t help myself but to feel sad for them and at the same time feel angry.             We went outside the nipa hut and left the little boy inside. We let the man lead us to where he's going to take us, I just hope he's not a traitor or something. But according to his story, and the way he said it, he's not though. We silently walked as if it's like the man is telling us that we're going to sneak around.             There’s no humanity with what they’re doing. Their heads got so big just because they had the power and strength while the others don’t have. They’ve taken advantage over things, taking all the benefits for themselves and doesn’t even care if they hurt others or not.             We trailed the path behind the nipa huts so that no one would notice us, especially Lucio’s men. We don’t want our plan to get busted. This is just the same with what happened in our history, but this is just unreal and fantasy-based. We had superpowers while Andres Bonifacio didn’t have.             Now I know how he felt when he had the urge to free the people from captors. As we followed the man, he entered a much larger nipa hut, but he entered from behind it. It looks like there’s a secret door in here ahahaha. We quickly entered the door which led us inside.             We saw some people silently gathering inside. Most men actually, only a few female are in here. These men were just gathered here and you wouldn't know what's their purposes. They were middle-aged man. Not too old, and not that young too. They look strong yet they also look so tired.             They must have just gone from work. I heard they've been slaved by Lucio's men, so that explains their weary faces. They all looked at us as we entered, the man motioned his hand telling us to sit down along this long table in the middle of the room.              It's like all eyes are on us, they had that soft and curious expression though. Their stares aren't that alarming, it's just the usual stare when you saw someone for the first time around your place. Plus, they seem like they're not in the mood of attacking since they all looked so worn out.             We, one by one, sat on the chairs just next to each other without creating such noises.  I wonder why we are here. But I guess, why we are here is because, we have to discuss something about community matters, specifically how we could help this village.              If I'm correct, then it's not a lucky guess. It's because this man that brought us here knew that we are the heroes sent by Nunong Lino, and that he thought we're a blessing, so he would suggest us to these people here that we could help them.             I bet one of them here is the head of the village, and the others are some important people that reside here too. They also started sitting down on the rest of the chairs around the long table, as if we're going to start a meeting. Look, no one's talking yet it seems like they know what to do.             And speaking of, this place is so silent. Not even a single sound they create, they make sure to lift the chairs when they sat down, even their footsteps were so careful, and they whisper when they talk. I guess that's because they don't want those men to know they've been gathering here.              "So, I brought these people here, because they are those heroes that Nunong Lino sent to stop Lucio from his wrong doings... We can trust them" The man said silently as he spoke to all the people inside this hut "I already told them about our story" he added             "We actually encountered many of those men in the forest before we came here... thank goodness we managed to defeat t hem, but with the help of the forest's diwata... of course..." Darxi said agreeing with what the man said as he told them what happened to us earlier             "See? even the diwata is on their side... I'm sure they can help us this time" the man said right after Darxi as if he's convincing the others that we could help them. Well, we can help them and we are willing to help them. If that's what it takes to free them.             "Look..." the man spoke as he looked at us as if he was addressing it to us. We all looked at him to listen to what he's going to say "We have been planning to drive them off for a long time, but it only was a plan and had never been made real" he informed us             "Those men were really strong and they've got unusual weapons, so it had been difficult for us. I hope you understand, I know you're quite strong too, you have skills that are unmeasurable, so please help us reclaim our village and our freedom from them" the man continued             "We've been suffering enough from their cruelty, and we wanted to end it once and for all yet we're not that capable of doing it. We don't have the same weapons, we also don't have the strength to do so, that's why we need you" another man spoke. He's the one sitting at the center.             I guess he's the head of this village. I just sense the authority from him. And usually in villages we went, the one who talks to us is their leader. So no wonder, why he's sitting in the middle... we just looked at him as we listened to what he said.             "Tell us your plan, and we'll help you..." Elliot firmly said as if he really wanted to help them. I also agree with him, I'm in. I want to help these people right now. The man, who I think is the leader of this village, smiled at us may be due to happiness.             "Thank you so much... this means a lot for us, and our families" the man who brought us here said as he also smiled.              "Get the chart..." their leader said asking someone to get something. The person next to him stood up and quickly ran towards somewhere probably to get what he asked for. After a few seconds, he came back with a folded fabric and placed it on the table.             They started unfolding it and plastered it in the middle of the table where everyone can see it. We all looked at it to see what's written. It's like the map of their village. It's not that large yet it's not that small either. This village is like larger than the ones we went before.             "Here... this is our village" their leader spoke as he pointed the map with a long stick he's holding "This very large building here is where they stay" the man said as he pointed specifically on where a large building is also drawn.              "Wait... why is there a building here? and what kind of building is it?" Raizen suddenly asked before we proceeded, but we all know that no one would answer him             "I remember those tiring days we all spent to build that thing. It's actually a masterpiece yet they took over it, they infested it. They forced us to do it, we all stayed up all day and night with a little food and water just to finish that building where they could stay" the man started telling a story             "It's a fortress, it was made of rocks stacked tightly together... it can't be destroyed easily by an earthquake nor a typhoon... it was well-designed and well-built, guess by who? also by us..." the man added as he looked up remembering it all.             "So back to the plan..." he said. That answered Raizen's question, maybe developer foresaw that we would be asking as to why there's a building here. It doesn't seem to be a modern building though, he said it was made of rocks tightly stacked together... it's an old architectural design, I suppose.             "We know this place better than them, so we at least have an advantage... I already assigned some men that will block all the entrances and exits of this village, in here..." he said as he pointed some points marked with green X "And here, and here, and also here, then here..." he continued "Then here"              "This building has four entrances and exits, so I assigned another group of men that will be going there... late at night, they all will be going to sleep, so that's the best time we would attack them. They're all unarmed that time of the day, of course, except some of them who duties at night" he said             "And that's our problem... so that's why we need you to handle those men that will be awake during our attack... when the coast is clear we'll have to proceed to the building itself and start driving them away... this is risky but we have to do it, and that's why we needed you again, in case they might have time to gather their weapons to defend themselves, at least we have you..." he said             "You are our hidden weapon, so we're counting on you" he continued "I already assigned men that will have to go to each entrances, you will also have to go with them as an additional power" he continued "In these parts..." he said while pointing his stick on spots marked with big red dots             "There are also some of them staying in these points, but they're also asleep, so we can easily handle them... there are also men assigned in those areas... and that's all, this is a one time opportunity so we needed to succeed this one... everyone understand?" he said             "Yes..." they all answered silently as they all understood, I just nodded my head as a respond and looked at the chart. This isn't bad after all, they already planned what they're going to do, and we just have to join them for additional power.             "Just note that they have powerful weapons that are very dangerous, so we don't have to be so contented now that you are here... we still need to keep our guards up high..." he added reminding us about it. I agree though, we're not sure about what will happen.             The plan is perfected, all we have to do is to perform it.              "When are we going to do the attack anyway?" Enzo asked after everything that has been said             "Later this evening... I'm sending this news to everyone so that we can all prepare... you stay here, we'll signal you in the right moment" he said as some of them walked away and went out of the hut             "Where are they going?" Darxi asked him              "They are the leaders I assigned to every group, they will tell their team mates about what we have talked about... we will be attacking them this evening, win or lose, we need to win" he answered as he sat on his chair again and looked at the chart intently.             I hope nothing unexpected would happen. I also hope that there would be no casualties and not much damage... this is my first time doing things like this, I'm kinda nervous yet I also feel so excited. I can't wait to do it, yet I also can't imagine how to do it. I don't wanna mess up ahahaha.
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