The Unicorn And Her Mysterious Mate

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Skye, the last Unicorn shifter, grew up in the human realm with a loving adoptive family. However, upon turning eighteen, she feels a deep emptiness inside, a void that can only be filled by returning to the fae realm.

Chaos, a once mighty Lycan warrior, finds himself imprisoned by the Fae. Falsely accused of a crime, he now serves a life sentence as their slave. A powerful spell has robbed him of his Lycan strength and pride, leaving him lost and consumed by anger. Fate takes a twist when Chaos discovers that his mate is among those who hold him captive, but she seems unaware of the bond.

As Skye embarks on her dangerous journey, she realizes that some of those she trusted may be her greatest enemies. In this perilous situation, Chaos becomes her potential savior. Will he fight for her and the bond that Skye may not even be aware of? Danger lurks around every corner, and their survival may depend on the strength of their connection.

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Skye POV "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" my triplet brothers yelled in unison, their voices echoing through my bedroom. I groaned and quickly pulled the covers over my head, trying to block out their excitement. But they were relentless. "Come on, Skye! There's a breakfast feast waiting for you," Tate complained, his voice slightly muffled from beneath the covers. I held onto the blanket tightly, hoping to drown out their voices. But it was useless. In an instant, my blanket was ripped off, and all three of them jumped on top of me. "Out!" I muttered, my voice filled with irritation. But they paid no attention, their voices blending together into a chaotic mess in my head. It overwhelmed me, causing my breath to quicken and my chest to tighten with anxiety. "Stop! We've overwhelmed her," Cade, one of my brothers demanded, finally realizing my distressed state. "Take deep breaths, Sky. We didn't mean to." "Sorry, Skye. We were just excited."Dean, my other brother, chimed in. Tate, reaching out to comfort me, was met with a swift slap from Cade. "Are you trying to make her worse?" I took several deep breaths, trying to regain my composure. "It's okay. I'm better now.” "I know you three meant no harm," I said softly as Dean's concerned gaze met mine. "It's getting worse, isn't it Skye?" Dean asked. "Mom and dad said you were going away today on a trip and would be gone for some time, but is that really a good idea? I mean, I don't want you getting overwhelmed like this." I took a deep breath. "I'll be fine, I promise," I reassured him, mustering a brave smile. The weight of my abilities as an Empath grew heavier with each passing day. As I got older, they became stronger, almost too strong. Touching someone or being touched by them meant absorbing their emotions, both the good and the bad. But it didn't stop there. I also heard their thoughts, an intimate invasion of privacy that came with direct eye contact or touch. While some may find it intriguing, for me, it was often a burden. People's unspoken thoughts, their hidden fears and desires, weighed heavily on my mind. Over the past few years, the emotional overload had taken its toll, resulting in panic attacks and excruciating headaches. I had even collapsed a few times from the sheer intensity. To cope, I began dressing in long sleeves and gloves, a physical barrier between me and the world. But this choice had its consequences. In school, I became the target of ridicule, taunted for my peculiar attire. If I didn't face it head-on, I unintentionally made eye contact with those mocking me, exposing their unkind thoughts. I decided it was best to finish my schooling at home, where the relentless torment would cease. Now that I'm eighteen, I had a heartfelt conversation with my adoptive parents. Together, we agreed that I would embark on a journey back to the fae realm - my original home. As the last Unicorn shifter, I hold onto hope that I may find clues there to help me control my unique abilities and unravel more about my true self. While I cherish my loving family here, I believe it's time for me to return to where I belong and embark on a quest of self-discovery. "I'll be out in a few minutes," I said to my brothers, giving them one more smile. They were thirteen years old, and although they could be a handful at times, they typically acted older than their age. I was very close with them, and it would be hard leaving them behind. It would be hard leaving my entire family, but I would not be completely alone in the Fae realm. King Jade, a family friend and his mate Fern would be helping me, and I would stay with them at first while I figured out where I wanted to travel and formulate a strategy. They would be meeting me at a portal that now remains open but guarded between the human realm and the Fae realm at 10pm this evening. I already had my bags packed and ready to go, so today would be about spending some time with my family. I quickly dressed and left my room, running to the dining hall in the palace. As I entered, I was greeted with a chorus of happy birthdays from my entire family. The only people missing were my grandparents on my mother's side, but they were busy dealing with an important matter away from the palace, so that was understandable. My mother Rain, the Queen of the ice dragons and a hybrid, was the first to hug me. "Happy birthday, my sweet girl. I can't believe you're already eighteen," she said, always careful not to touch my skin unless I gave her permission. "Thank you, mom," I said, as my father Caleb, the King of the ice dragons and a powerful dire wolf hybrid, walked over to me next, giving me a strong hug. My adoptive family, in general, was incredibly powerful and a huge mix of species, sometimes making it complicated to explain them all. My aunt Kali, Uncle Barys, and their twin daughters, just a few months younger than my brothers, all greeted me. They were followed by my grandparents on my fathers side Sage, Zane, and Alex. My grandmother had two mates. Then, I was greeted by a family friend, although he was like an uncle to me, Colson, and his wife Amaris. His daughter used to reside with us, but she recently moved away to be with her mate, and ever since, Colson has been spending a lot more time with us. "Happy birthday, Kid," Colson said, giving me a hug. "It's going to be hectic around here when you leave since you're the one to always keep your brothers in line," he joked. "I'll try not to stay away too long," I promised him, as Amaris, who was a powerful witch, warmly greeted me. She handed me a small box. "Happy birthday, sweetheart," she said, her voice melodic. "You didn't have to get me anything," I replied, a hint of surprise in my voice. "I know you're not a huge fan of gifts, but I've been doing some research on new potions, and I believe this one may be helpful," she explained. With anticipation, I carefully opened the box, revealing a small vial. "Just one drop on the tongue once a day, and it will help mute your powers a little, so you don't get as overwhelmed," she continued. "The only warning I have is that when using this, it will also block you from sensing your mate when using it. So please, only use it when needed. The small vial will go a long way." Gratitude filled my heart as I thanked her. Amaris was always trying to find ways to help me. Soon, we all gathered around the table, the aroma of a delicious breakfast wafting through the room. Laughter filled the air as I watched my brothers, their enthusiasm for food surpassing everyone else's. It was truly entertaining, and I couldn't help but join in the laughter. My father's warm gaze locked with mine, his eyes filled with concern and love."Promise me that you'll be safe and listen to Jade's advice. Remember, if you ever find yourself in danger, reach out to us. Family is more important than anything else in this Kingdom. I will drop everything in a heartbeat to come help you. But most importantly, have fun. I know this trip and journey mean a lot to you. We will always support you in any way we can. I understand that you need to do this.” he said softly. The sound of laughter and music filled the air as we stood in the crowded room. I removed my glove, feeling the cool air on my bare skin, and grasped my father's hand tightly. My parents, the only ones who never overwhelmed me with their emotions, shared a unique bond with me even though I was adopted. They found and saved me when I was just a small child, and I always knew they were meant to be my parents. As I held my father's hand, I felt his love and concern through his touch. "I love you too, dad," I whispered, slipping my glove back on. The day seemed to pass by in a blur, the sights and sounds merging together. I made sure to spend time with everyone, cherishing each moment before my departure. But with every passing hour, the weight of leaving weighed heavier on my heart. In the depths of my mind, my unicorn Nyx reassured me. "We will return to them in the future, this is not a final farewell," she whispered. I nodded, trying to control my emotions. "I know we will, but it is still hard leaving them all," I confessed in my mind, my heart heavy with a mix of excitement and sadness. As the final hour approached, I said goodbye to everyone. I am pretty sure I even saw tears in my brother's eyes, but they would never admit it. Then, my father and mother pulled up a sleek black car to the grand palace door to drive me to the portal. The engine purred softly as we embarked on the silent car ride. The leather seats embraced us as we sat, too emotional to say much. Finally, breaking the silence, my mother spoke, her voice filled with nostalgia. "I remember the day you traveled home with us into this realm like it was yesterday. You were the shining light in the palace after we had all faced so much danger. From the moment I first held you, I knew you were meant to be my daughter. I am proud of you for going on this journey, and I truly hope that you discover more about yourself and your kind, Skye." Her words touched my heart, and tears welled up in my eyes. "Although I am your mother now, I wish for you to find memories you can hold onto from your birth parents as they are a huge part of you. And I know, even though they are not with you, they are proud of the amazing young woman you have become. I know you have trained well and can defend yourself, but, as I am sure your father said as well, be safe and know we will always come for you if you need us." I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for my parents and our entire family. "You and Dad, as well as our entire family, have gifted me so much happiness. I will think of you every day, and I look forward to returning and telling you all about my journey," I said, my voice filled with sincerity. As we pulled up to the portal entrance, I gave each of my parents a final hug, cherishing the warmth of their embrace. With my two bags and backpack in hand, I stepped out of the car. Jade, awaited me by the portal entrance, offering a friendly greeting to my parents before wishing me a happy birthday. "Ready to start your adventure?" Jade asked, excitement evident in his voice. "Very much so," I replied, determination filling my words. As I walked towards the portal, I took one last look at my parents, the love and pride in their eyes fueling my spirit. With a deep breath, I stepped through the portal, the familiar tingling sensation enveloping me. I was returning to the fae realm, ready to explore and hopefully discover more about myself and the powers I hold.

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