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When Emma was a baby, her mother abandoned her on the doorstep of an Alpha. The Alpha took her in and treated her like a slave, in his eyes it was her repayment of taking up space in his life till she is 18 years old.  18 years later;  Emma woke up on her twin size bed on a Saturday morning. Her Alarm going off telling her that she needed to get up to cook breakfast. Rubbing her face sitting up and looking around. She lived in the basement of the Pack house. Standing up and slipping on her house shoes she climbed the stairs to the main part of the house, to go into the kitchen and start cooking. No one was awake at the moment, so she knew it was going to be easy to get breakfast started. By the time Breakfast was ready and was setting up on the main table, people started waking up and coming down from their rooms sitting at the table and grabbing plates and filling them with food.  Hums of the Alpha picking a girl to breed with his son was going around the room. Emma ignored it because she knew it wasn’t going to be her, she didn’t want it to be her. She wanted to survive till she was able to get out, then she was going to go rogue and never look back. The Alpha and his son asked for their breakfast in his office while they discussed family matters. After Everyone was finished, she cleaned the kitchen and moved on to the rest of the house.  Later on that day she was finishing up the house, mopping the third floor hallway.  "Emma, get in here NOW!" The Alpha boomed through the house, pissed off about something. Emma was mopping the 3rd floor hallway. putting the mop down, she walked down the stair, all the wolves in the hallway moved aside for her. When she got to the office, she went in and closed the door. "The Mating Ceremony is in a week, but before that, a few of the women that are becoming of age are to be picked with some of the top wolves of the pack to breed. You are going to Bred with my Son. Go see the Doctor to get ready." The Alpha told her as she stood there frozen. "But.." Emma started to protest till his hand was around her neck putting her up in the air. "Remember, I saved your life, and I can take you right out of it." He paused. "Now go." Putting her down she scurried out of the room and into the hallway, holding her neck. Looking down the hall toward where the pack doctor will be waiting. She was sure that he had already been informed of this and was getting ready to get her ready for this event happening.  Slowly walking to the room where the pack doctor is, when she got to the door of the room, looking up and down the hallway. She entered the room and closed the door, the doctor sitting at his desk looking at a book that he had been studying for a few days now.  “Doc, I’m here for…” She couldn’t finish the sentence before bursting into tears. The Doctor got up grabbing a needle. “Now, this will help you, get excited, and be more fertile. By the time he arrives, it will have already kicked in.” The doctor informed her, pulling up her shirt sleeve and giving her a shot. She just stood there. After the doctor was finished she left his office. Walking to her room down in the basement. Looking around the room and up the stairs she knew then that she needed to get out. She had to wait till everyone was asleep, and that meant getting the deed done and then leaving. A few hours later, an Omega came and told her it was time to go to the future alpha’s room. Leaving her room and going up the stairs. The Omega was saddened by this, because most Omegas are given the task of caring for the ones that are bred.   When she got up to his room, she knocked on his door and entered the room, closing the door to his room she locked the door. He was of course there waiting on her there in his bed.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At around 4 a.m Emma crawled out of the bed of the future Alpha and snuck down to her room. Gathering her things that she could fit in her bag. Turning off the light to her room, she left the basement and went to the back door that was in the kitchen. Looking around the kitchen she knew this was going to be the last time she would ever see it.  Opening and leaving the pack house, she closed the door and jogged into the woods taking her clothes off and putting them in the bag she brought with her. Shifting to her wolf, that was a dark grey, small wolf. She picked her bag up in her mouth and took off running for the pack’s territory line.    When she got to the line she turned and faced the territory speaking the words she longed to say as she got older. “I Emma Restard hear leave the Purple Moon Pack.” She felt the link to the pack snap as she turned and ran again. This time as a rogue into unknown territory. She could hear the howls of the wolves in the distance, one stood out. The Alpha’s, his sounds more pissed off than anything. Running in the woods was fun, she loved the ground under her paws, she loved the sounds of the animals out scavenging for food, and playing around with each other.   Then the Animals changed and it started turning into silence and then people. She knew she was getting close to a town, but she had no clue how far she had ran, or where she was.  When she got closer to the town she shifted back into her human form and put some clothes on, walking into the town she looked for a hotel she could check into. She was tired and after everything had happened she needed some sleep. Finding the closest hotel to her, she walked into the office and checked in, paying with cash, so the Purple Moon Pack couldn’t follow her.  Reaching her room she opened the door with the key card and entered, she locked the door behind her and turning the light one, making sure the room was cleaned. Walking over to the bed, she flopped down on it and let out a loud sigh.  She knew that really soon she needed to settle and find a job to support herself. She hadn’t realized she had fallen asleep till she heard a loud banging on the door, it sounded very urgent and pissed off. Looking around the room finding something to use as a weapon. Finding nothing she got off the bed and walked to the door, looking through the peephole, she found herself staring at the most handsome man ever. It felt like she could smell him, mixed with a sexy cologne and woods. Her wolf was running in circles wagging her tail.  “I can smell you standing at the door, open up.” The man said staring at the peephole. Stepping back she unlocked the door and opened it. The sun was up and it made her put her arm over her face to cover her eyes. When she opened the door fully she froze, her wolf was howling in her head “Mate” in that instant she was engulfed with arms and being pushed back into the room, the door closing behind her and the wall. “Mine.” The man said putting his nose into her neck, she was still frozen, in shock. Who was this man?   
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