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Timothy: At 8a.m he was woken up by a knock on his bedroom door. Sitting up in the bed, and called for the person knocking on the door to come in. When he saw it was the beta he greeted him. “Good Morning Jared, what is going on for you to wake me up at 8 in the morning?”  Timothy was pulling his shirt over his head as he was climbing out of the bed. “Alpha, a rogue entered the territory early this morning. She checked into a hotel, the Omega that is working there called and let us know after she had gone to her room. The Omega said that she didn’t look like she was going to stay long.”  He stood up stretching out his arms to stretch his back. “Well, let's pay this rogue a visit and see why she is on my territory, but first let me grab something out of the kitchen and go get the car pulled around, so we can go see this wolf.” Timothy said as she entered his bathroom, dismissing the Beta. When Timothy walked out he was alone. Slipping on his shoes he walked out of his room and toward the kitchen. Looking in the fridge he saw some leftover bread from the night before. Grabbing a piece he turned and walked toward the front door. Just as he walked out the SUV wasa being pulled around.    He walked to the passenger side door and opened it, getting into the car. The moment the car door was closed the Beta started driving toward the hotel.  “So are you going to go to the Red Moon Pack for the Mating Ceremony next week?” The Beta asked the Alpha to make conversation while they drove.  “No, I highly doubt she will be there.” Timothy said looking out the window at the passing by building and houses. When they showed up, he smelt this sweet cotton Candy and woods smell, his wolf was restless too. He sniffed the air and knew someone new was around. They went into the officer and got the room number of the rogue wolf. They walked up the stairs toward this room, the closer they got. The more his wolf was restless, going in circles. He was excited for something. Facing the door, he started knocking and banging on the door. After a moment he stopped and waited. He could sense she was right on the other side of the door. “I can smell you at the door, open up.” He boomed at the door, staring at the peephole he knew she was staring at.  After he said that, he could hear the door unlock and she open the door. His wolf howled and he was slinging her into the room.”Mate.” After a moment he snuggled his ear into her neck. “Mine.” His arms wrapped around her, pushing her against him as tightly as he could.  After what seemed like a second to him, she was pushing away from him staring up at him. Not saying anything, just staring at him. Stepping away from her, pushing his hair back with his hand, her eyes watched him do it, then went back to his face. Like she was studying his features. “My name is Timothy, I am the Alpha, of all Alphas.”  He told her, her face going pale. She looked like she was going to pass out from his news. His arm reached out to her to help her in case she did. Turning and facing away from him she shook her head and mumbled something to herself, he couldn’t catch what she said. Timothy could smell something on her, and he froze realizing what it was. “I’ll be back. Stay here.”   Walking out the room, he walked to his beta that was standing a few feet away from the door, looking at him confused. “When did we make the breeding drug illegal?”  Timothy asked him, trying to think of the year they had banned it. “In 2003, why?” The beta asked him even more confused than before. “I can smell it on her, she has the breeding drug in her system, that means she was going to be, or has been.” As he said this he got more and more mad, he couldn’t believe someone would be illegally breeding she-wolves, and it was his mate none the less.  “Is she your mate?” Jared asked him, looking a little saddened by this news.  “She is, and I am going to find whoever did it to her and kill them.” Timothy said raging at this point, his wolf growling, and he let the growl rumble through his chest. “I need to get back to her, and talk to her.” Timothy turned and went back into the room, closing the door.  Looking at her still body sitting on the edge of the bed hunched over her face in her hands. His wolf whimpered at the sight of his mate defeated looking. Walking over to her and putting a hand on her back to try and sooth her.  “What's your name?” He asked her sitting beside her on the edge of the bed. “Emma.” She told him, looking at him. “I didn’t mean to come on your territory, I was just passing through.”  “Well, not anymore, this is your home now.” Timothy said, stopping her. Taking a deep breath in and looking at her sad face. “But there is something we need to talk about, and it's rather important.” Pausing waiting for her to look at him, so he could watch her reaction to what he was about to say. “You smell of a smell that was banned a long time ago, the breeding drug.” Her face went into shock, she acted like she didn’t know it was banned. He watched her face go through so many emotions before it settled on sad again. “When you got away, did you get away before, or after?” Timothy asked her as her face fell, realizing she was forced into something that was very illegal. The look on her face had given him enough of an answer.  He gathered her up in his arms and held on to her, her smell calmed him and the raging storm inside of him, his wolf pacing back and forth angry that his mate was touched by another wolf.  “Come on, let's get you back to my home, and we will get you settled and seen by the doctor.” He told her letting her go and standing up, she stood up with him and grabbed her bag. Her bag that carried everything she owned. He was going to have to take her shopping at some point. Walking out of the hotel room with Emma beside him made him feel better. She wasn’t putting up a fight over this. Getting in the back of the car, he held her hand as she sat beside him silent, she wasn’t much of a talker at this moment, maybe too much going on for her to take it all in.

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